2612 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 16th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 16th January 2013 Written Update

Shahna continues her insidious probe , the naive Rashmi not in sync with the machination of Shahna reveals all the details to the waiting Shahna …Shahna furthers probes about the time when Rashmi last met Shantanu, on hearing the day, Shahna commiserates with Rashmi and expresses her sympathy, she also reveals that 5 people had died during the explosion in Lokhandvala and that there was a atomic blast ..Rashmi gets suspicious and slightly angry again.

There is a friction between jadda and Randeep, Jadda plays a game wherein he exonerates Randeep from the blame of Ritika’s accident and also requests the DC to incl Randeep in his team..

Shahna meets with the Aide of CM and receives a jolt when she is told that the tablets are catching dust , Shahna quickly bites down on her anger , asks whether she herself can distribute the tablets across the country..The Aide states that the tablets will be in police custody until the clearance of sale.

Jadda decides to go undercover pretending to be the subordinate of Randeep , He requests the senior officer to put Randeep back in charge of the case.

Randeep is at the Doctor’s and is told that the recovery time of Ritika/Meher cannot be predicted ..

Rashmi is at her home, Malti is oiling Rashmi’s head when Rashmi recollects few moments spent with Ritika and laughs out, A curious Malti seeks to know the reason for her laugh , Rashmi begins to explain when realization strikes that Ritika used to book her tickets online, She immediately opens her laptop and begins to check the date of departure of Ritika…

Jadda begins to probe Randeep , trying to plunge into the mind of Randeep ..Randeep does not reveal his hunches and merely states what was tabled in the report.

Jadda wants to know the statusquo on Jada’s investigation, Randeep informs Jada/Swamy that Jada might be working for somebody higher up and must either be running away from some one or is searching for something. Jada coolly directs Randeeps attention towards the woman who shot him *Shahna* and also commands Randeep to probe into the background of Ritika’s family !

PRECAP Rashmi and Randeep are in the office when Jadda comes in with information regarding Ritika

Update Credit to: tanthya

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