2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 9th September 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Monica maid entering Joshi house. Ganga meets her and Monica asks who is she. Ganga says she is owner of this house. Monica says if she is owner of this house, then she is president of India. Family hears their conversation and run towards them. They say Monica Ganga is owner of this house and she must have seen her pic. Monica sees pic and says she is same, but how can she stay here without informing her agency. Ganga asks this house is hers and she will not tolerate all her tantrums. Monica asks Inder if he signed contract papers or not. He says yes. Ganga asks if this is her house or not. He says yes. Yash interferes and asks them to stop.

Ganga says she will not tolerate Monica’s tantrums and she can leave. Whole family stops her and

take her to kitchen and says if Monica goes, how will they celebrate party. She says she will handle everything and tries to touch table, but cannot and realizes she is hologram. She then goes and tells Monica that she does not have to work for her and can work for her family instead. Monica says she is just telling this now, but will get her work done and will not pay. Ganga gets irked and says she is dismissed from her job and should not come back again. Monica is shocked to hear that and leaves silently.

Deepmala serves samosa to bapuji. He asks why did she waste money. She says it is same left over society meeting samosa which he brought 3 days ago. Son comes and tries to pick it, but bapuji picks it first and bites. Son says Joshi’s are throwing party. Bapuji keeps back samosa in ziplock bag and says he will have food only at joshi’s party. Son says they have not invited them. Deepmala says it must be a surprise party. Son praises her and says her intuition is very good and asks what if they don’t invite us. Bapuji says it is a surprise party, so they will enter surprisingly.

Joshi’s panic after Monica is dismissed by Ganga. Ganga says she will rejoin in 2 days. Geeta’s friend calls her and says she is sad to see her status message that her maid left. Geeta sadly says yes. Friend says she is sad for her and cannot even comment on her status. Geeta cuts call.

Nirmal comes home. Automated voice says family if anyone has not bathed, they should wash their hands at least before meeting Nirmal. Nirmal starts her usual tantrums and ask family to stay away from her as her skin is very sensitive. She says she brought new jewelry. Family asks to show. She asks servant to show her hand and neck and says she buys things and asks servant to wear it and asks what is her surprise. Ganga comes in front and says she is her surprise. Nirmal finds sofa and then falls unconscious.

Deepmala’s bapuji holding his stomach due to hunger asks repeatedly if Joshi’s invitation came. Son says no. Deepmala serves jalebi phapda and asks him to eat. He says he will have food only at Joshi’s house. Son asks him to have food before he gets six pack. Bapuji says he will go and invite himself. Son says it is unethical. Bapuji asks when he borrows sugar and salt, it is not unethical? and says self invitation is better than that.

Nirmal wakes up and her maid serves water after spraying antiallergic spray. Nirmal sees Ganga again and gets shocked.

Precap: Joshi’s interview servants, first an old man comes and then a lady who gives a big list of her holidays.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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