2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 15th September 2015 Written Episode Update


2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Joshi family getting tensed seeing Deepmala walking towards Ganga. Ganga defreezes then and says she cannot eat Kishori’s samosas. Family relaxes. Deepmala asks why can’t she eat kishori’s samosas. Yash says she cannot as doc warned her not to eat outside food. Deepmala says she can come out at least now. Ganga accompanies Inder and Inder introduces her as his wife and babhu of this house. Guest says she thought Ganga is dead. Nysha says she came out of coma after 14 years. Rithika says Nysha brought her to life. Ganga says she came back to life because of her children Nysha, Rithika and Naveen.

Paresh asks Naveen to continue party now and play music. Naveen says of course. Monica starts dancing sensuously on Gore Gore chokre…song.

Naveen and Geeta start dancing then on old songs followed by new ones like.. badtameez dil… Their son also joins them.

Inder praises Ganga that she always was a good dancer and expresses his love for her…Ganga gets shy. They both dance then on Chali chali hawa chali…song.. Ganga malfunctions in between but continues dancing. Everyone clap for them..

Bapuji continues eating food and stuffing plate with food. He sees Naveen and asks why did not Rithika’s in-laws come. Naveen thinks he will bore him now and leaves acting as Geetu calling her. Geetu comes there and asks Bapuji if he needs something else. Bapuji says Naveen went that side telling she called him. She says she did not. Paresh comes and asks her to ask bapuji if she can remove something from his plate. Bapuji scolds son and son asks Bapuji to stop stuffing his plate.

Nysha introduces Geet to her friend. Friend introduces himself as a number and explains that he does not want anyone to distinguish by region, so he likes him to be called by number. He tries to touch Geeta. Nysha stops him and says mama has skin allergy. Ganga’s software malfunctions and she loses voice. Nysha SMSes Inder that mama lost her voice. Inder comes there and handles situation.

Doctor malhotra starts drinking heavily and tells waiter that when his wife starts looking beautiful, that means he is drunk, till then not. He looks at his wife, but she leaves and Monica stands in her place. He starts praising Ganga. Wife comes back and scolds him.

Monica sees Ganga and calls her. Nysha gets tensed that mamma cannot speak.

Inebriated Dr. Malhotra passes through Ganga and informs his wife. Naveen hears that and informs Inder and Yash. They both get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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