2612 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


2612 10th January 2013 Written Episode, 2612 10th January 2013 Written Update

Randeep Pursues his investigation, Having latched onto the name Shahna, He questions about her features, Meher tries to fumble her way out while on the other hand Shahna is worried about the absence of Meher and wonders about the information she might give out inadvertently , Mallik reassures Shahna about the reliability of Meher and declares his intent of traveling to India, Talks then talk to shop as they begin to shortlist the candidate to take Shantanu’s place.

Rashmi is flustered when she discovers that she has misplaced her chain but is assured by when Malti informs that Nishant has taken it to repair , Nishant comes in just then, hands over the chain and both engage in light bantering, just then Randeep comes in seeks to know everything about Shantanu and Ritika ..Rashmi gives out all the details regarding their life , Randeep connects to the fact that the address obtained by Nishant and the address given by the police to Randeep are one and the same. Nishant comes in just then and is ready to depart , Randeep also seeks his departure and goes out with Nishant as he had announced that he will drop Nishant to the airport..Both Randeep and Nishant engage in conversation with talks revolving around the common point of interest, Rashmi.. Nishant startles Randeep by stating that Rashmi is in love with Randeep..

Shahna is discharged , Rashmi and Shahna meet and talk..while Shahna speaks about her life in a veiled way and discloses that running NGO *her mission* is a obsession ..Shahna’s words strike a chord, Rashmi expresses her inner pain states that she wants to do something to stop the terrorists , Shahna wishes her success on her endeavor and leaves to meet Randeep .

Shahna is met by Nani and is subjected to gentle interrogation wherein Shahna is forced to reveal that she is a widow and also receives the info that Rashmi and Randeep are hot pair..Randeep comes in just then and slyly gets Nani out of the way ..

The voluble Nani lets loose the info that her Grandson Mastana was killed due to his involvement with bad people.Shahna enquires about the tablets and gets the assurance that the tablets are in safe custody and will be sent to respective states once the red tape is dealt with, Having got this out, Shahna tries to find the killer of her husband which jolts Randeep.

Precap: Shahna is trying to catch a glimpse of her husbands killer’s face and seems to be stunned by something she sees.

Update Credit to: tanthya

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