2612 14th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 14th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 14th January 2013 Written Update

Rashmi surprised with Shahana’s behavior. Tehy exchange the reason for coming. Shahana says she came to thank n was asked to stop in some room due to fire, Rashmi says she came to say sorry for some misunderstanding.


Randeep rushes to Meher n he keeps on asking her to tell the truth as he knows that she is not real Ritika n who shahana is n all. Other officers come n they says she is dead n he will get the charges for treating her badly.

Randeep shouts at one of the officer as strange things happening in the office since morning n he clears just one name n so many coincidences cannot be possible n they are linked for sure. Rashmi bangs the door unknowingly. The officer leaves n She says she came to apologize to him for misunderstanding. Randeep who was already irritated talks roughly but softens soon n says he is busy n will talk to her later. The officer comes n informs that Ritika isn’t dead n she is alive. Randeep covers that is some other Ritika n not her sister. Rashmi says she believes him completely n leaves.


Shahana n Mr. Mallik watching the footage of airport incident n Mallik’s death n Shahana was shattered to know that its Randeep. She says she never expected that her enemy becomes her savior. She is now determined to kill him n doens’t allow Mr. Mallik to do so. she says she will not kill him at once but now he will die every day n she will hit on his career n make him a villain for this country. She injected empty syringe to Meher n so he mouth will be shut now. But this effects Randeep too now. He won’t be at peace at all.


Randeep shouts at his men n doubts on them who doesn’t like this. Later commissioner says the case has gone for RAW officers coz of his act, there isn’t left anything to answer to the center. Randeep asks the Dr. abt the syringe n says he doubts that someone is injecting her for not to reveal the truth. Commissioner shouts at him for doubting his co-officer n now Dr. too.


Rashmi feels bad for what all happened n Malti consoles her.


Randeep too feeling bad for lying to Rashmi n Nani comes with dinner plate for Randeep. she shouts at him in sweet tone for not having dinner. Randeep asks her to sit. Nani observes him n asks what’s the matter. Randeep surprised n says he is confused btw truth n lie. When he says truth, he has to lie to near n dear. And by the time he reaches to truth, he may lose all his members.

Nani consoles n says he is in very sensitive path. but always truth wins. and if the members are really his own, then they never leave him nor disbelieves him. He gets call from commission asking him to reach office as RAW officer has already reached n wishes to meet him.


Randeep reaches the office n commissioner informs that the case has handed over to RAW officers n the officer Anand Swamy wanna meet u since long. He introduces Randeep to him. He was none other than Jadda.


Precap: Jadda praises Randeep n the way he shot Mallik in airport. Randeep shocked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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