After 23rd May 2016 in SSEL…

Hey Guys, it’s the first time im doing this soo yh xD ^^
My name is Aqsaah/Aqsxxh, and after today’s episode, I was appalled! Absolutely heart-broken!
It’s just not fair, that the fans have to suffer this, the writer’s need to learn some tips from my fellow FF writers, they are amazing!! <3
Okay now first:
– Suhani was there crying, CRYING, when Yuv just looked at her emotionless… I was there like WAT! I know Yuv Loves Suhani deeply, but his anger is out of control! He cannot understand Suhani after being with her for a year… It's about time they met again, HOPEFULLY ONE OF THE KIDS SEE WHAT YUVRAAJ IS DOING AND HOPEFULLY ITS YUVAAN!
-anyway next point… Soumya+Suhani=BFFS? Never. Ever. Who would still be friends with a back-stabbing, jealous friend, who has always been after Suhani's life… I wouldn't. It's the fact suhani is emotionally weak and gullible, Its utterly unbelievable ;-;
-Next, Sharad has witnessed what his best buddy has done to his beloved sister in law, now knowing what an idiot Yuv is (even though i love YuvAni soo much), hopefully he will take his maa (Pratima) with him when Suhani leaves and then Saurub/Saurub or watever will want to come too!
-I am not even going to mention dadi…. all i am going to say is she is a devil reincarnation!

Well I think that is it… The children love suhani! We all love suhani! this show is called Suhani Si Ek LAdki, then why are we always seeing her in pain or weak… Why are we all having an uproar about this… Its because of thw writers… They need to clean their act up fast, because if I dont get YuvAni soon im going to stop watching this show and start writing Fan Fics for u lovely people! 😀

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  1. I wish suhani sends him signed divorce papers and moves on….

  2. I wana c yuv regretting and wanting suhani back in his life, and shez beyond his reach…

    1. The thing is I love YuvAni… ??❤️

  3. You are correct but i cant just stop watching it whatever track comes??

    1. Same here…..

  4. Seriously… gonna stop watching it now…..nd in future episodes…i want her to shw attitude to yuv. …y shld only she bend in front of everyone all the time

    1. Im only going to stop, when Yuv does something even more stupid like officially marry Soumya!

  5. Stop watching this serial

  6. You are absolutely right, but, I want yuvraaj to thrive for suhani and unite and finish this serial… Seriously I felt like slapping him for talking to suhani like that. Kick dadi and Soumya out of BH … Pratima is a dumb fool, always depending on others…. I have been watching this serial since forever but am thinking of quiting it now, but I love it so much that am able to stop… I am Missing yuvani scenes so so badly ??

    1. Hope Dadi dies! Yes i have aswell… they feel each other’s presence! They are still in love!

  7. I was sad watching how Yuvraaj was humiliating Suhani

    I was just crying

    1. I was crying too it was unbelievable

  8. u r absolutly crct .yuvi luvs suhani deeply.. but he anger was extreme of the world.. he telling such things enough relation of suhani then
    y he said ok fr suhani stay back.

  9. I want to see a suhani who shows attitude to yuvraj and all birlas.She doesn’t want interfere in anyones life.

  10. I agree?

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