2 Upcoming Story of Naamkaran

Naamkaran Upcoming Stories

——————————————————————————————————————————–Neil doubts Ananya being Avni

The upcoming episode will show that Avni’s true identity will be revealed to Ali and Fatima. Avni indicates Ali not to tell anyone about her true identity, because, she is scared with her true revelation. While saving Amol, Ali found out that Ananya is Avni. When Ali softly said “Avni” to Ananya, Neil gets doubts. Neil is stunned hearing Avni’s name from Ali. Ali tries to divert Neil, but Neil doesn’t believe Ali. Neil thinks that there is a dark secret connection between Ananya and Avni. He is starting to think that Ananya is Avni. DD will unfold the mystery of Ananya, by finding out Neela and Ananya’s childhood. DD did this because Neil asked him too. Ali is happy finding out that Avni is still alive, while Neil tries to grow a close friendship with Avni, to discover her past. Avni will talk to Neela about Neil’s investigation, because, Avni feels that Neil is planning something against her.

Avni refuses Neil’s love confession for revenge mission against Dayawanti Mehta

The upcoming episode will show really high voltage drama. Avneil’s life (Avni and Neil) has taken new turn post after the rescue mission of Neela. Avni is mostly focused on her mission. Avni is trying her best to bring her brother Amol on the right path as her mother wanted Amol to be. While Neil has developed/realized his feelings for Avni. Neil tries to concentrate on Avni. Riya and Neil are about to get married, according to Neil’s parents wish. Before the marriage, Neil confesses his love in front of his lady love Avni. Avni will be nervous as no one has proposed her. Avni directly refuses as she wants to concentrate on her mission against Dayawanti Mehta.

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  1. Alizah Hocane

    Awwwwwmazing Naamkaran Rockz Luv U Neil and moti avni

  2. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Episode on point ??
    I am sad tho ?
    yes I believe that Neil has developed feelings for Avni, but he is not fully in love with her as he still has doubts about her naamkaran …
    Ali on the other hand is more in love with Avni, as he has known her plight from inception …
    Ali will love her more and his love will be true …
    sorry my friends … but I love Ali for Avni ??

  3. There should be no limitations or exceptions to love, it either unwavering or not whole in its entirety. Neil has too much if and buts to deal with, when it comes to his feelings for Avni. He can’t be preparing for marriage with one woman, be so into its preparation even though it’s at his parents behest and not have a say in who he actually is in love with. So one day soon, he’ll suddenly realize that he has feelings for Avni….how underdeveloped this feeling of love that Neil is showing, is being portrayed!! I think she should be love interest of Ali….. Ali knows her through and through, since childhood….they have an unwavering bond.

  4. vedika sanchara

    i do think that neil is in love with avni but cannot express it

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