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Hello friends…. I’m back again to torture you all with my story again?? . Sana asked for this so I tried to write. And thank u so much for reading my last article “RAY OF HOPE ” which was actually written by Japnazz_gill. I forgot to mention the name but then I wrote in comment box.. thank u for the likes and dislikes. And thank all the readers who commented and I’m sorry for not replying as I said ealier only that it’s not written by me..

Here we go with the story…

Do ignore grammatical n typing mistakes

Madrasi biwi aur bihari pati

Saanchi (While working in kitchen) – kabir.. kabir.. get up.. in breakfast idli shambar is ready… now come and eat

Kabir (in bedroom) – oh god again this madrasi dish in breakfast.. said while rubbing his eyes.

On dining table Kabir comes and sit on chair..

Kabir – what is this saanchi.. everytime ur madrasi dish.. I.. I’m just fed up eating your idli shambar everytime.

Saanchi – listen I’m engineer and you are also engineer. Whatever you want to eat you make on your own.

Kabir – then why I bought you.

Saanchi – then this you should have thought this before marriage infact you should have bought wife with veil.

Both finished their breakfast fighting n taunting each other.

Saanchi – kabir… tomorrow is my cousins marriage so be ready at 4 a.m. . Marriage rituals will take place at 5.30

Kabir – ok fine but listen I will not wear that lungi pungi.

Saanchi – I have already bought a mund from the market and you are going to wear that only.

Kabir – no no no.. I’m not going to wear that at any cost.

Saanchi (in melodramatic tone)- when your sister’s marriage was there.. I wore that heavy skirt and blouse.. Did I complain anytime.. n now when your chance came you are denying me.(wipes away her fake tears)

Kabir – saanchi first of all that is not skirt blouse.. it’s ghaghra choli. And u and your emotional blackmailing. Ok fine I will wear whatever you want .

Saanchi – tommorow 4 a.m. we will leave.
She pulls his cheeks and takes away their plate.

In bedroom kabir was watching t.v.
Meanwhile saanchi came.

Saanchi – kabir.. kabir

Kabir – hmm ( he didn’t bothered as he was busy watching t.v. )

Saanchi – listen na tomorrow pls wear your red shirt and I will wear red saree.. we will do matching matching.

Kabir – okay (again he didn’t bothered what she said )

Saanchi was angry with his ignorance .
Saanchi – kabir (she shouted in full rage)

Kabir – now what happened.. how many times I have to tell you that I will wear whatever you want me to.

Saanchi – this why you married me na.. I will work outside and bring money …. you will just sit and watch TV.

Kabir – ab na apna degree ka bhav to dikhao mat.. ye kabadi engineering karke kya ukhad li ho..

Saanchi – ab tum mera engineering ko kabada bol rha h.

Kabir – pehli baat hum na kabadi bole hai kabada nhi.. pehle to tum jaake hindi sikho phir humse baat karna.

Saanchi – Ente bagwaane… entha oru kastam
(Hey bhagwaan kya musibat hai)

(special thanks to my friend lavanya @sanchiveerfor translating this sentence in malayalam ?)

Kabir – suno na ye gaali wali to diya mat karo

Saanchi’s – haan haan hum jo b bolta h tumko to gaali hi lagta h. Tum malayalam kyu nahi learn karta.

Kabir – sab samjhte hai hum or itna bhi kharab din nahi aaya h humara ki ab hum malayalam jaake sikhenge. Tum or tumhara madrasi bhasa

Saanchi – madrasi nahi south Indian keralai

Kabir – meri maa bas kar

Saanchi – tumhi aaya tha piche piche ki pyaar h pyaar h

Kabir – haan to nahi pata tha na tum aisi niklogi.


Both were in same college.. both were in relationship from last 1 year… this was their final year.
Saanchi – kabir now I think we should talk to our parents.
Kabir – ya you are right.. Let’s do one thing you tell to your parents and I will tell to my parents.
Saanchi – do u think they will easily understand. No … not at all. If your family accepts then also my father will never accept.. he always wanted me to marry a south indian boy only.
Kabir – we will see that later.

So now their parents ko manao mission suru.

At kabir’s house
Kailash – are you out of your mind. I will never let you marry that madrasi girl.
Kabir – but dad.. I love her.
Kailash – I don’t know anything..
He goes from there.
Kabir – Maa.. atleast u try to understand.
Kusum – kabir u understand.. madrasi girls are very intelligent they just trap innocent boys .
Kabir (angrily) – Maa saanchi isn’t like that.
Kusum – see now u are speaking her language.
Kabir gets annoyed and goes.

