when 2 strangers fall in love a twinj os

hi guys how are you all i am here not with epi but with OS i hope you all will like it i read this story and wanted to share this with you all this dedicated to all jin ka birthday tha bcuz i don’t know kis ka birthday kab ha so



once in a dark night at railwaystation a girl is shown she is wearing a pink.T and denims she is waiting for train suddenly train comes full railway station lightup with the light of train girl saw a boy he is just perfect his pink lips, brown ocean like eyes he is looking stuning in his light punk shirt and blue denims unknowningly girl lips formed a curved after seeing boy but she ignore that and she goes into train boy also go into train and sit beside girl girl feel butterfly in her stomach but she did not know what is all this so she think to ignore all this she headphones and listen my fav song DESPACITO she is moving with rythms but boy is full of ego did see girl once he is doing his work on his laptop girl is just thinking how rude he is?? but somewhere she is happy soon the train stop at amritsar railway station girl come out from train and someone hug her from behind girl say

g: wah meri choto baby mahi to bholi nahi ka main na aj ana ha
m: how can i forget that my twinki di is coming (girl is revealed to be twinkle)
t: now lets go mom must be waiting for us but she wanted to see the boy once boy come out of train he is revealed to kunjp sarna most wanted munda twi heart start jumping in happiness that boy also live in amritsar after sometime both goes to opp. directions

kunj pov
yr what a girl her face is full of inocent she is cute and such a unique piece i think i am falling for her yeah i love her it is love at first sight thank you babaji for giving me my love but i don’t know that in future i will meet her or not but if my love is true i will surely meet her
pov end

same happen with twi she also start loving him both are in love but somewhere they are sad that don’t know in future they will meet or not they goes to there house but all this while they are thinking about eachother but one think they did not know eachother names

after one year
in gurdwara a boy and girl is shown they are getting married but girl has veil on her face and boy is so much sad that pain is visible in his eyes soon they got married and they goes to there room girl is shown sitting on bed still has veil but tears are falling from her eyes she wipe her tears boy come in room and sit beside girl he is revealed to be kunj

k: twi i know you married me but i don’t love you i love someone else
t: (still in veil) i also love someone else but we can be frnds and she remove her veil and both shout at same time
twinj: TUMMM….
t: tu tum kunj ho
k: or tum twi
but both face turned pale that both love someone else but twi did not took it any more and say
t: kunj wo wo na actually i love…
k: yeah i know u love someone else
t: buddhu i love you
k: ohh.. its ok WHHAATTT.. you love me
t: yeah
k: i love you too so… and come closer
t: so… and she also come closer both are coming closer twi smashed her lips with his both are kissing wildly kunj slide her dress from shoulder and kiss her there she also open his shirt and kiss his abs.. he gave her lovebite she moan his name which make him go crazy he kiss her stomach and she gigle after sometime screen got blurred and make love after wild sesion of love making both are lying in eachother embrace twi speak

t: humari love story kitni ajeeb thi na
k: yeah but when 2 strangers fall in love this will surely happen
t: we fall in love as stranger now we are couple i love you
k: i love you too and both slept in eachother embrace

after 3 years twinj bless with twins a baby boy name sid and a baby girl name jasmine after that they live happily everafter with their sweet family

so guys do tell me how is OS i know boring guys plz cmnt

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  1. Sohi

    Nice os
    Good try

  2. P.....Secret

    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Love u

  3. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome epi di luv soo much

  4. Nice

  5. Nishuu

    Wow os was amazing speechless
    Loved it

  6. Cheena2001Cp

    Sweet and simple!! ???

  7. The os was sweet….loved it

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  9. sweet os loved it….????????

  10. SidMin23

    Sweet os keep writing

  11. Baby

    nisa nice 1 ♥
    loved it ♥
    cute ♥
    but sidmin kko Bhai bhn hahah ♥ nvr plss….♥ yeh inn dono ko Bhai bhn banana ka idea kun aayaa hahaha…… 🙂
    lods of love ♥

  12. Amazing os
    Loved it
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  13. Aamu

    Woah..!! That was really amazing..
    Awesome one..
    Really liked it..
    Loved it???..
    Well i wasnt reading ff from past months..bu now m soing..so let me know ur ff name..?
    I will aurely read that..
    N lastly..
    Its great of u..that without knowing whose bday..u posted..dats really nice of u dear…

    Well..sorry for the long cmnt…wen i start na..! I dont stop bubnow m doing so bahbye..

    1. Lovey_kz

      hi aamu dear my current ff name is A BEAUTIFUL TALE OF LOVE and i also wrote another ff on twinj which name is STAY A LITTLE LONGER WITH ME

      1. Aamu

        Okthank u..i’ll read for sure..

  14. Ramya

    Awesome one amazing nisa
    Loved it dear
    Sorry for late
    Was busy
    Amazing one

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