2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 2nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Nysha telling Inder and family that Ganga is a hologram now and neither she can touch them, nor they can touch her. She explains that they have keep a distance from her always and defreezes Ganga via her tab. Ganga asks Rohan when did he marry when did not like girls. He says he was a kid then. Nysha says it has been 14 years since she saw them and says it is 2025 now. She shows her high rise buildings and small aircrafts outside window. Ganga says world has changed a lot. Inder tries to tell how she met with an accident. Nysha freezes Ganga and tells Inder he should hide from mom that she is dead. Inder says she is right, ganga is soft hearted and if she will know that she is dead, she will feel really bad.

Nysha defreezes Ganga. Inder tells

her that she was in coma for 14 years after the accident and reminisces ganga was driving car and hit a baby trolly, but baby was not in trolly. Notwithstanding a shock of killing a baby, she went into coma. Ganga gets sad that says she was away from her children for 14 years. Automated computer voice says a suspicious lady has entered home, if they know her to say yes, B for no, C to call police. Rohan says A. Ganga asks who is this. Rohan says jeevan sangini. Ganga asks Inder if he remarried. He says he cannot think of anyone except her. Ganga smiles. Nysha says she should go and rest now. Inder says she should and tries to touch her. Nysha freezes ganga and reminds Inder. She tells him that he can see Ganga whenever he likes. He happily hugs her followed by whole family.

Grandpa Yash reaches home after winning senior cycling competition. Geetu’s son takes Nysha’s tab and press button. Ganga comes back and she gets happy seenig Yash. Yash gets afraid seeing her and falls unconscious. Nysha and whole family watch that and stop Ganga from reaching grandpa. Inder and Rohan check Yash. Automated voice asks to say if yash daadu is sleeping on floor, B if he is mopping floor, C if he is unconscious. Rohan says B and says if they say C, jeevan sangini will call hospital.

Yash wakes up and says he saw Ganga. Whole family says they all can see her. Nysha brings Ganga back. Inder asks Ganga to touch papa’s feet. She runs towards yash. Nysha freezes ganga and tells mamma cannot touch anyone or things, cannot shed tears, can prays but cannot apply medicine. Yash praises her that he heard about knee, shoulder, ankle replacement in 1 day, but did not hear about hologram reincarnation and says Nysha made a miracle of rebirth. Rohan says it is just like Karan arjun movie of Inder’s time. Inder says that actor got life time achievement award, ganga will be happy knowing it. Yash asks Nysha to call Ganga back. Geetu’s son asks her to press play button. Inder asks her to behave as Ganga is her grandma. He nods yes.

Nysha defreezes Ganga. Yash blesses her. Ganga asks what happened to her. Rohan says she got a 2 second blackout and doc said she will get it as usually after she came out of coma. Ganga asks Yash if his knee pain is fine and using sesame oil. He says with new technology he replaced his knees and can run now, he even won cycling championship. Ganga says then we will gossip tonight. Yash says they will even play carrom. Ganga reminisces playing carrom with Yash and purposefully making him win to make him happy. Inder reminds yash that he cannot play carrom. Yash says after she went into coma, she stopped playing carrom and threw carrom board. Inder asks Ganga to go and changer her dress and sleep. Ganga says she was in coma in a hospital for 14 years, but will sleep peacefully today in her own home. She leaves towards her room and Nysha follows her. Yash scolds Inder and says he will make Ganga realize that she is a hologram.

Precap: Maid comes and Nysha says Ganga she cannot go in front of maid as they have to inform about new member 2 days in advance. Ganga says she will go and prepare tea. Family gets tensed thinking how to hide Ganga from maid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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