At saanchi’s house
Sunil – how dare u saanchi. Is this we have taught you till now.
Saanchi – dad I love him. Pls try to understand.
Sunil – don’t ever dare saanchi.
And Sunil goes
Saanchi – Maa you are my best friend na.. atleast You try to understand.
Jaya – it was our mistake. We shouldn’t have let you go to coed college.
Saanchi – Maaaa…
Jaya also goes..n saanchi stands there helpless.

After many tries kusum and jaya agrees for their marriage but Sunil and Kailash’s ego was more than their children happiness.
(Sorry I’m not describing everything as this is one shot)

Both families decides to meet. Jaya invites kapoor family for dinner.
Jaya (to sunil) – atleast behave nicely.. pls…
Sunil gives I don’t care wala look.

Next day kapoor family arrives
Jaya and saanchi welcomes them. Saanchi takes blessings from kailash and kusum. Kusum hugs her.
Kailash was just showing like oh wow he has done a great favour by coming.

Sunil came a little bit late but he didn’t bothered.

Meanwhile discussion was going on both Sunil and kailash started fighting.

Sunil – we are more rich than you.. you people are nothing infront of us.

Kailash – u just shut up. Infact it was my mistake that I came here. I just came for my son’s sake but seems like I did a blunder.

Sunil – even I also didn’t invited you. I just came to meet because my wife told me.

Kailash – come let’s go. Now I won’t let this marriage happen. Ladki wale hoke kaise Tevar dikha rahe hai

Sunil – yes yes go go.. u and your blo*dy ego. I also won’t let my daughter go in your family.

Jaya and kusum tried to stop their husbands but of no use
Kabir was pissed of with this .

Kabir (shouted ) – fine.. you both keep your ego with yourself. After one week I and saanchi will marry. If you both want to attend then you are most welcomed. Otherwise stay happy with your ego. Why you both don’t understand I and saanchi love each other. From where this different state and rich poor matter arised. Maa and jaya aunty you both start your preparations for our marriage.

They went away from there.
After one week the wedding day arrived.

On phone
Saanchi – we are doing wrong kabir.
Kabir – what wrong.. even our mom’s r also with us.. so nothing is wrong.
Saanchi – but will u feel happy when our dad will not be present there..
Kabir – who said they won’t come.. they will come for sure. Now stop worrying sweetheart … stress lines doesn’t look good on bride’s forehead… n u will look like an old lady.
Saanchi (frowns) – kabirrrr..
Kabir – luv u meri jaan.
Saanchi (after a while) – luv u too n blushes

Wedding place..
All guests arrives… kabir and saanchi were sitting in the mandap. But both eyes were searching for their dad. Suddenly they saw two men coming from opposite direction. Both saw each and made faces… and went beside their wives.
After the wedding pandit declares them husband wife both gets up to take blessings from elders.
They go to sunil.. Sunil gives blessings to saanchi but not kabir..he just ignores him. Saanchi feels bad and is about to speak but kabir stops her.
After that they go to kailash.
Kailash blesses kabir but not saanchi.

Kabir – what is this dad.
Kailash – what what… I will never accept this madrasan as my daughter in law. And secondly see how his father is behaving. Hum ladke walo ki koi izzat hai b ya nahi. Jaake dekh or gharo me ladki wale kitna izzat krte hai ladke walo ka or adar satkar karte h.

Kabir got angry and was about to shout buy saanchi holds his hands.

Kabir – today don’t stop me saanchi.
And what is this ladki wale and ladka wala. Infact you know what dad it should be us who should be welcoming them.. they are giving their princess to us. Infact u know what I j..just hate this.. ki ladki walo ko zhook ke rehna cahiye and the worst part in this is what u know …. if I ask can I go and live with saanchi and her parents.. will u allow me.. no na.. don’t know from where girls get this courage to go in another family. You know what in shillong there the tradition is just opposite. After marriage the boy goes to his wife’s house .

Saanchi – I love him dad because he’s different from all. He understands me cares for me. For him my happiness is more than his.. (said to sunil who was silently listening all )
And you said that you want me to marry a south indian boy.. what’s problem in kabir.. tell me when it comes to show ourselves to the world we proudly say WE ARE INDIANS. OUR INDIA HAS UNITY IN DIVERSITY. Is this our unity in diversity when you are classifying on the basis of state and culture . Whether it’s sports or any kind of international performance.. then where your tamilian..south indian…marathi.. bihari disappears… then what we do ,we all support our Indian team.. they why u people don’t see that from where the person belongs..

(Sorry friend… my thinking I don’t mean to hurt anyone… and I’m sorry if you don’t like this )

Both kailash and Sunil were speechless . All guests clapped..
Kabir – taali bajane se kuch nhi hoga. Do think about this and implement on yourselves too then we will be able to make our country a place of unity in diversity in real sense.

