2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The epsisode starts with Joshi’s enjoying breakfast. Monica prepares paranthas and Ganga asks to add more butter on paranthas. Monica asks how much. Ganga says as much as she applies makeup on her face. Naisha laughs and says then whole butter will be on one parantha. After breakfast, Geetu asks Monica if she prepared what she told. Monica shows uncooked vegetables with fancy names. Ganga asks what is all this. Geetu says she has kitty party, so she is taking these dishes for her friends. Ganga asks her to take her onion paranthas instead of ghas phoos. Monica nods no to Geetu. Geetu agrees that she will take paranthas.

Ganga sees Monica relaxing and watching TV and asks if she should complete her remaining household chores. Monica says as per her contract,

she can relax if she gets tired, but she is doing her house work itself and shows tab monitor where she is monitoring automatic vacuum cleaner cleaning floor.

Deepmala in her typical style tells bapuji “bapuji katam hogaye”. Bapuji thinks his father died and says now they have go to her village. She asks why. He says she just now told her father is dead. She apologize god for bapuji’s mistake and says she told onions finished. He gives her onion skin and says she can use it for whole week.

Ganga watches news about shortage of onion and says Inder and Nano that even in her time, onion used to touch 90 rs kg. Nano and Monica laugh and say per kg onion is 2000 rs now. Ganga is surprised to hear that.

Geetu comes back home and happily calls whole family. Famthily gathers and asks what happened. She says her kitty party was very successful and she met DD club’s president Sheena and invited her for dinner. A series of comic events start. Geetu says DD club means dashing diva club and many celebrities and bollywood heroines are its members. Rithika and Naisha jump in happiness. Nano asks if males can also be its members. Geetu says it is only ladies’ club and says Sheena liked Ganga’s paranthas a lot, so she is coming to have paranthas here. Nano says mamma will prepare aaloo, gobhi, etc paranthas. Geetu says Sheena needs only onion paranthas. Everyone shockingly ask what….

In a news channel, host briefs about shortage of onion and interview onion union’s president kanda lahri who sings in Bappi Lahri’s style and says onion is a luxury item now. Host says he has gone mad. Lahri says father gives onion as dowry and employers as bonus to their employees. Host continues that lahri has gone mad.

Geetu asks Nano to bring onions from market. He says he cannot. She says she has promised Sheena and it is question of her reputation and requests Ganga to tell him. Ganga says who listens to mamma now. Nano agrees and leaves. Geetu then checks her designer dresses to impress Sheena, thinks of onion and asks Nano if he brought onions. He nervously says. She thanks him and he leaves to bring onions.

Precap: No precap today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What’s happening?? Wr r d updates??

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  3. The silly show has been stopped.. no more episodes..

  4. Start this serial.it is anice light heaarted hatke fun loving with good actors.End any other serial .

  5. Shraddha sharma

    Kya koi mujge btayega k 2025 jaane kya hoga k updates kyu nhi h… or kyu achank s tv pr bhi show telecast hona band ho gya…
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