2612 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 15th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 15th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Rashmi and Randeep come her a house and Randeep tells her to look after herself and be alert. She asks if she has not forgotten anything. He tells that no he did not forget anything and the security is alerted. Then she is disappointed and she turns away. Then he tells that he remembered and calls Bitto and asks him to speak to his Bua. She is very disappointed.

Jeddah goes to Randeep office and tells that He was head of Security and he wants to know the password of the door. Then security people will tell they cant tell the password and only two people’s fingerprints are there on it. They say that they are not allowed to tell

Bitto speaks to Rashmi and then he wishes her Happy birthday. Then Randeep remembers why Rashmi asks if he forgot something and he rues that he

forgot her birthday. Malthi Bhabi is also sad that she forgot Rashmi’s Birthday.

The security people will be talking and suddenly a group of men come and try to shoot. Then the security head comes there and tells that easy this was a drill and wanted to see that how alert they are. Then he identifies the person who has the fingerprints of can open the explosives.

He goes and informs an annoyed Shah who was left waiting then she will ask him why he called her. He will give the photos of the three officers in charge of the ammunition department and shows the photo of the person who has the finger prints to open the Ammunition.

Randeep is manofying Rashmi for forgetting her birthday. She is still angry and tells that she has no knowledge of Shah.

Then Jeddah calls Ahmed the person in charge with the fingerprints and then he tells her that He had a order they have to shift the ammunition and he will tell Randeep as he is not available. He tells that person to contact the transport department. After the person leaves he calls Shah and tells that the parcel has left.

At Rashmi’s new shelter Randeep dedicated a song on the radio for her and they share a moment.

Ahmed is going somewhere when he was kidnapped. Vishwaas tells him that Ahmed has disappeared and Randeep tells that he will come immediately and to keep trying him. Then He tells her that to keep an eye on Shah,

Khashyap get a call and after that he will call Jeddah and says he wants to keep an eye on the security of the Ammunitions

Rashmi hears her and informs Randeep. Then Randeep understands that the parcel means Ahmed. Then he goes to the shouts at the rest of the staff. Then Ahmed comes and tells that nothing will happen to the ammunition. He asks why he was so irresponsible. Then Ahmed tells that nothing could happen only my life will go.

An very angry Randeep will tell that the ammunitions will go. Then Ahmed will tell that that will never happen and shows his hand. It has been disfigured by acid. Then Ahmed tells Randeep that from the time he had placed the trust in him he never compromised on security and used to carry a acid bottle. So when he was kidnapped today he used it. Randeep is very touched and hugs him and the other officers are proud of Ahmed.

Shah will be talking with her men and tells her people that Randeep has such loyal people and are willing to give up their life for him and she has such fools with her. Then She warns them with a gun and lets of tehm.

The Professor will call her and chides her for not doing her work properly. Then she tells that it is very easy to sit in the dark and give orders and only she knows how difficult it is to do the work. She tells one failure does not mean that she cant do the job. Then she tells she can tackle Randeep and also steal the ammunitions.

A shocked Rashmi hears this.

PRECAP: Shah will be going in a car and tells that this is a happiest day for she is going to take the first step towards Mission 2613. Then also she is happy because she is going to get Randeep killed.

Update Credit to: anurao

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