Both kailash and Sunil hugged each other and apologised for rude behaviour.
Jaya and kusum smiled and hugged each other too.
After that a family photo takes place in which kaanchi in middle Sunil n jaya on kabir’s side and kailash and kusum on saanchi’s side .

After all rituals were finished
Kailash (to sunil) – don’t worry Sunil Ji we are not taking daughter in law saanchi is now our daughter.

Sunil smiled and hugged kaanchi.
Both kabir and saanchi smiles.

Flashback ends 

Saanchi – bola tha appa ne.. North Indians very lazy. Mai hi mad tha jo tumse marriage kiya. Tomorrow 5.30 … samjha tum

Kabir – haan meri amaa samjh gya

Next day at 4 a.m.
Saanchi is getting ready.
Saanchi – kabir get up and get ready fast otherwise we will be late.

Kabir (annoyingly) – pehle tum humko batao ye shaadi itni subah subah karta kon hai.

Saanchi – go and get ready fast. I have kept your shirt and mund there. You will wear that only.

Kabir come wearing his shirt and half pant. And tries to drap the mund. But he fails doing so.
Kabir (to saanchi who was sitting on bed observing his actions) – now you only drap this.
Saanchi gets up to drap the mund.

Saanchi – what is this..why are you wearing this Pant.
Kabir – ari humara b izzat hai . Kahi ye tumhara mundu tundu utar gaya to.

Saanchi (While draping ) – humare yha 4th standard ka bachcha log ko b mund pehnne aata hai.

Kabir – I don’t know so…

Saanchi finishes and they comes out of room.
Kabir – u go I’m coming.. let me take the car keys and my mobile phone.. kyuki tumhare is mundu tundu me pocket to hai nhi.

As he comes out of room the mund slides. And kabir stands their speechless.

Kabir (very innocently ) – Saanchiiiii

Saanchi turns back and sees him.

The end

Kabir – com’mon guys let’s take this stupid writer’s class . Because of her saanchi is angry with me and now she went without me and secondly she cooked your mind with this nonsense. So let’s take her class together. Or saanchi ko manane me help kariye…


Thankuu so much for reading this. I don’t know what I have written.
Your flying slippers and tomatoes are most welcomed. And I’m so sorry for poor English. I’m trying to improve as you might have noticed my english sucks. So pls do forgive me. If I did any mistake then please do tell me… I always try my best not to hurt anyone.

At last please don’t forget to give comments… and if not then atleast do press ? or ?. Your comments really means a lot and encourage a lot.

And guys what say about the current track…really sometimes I laugh on myself that why I started watching and why I fell for KaAnchi. 200 episodes have completed then also we don’t know the lead pair. Anyway let’s see what happens as everyday a new drama and twist is there.

Thank you so much for all your love and support.
Lots of love ❤
Take care.

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  1. Anee

    ha ha ha ha….yaaarrr kiya kiya tuney priyu??…matlab itna koi kisi ko hassatta hai bhala?? really you left me speechless……..priyu suberbbbb good one shot dear…and your thinking on the cultures…hats of you boss…man gaye tujh ko…..luv you so much….bye tc…..and yeah come with like this tremendous Os.

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thankuu so much anee…yaar chal tu hasi to shi wrna ye RS ne hum kaanchians ko rulane me koi kasar nhi chodi… n m glad yaar u agree with my thinking.. luv u loads my sweet sis ???❤

  2. Ziyarasheed

    Yaar, honestly speaking, you were right in the beginning. It was a real torture. You needn’t have to torture us like this by giving us laughing pills. God, my stomach is aching. Actually I was reading this lying on my room floor, and I bit my head also on the floor while laughing. Now my head is also aching…
    Was just super mad and crazy episode. Loved it to the core. And Kabir was the cutest thing. Good thing he had the backup plan under his mund. I was actually imagining his innocent look when that came off. ” Sharikkum, bhayankara kashtam ayippoyi…??”
    I was laughing reading all those, lungi pungi, skirt and blouse, kabadi and khabada…??
    Plz do give us such lovely laughter shots often…love you dear, tc…

      1. Ziyarasheed

        Also ya, very beautiful thought dear. I hope everyone thinks like you. God bless you dear…

    1. Priyanshipp

      ??? thankuu so much dear n so sorry for torturing u all… but I guess I’m successful in making u all laugh.. Actually I’m expert in creating laughter situation ?? n again after a long I tried to write a funny os n I guess u liked it. N u know what even I too was wandering same while typing about kabir’s innocent face in last ???… n m glad u agree with my thinking… Lots of luv n take care ??❤

