2612 13th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 13th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 13th January 2013 Written Update

Randeep instructs his men to find abt Shahana by all means.


Sr. Mallik says he is in search of a man who can replace Shantanu n take their mission forward for detonating the bombs. Shahana says she too is in search for the person who killed Mallik. And only one person can reveal it n that is STF Officer Randeep, who is very good friend for Karuna Shekhawat. She will make him say all this with tactics.


Rashmi serves parathas to Nani n she says the same to Randeep that its tasty. Randeep says its not tasty but very tasty. Nani starts her parises for Rashmi that how good she is at cooking, taking care and dare too. Randeep feels shy n so was Rashmi . (awww what a lovely scene)

Nani escapes saying she is done with her breakfast. Rashmi n Randeep aren’t comfortable. Randeep says that our Nani says just what ever she gets. Rashmi says she isn’t lying. Randeep too says she was saying truth abt her (Rashmi) too. Both feel shy n Rashmi wanna leave but Randeep offers lift n she waits till he finishes his breakfast.


Malti goes to the office for applying for Compensation amt n the officer says few documents are missing. When she gets to know that he is asking for some amt, she was insulted by him leaving Malti humiliated n heart broken.

She reaches home n broken into tears, Rashmi arrives n finds what the matter is. Malti breaks down before her what all humiliation she has gone through in the office.


Rashmi takes her to the office n roars like a sherni. She shows all the proofs n takes left right left to the staff member leaving him insulted in front of all. She gives her bangles n ear rings all to him which makes him more insulted thus getting what he has done to Malti. He says he will forward the file. Rashmi leaves finally.

On the way she stops near the building where she n nishant has come to find abt Ritika. But they get to know that there was bomb blast in that apt n nothing is known.


Shahana arrives at Randeep’s place. She says its her daughter’s b’day. As talks go on, she praises both Randeep n Rashmi n says that she pity’s Rashmi n something she was saying abt her sister n all. Shahana wanna try to know abt Meher in all this matters but also she sticks a micro phone under his table.

Randeep counters her in his own style. She keeps on talking bad abt Police not finding clues n no info abt bomb blast happened. Randeep only listens to what she says.


One of his men come n informs they got info abt shahana. Randeep asks him to wait. Shahana panics but leaves. She connects to the phone n listens to what they are talking. Officer informs that Shahana is Mallik’s wife n they have a daughter. After Mallik’s death, nothing is known abt her.

Randeep says so Shahana is now leading the mission n asks him to bring the cc fotage of airport. Shahana acts quick n goes to storage room. She sees some alcohol bottles. So picks a matchbox from the God’s place there n lits fire.

Entire building was evacuated. Randeep runs to get Meher who was under the effect of medicine. Shahana goes to Meher n injects her some poison. Randeep takes her away n Shahana again escapes. She goes to Randeep’s room n takes away the cd from his computer n goes away.

Randeep takes Meher n puts her in the car. But he panics seeing Rashmi there. Rashmi fires on him for hiding abt her family members. Randeep cools her down n says none were found in that blast n all is well. Rashmi leaves n the officer says the alcohol bottles caught fire in store room n they feel it strange.

When he returns to his room, he finds the cd missing . He thinks its the work of Meher. There Shahana bumbs into Rashmi n she takes away the cd from her hands for which Rashmi feels strange.

Precap: Randeep asks Meher who Shahana is n asks her not to act. But his staff stops him n says she is dead.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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