2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 2nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with marriage inspector Toda questioning Paresh. Paresh gets nervous and starts his jokergiri. A series of comic events continue..

Nano practices introducing himself to guests. Geetu enters with Ganga and says she needs to make a call from his mobile as her phone’s battery drained. He gives phone nervously. She asks since when he added lock on his mobile. He says her name is password. Ganga’s ring glows green. He gets a call and geetu see’s boss’s name. Ring glows green again. Nano reminisces changing Sulagna’s name as boss and picks call. He addresses sulagna as boss and asks if meeting is cancelled. Sulagna asks if Geetanjali is around. Nano says yes and says he is coming to meet him right now and runs. Ring glows


Marriage inspector continues questioning Paresh. Bapuji comes and with his comic gestures sits on sofa next to Deepmala and asks if she brought sugar from neighbors. Toda asks if he forces his bahu to bring sugar from neighbors. He says both sugar and salt. She fumes. He then asks Deepmala to prepare tea and he will arrange tea powder and milk somehow. Toda asks if he is pressurizing his bahu. Paresh says they are discussing to prepare special tea from her. Deepmala tells reciepe and he runs to bring tea.

Nano meets Sulagna at apartment’s visitor area and asks why did she come here. She asks if he is still afraid of Geetu and says he would have married her instead. He asks her to wear goggles and scarf as Geetu may see her. She asks why don’t he inform Geetu. He says he will later. She asks if he met lawyer. He says lawyer will come tomorrow.

Paresh bring hot water for Toga and bapuji dips used tea bag in it and gives 1 biscuit. Toga asks tea does not have color. Bapuji says he is surprised why color is not coming since 6 months. Paresh says just like people drink green tea, they drink transparent tea. Toga picks biscuit and bapuji takes half of it. Toga says it shows what he must be feeding his bahu and tells Deepmala he agency is on her side.

Nano’s boss calls Geetu and asks where is Nano. Ganga says he went down to meet him. Boss says he is in US. Nano comes back home and sees Geetu and Ganga speaking to boss. Geetu asks when boss is in US, whom did he meet downstairs then. He stands silently. She says until he tells truth, she will not speak to him. Ganga consoles her that she is on her side.

Ganga tells Inder if he would have controlled his children, she would not have seen this day. He asks what happened. She says nano lied. He asks if he lied her. She says he lied Geetu. He says a small lie between husband and wife is common. She says lie is a lie. He gives big examples and ring glows green. She thinks he is telling truth form his heart. Rithika comes and asks if he took medicine. He says yes and never forgets medicine. Ring glows red and Ganga thinks that is why he is taking Nano’s side.

Precap: Inder tells family that he is planning a surprise gift for Ganga. Ganga hears that and says she knows about it. Geetu asks occasion. He says he was thinking about it since some days. Ganga’s ring glows red.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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