  3. Mahin


    1. Priyanshipp

      Thankuu dear ☺❤

  4. Oh god such a cute os, specially fight between kanchi ??please come with another os

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thankuu so much dear.. I will try but these days busy with my studies.. kya batau roz daat pad rhi h… ??. Lots of love n take care ?❤

  5. Awesome dear …..really loved it Priyu

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    Hehehehehehehehe…..maza aagaya jinny tu ne to mjhe kill krdiya..isse pdh kr hamra dil garden garden hogaya…anjane mai hi tune inka proffesion meri aim rkhdi…thnq likhne k liye…lv uh jinny aaj tune sixer maar diya…lv uh yaara

    1. Priyanshipp

      Haye tere liye hi to likha agar tune nhi bola hota to mai kbhi sochti hi nhi.. tera kya mera khud ka aim same h yaar ???… luv u meri sis???❤ or haan chal ab tu b likh jldi se maine apna promise pura kiya ??

      1. Mannat77

        chal issk baad meri lalach bdhne wali ab mjhe aise mast os chaheye…mjhe khushi hai ki teri ar meri aim same hai…mere xams hai uske baad paka likhunge teri ksm…lv uh 2 jinny

  7. hilarious

    1. Priyanshipp

      ?? I tried I guess u all liked.. as i love making my friends laugh.. I miss those days but m happy I made u laugh for a while ?❤

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      Thankuu dear ?❤

  9. Dhruti

    aiyyo it was rombanalla story i just loved it……….bahut khoosh hui me……..and ha ha chalo sab class lene aa rahe he tumhari……………..and yaa priyu i also think some time why i fell in love with kanchi after seeing the current track………………….just live it and take a chill-pill…………..tc and see you soon on TU and come asap with new story………………love you khub sara…………….

    1. Priyanshipp

      ?? thankuu so much dear… haye daiyaa ye kya bol rhi h… mai to khud ashu ruwani or anee se class lena cahti hoon.. yaar mai chill hi kar rhi.. ab matha hi nhi lagati. …humara TU or humare kaanchi writers zindabaad… luv u too n take care ?❤❤

  10. Anu88

    So so amazing and mind blowing yaar……. kanchi ka fight to pura awesome and superb yaar……..love u dear…….tc yaar……

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thankuu dear. Luv u too..n u too pls post soon.. I’m waiting for ur ff next episode take care ☺❤

  11. Amazing

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      Thankuu dear ?❤

  12. Swethaa

    awesome dear….loved it.

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      Thankuu dear ☺❤

  13. Niyaaa

    ??????..super duper hilarious osyaar jinny mundu tundu khul gya wala part padh k to m lot pot ho gyi????..bas kar yaar ye ideas tere bheje m kahan se aate h btw concept is really too good… Sachii m jab duare country m hamare deah k logon ki ijjat nahi karte tab hamein sunke kitna gussa aata h per reality to yahi h ki state state k different hone per bhi aisa krte h or ye experience mera khudka h well chod in sab baton isse padh k dil khush ho gya nxt update tera25 hone wala h i m despirately waitting for ur dream os..bye tc lovv u milte h ig p..nd post nxt something new one..??????

    1. Niyaaa

      Dusre desh*

    2. Priyanshipp

      ??? sukriya janab kya bataye bas hum to isi kaam me expert h…ab insta pe apni dost ka jo beizatti kiye the wo to tune b dekha tha… exactly yaar hum na sirf kehne ko kehte h unity in diversity h … mujhe to nhi dikhta. .. yaar mai bihar se hoon…isme sharm ki kya baat phir b pata nhi kyu bihar ko Badnam kar rakha h… infact mai to yhi bolti hoon ek bihari sab pe bhari…. dream os ka phir se kachra ho gya… ??? gussa na hona but mai sach me phir confuse ho gyi…ab pata nhi kab likhungi… chal bohot hua mera bak bak wrna pata chalega ek or os likh daala maine. … luv u too ye bolne ki to zaroorat hi nhi h ??❤

  14. Sakash.

    Hi Priya.It’s tremendous shot dear.Mostly i liked the tiffin wala scene(Idli & Sambar).I enjoyed each and every scene.One thing dear,ur English is good.U wrote very well.
    Bye sissy.Gud n8.Take care???
    And keep writing dear☺☺☺

    1. Priyanshipp

      Thankuu so much bhai.. m glad u liked tiffin scene… my english not at all good. … infact i submitted wrong file… in this there is plenty of mistakes. .. but thankuu for encouraging me.. i will try to improve more … gud night n take care ☺☺

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