2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rithika telling Ganga that they will use real live detector and test family members. She creates a ring for Ganga and tells she has fixed a life detector software in her body and if anyone lies, ring will glow red and says true, it glows green. To test, she says her name is Rithika. Ring glows red. They test it further. Rithika enters and says she was preparing coffee for papa, so she prepared for Naisha also. Ring glows green. Ganga says Naisha prepared a lie detector ring for her and asks to tell lie. Rithika says she likes coffee. Ring glows red.

Geetu reminds Nano that they have to go for shopping in the evening. He says he has a business meeting with boss. Ganga extends her finger and ring glows red. She enters room and says he is telling

lie. He gets tensed and says he does not lie and she is telling as if she is a lie detector. She says she is a lie detector and shows her ring. Naisha stops her and says mother can identify children’s lies and ganga says whenever he lies, his left eyebrow raises. He holds his right eyebrow and leaves. She asks him to hold his left elbow. She then tells Geetu that Naisha gave her lie detector ring and uploaded software in it. Geetu says that means Nano lied her.

Ganga goes to her room and shows Inder her new ring. He says he used to get her new jewlery or dress every month. She says she remembers. He asks if she remembers she liked a costly ring and he could not afford it, when he could afford she was not with him. She sadly nods yes. He shows that ring. She asks if he really did not have money. He says yes. Ring glows red. He then says he had money, but ring was out of budget. Ring glows green and she smiles.

They both hear Rithika shouting, open her room door and are shocked to see Chintu beating her. Inder asks how dare he is to beat his daughter and tries to slap him when Rithika says he was just giving audition of zalim pati. Inder says he should give zalim beta audition at his home instead. He says he gave bebas beta audition at his mom’s house. His phone rings and he leaves.

Bahu ki muskaan govt agency inspector enters apartment building. Watchman flirts with her and she knocks him down and says if she flirts with him again, she will give him red slip. She enters lift. Nano also enters lift and over phone tells his girlfriend Sulagna that he lied Geetu to meet her and divorce will happen soon. She asks what is his name. He says Navin Joshi. She asks where is Patel’s apartment. He says it is easy to identify them, if she shouts whose 1 rs is this, whoever comes out is Patel.

Geetu cries and tells Naisha and Geetu that she will leave Nano for lying. They both ask her to be patient and just like Nick stopped lying, Nano will also stop lying. Rithika gives her coffee. She looks at coffee mug and fumes that it is given by Nano’s college friend Sulagna who is in love with him and wanted to marry him. Nano hears their conversation and thinks she is very angry on Sulagna and if he says he is meeting her, she will kill him.

Precap: Sulagna comes to Naveen’s apartment building and asks him to come down. He lies Geetu that he is going to meet boss. Ganga’s ring glows red and she says he is lying. Bahu ki muskan agency inspector questions Patel’s. Bapuji asks Deepmala if she brought sugar from neighbors. Inspector asks if he forces bahu to borrow sugar from neighbors. He says no, he forces her to borrow both sugar and salt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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