2612 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 13th May 2013 Written Episode, 2612 13th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Jadda questioning SIU chief Mr Kashyap … As to how he could allow Randeep to be reinstated back into the SIU .. That too in such a senior position …Kashyap helplessly states that it had to be done because of the CM’s personal strong recommendations ..

Kashyap and Jadda discuss that they cannot allow Randeep to get away so easily .. S they hatch out a plan ….

Randeep and his new team of subordinates chalk out and start omplementing the lastes security measures

Shahana sends her man disguised as an electrician and fixes a bug in the house where Randeep, Malti bhaabhi, Sneha, Mithoo are living …

Sha-Jad duo are closely observing the videos and monitoring the happenings in Malti Bhaabhi’s flat apartment thru this bug and keenly listening to Randeep as he pacifies little Mithoo that they would meet Rashmi bua in their old apartment…… this makes Sumana the writer of this update very thrilled ……on hearing this Shahana smiles that she will kill Rashmi with the next sunrise it will be her gun on Rashmi

Randeep discovers this bug and immediately guesses whose handiwork it must be ….he lays a trap to catch Shahana and her men red handed

Precap …Rashmi is in action in a fisher woman disguise ..Sumana finds her very cute ….. As she fixes bugs into a suspect’s computer ….YAYY!!!…
Randeep manages to trap Shahana in Rashmi’s old abandoned flat … Shahana tries to make an excuse ….and wriggle out of her situation …..

Update Credit to: sumana

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