2 new os’s (pairs needed) pls vote……….andrrw twins

Hy peeps,so for those who don’t know me I am a fan of every serial I start watching, I have 2 outlines and I want to write my stories on the 4 most popular couples on this site

Os 1:You first
Girl1:carefree,bold and fun loving,she takes things lightly and loves to make friends.cute and naughty sister
Boy1:lmr.impossible,serious types, but hansome also ,an A for awsome brother.
Girl2:needs a friend,she is an intrivert and yet the coolest person when with her brother.
Girl3:a sweet and simple girl,miss computer genius can be serious but loves to have fun sometimes.
Boy2:loves’ her’ a lot .a great brother and friend.loves to have fun but can be serious when the situation demands.
Boy3:a cute simple boy,perfect guy to have a crush on
(Vote for 2 pairs for this one)
Boy 1:mr.serious,engaged to girl2.open minded person.
Girl1:ms.secret buster,fun loving modern adventurous.
Girl2:supposedly, a shy girl,just engaged.(real personality will be revealed later.)
Boy 2:open minded fun loving guy,he is active,friendly and a really nice person on the whole.
(2 pairs needed)
Pls don’t suggest any mythology characters as they wouldn’t fit in.
Both stories are around college life.
Pls vote guys.

-Jessie and Jenny

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  1. Rosid plz

    1. JessicaAndrews

      Which serial are they in

  2. RagSan & Twinj

  3. abhigya

  4. Swasan and raglak

  5. Aadya


    1. JessicaAndrews

      Which serials are they in,I don’t know some

      1. Aadya

        Meghnal-Meghna & Kunal from Swabhiman(Colors)
        Nairan-Naina &Karan from the same show
        Kaira- Karthik & Naira from YRKKH

  6. Swasan only

  7. Swasan and swalak

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Okay so based on the characters
    For OS 1
    G1 and B1 ShivIka or ArDhika
    G2 and B3 RagSan or KaiRa
    G3 and B2 NaiRan or ShraMan

    For OS 2
    B1 and G1 GauKara or ShiRa
    B2 and G2 RagLak or TwiNj

    I don’t watch all the shows but I have some idea on what’s going on those shows since my family watches other shows too.
    And ya my fav r ShraMan and ShiRa

    And ya please do message me the link when you will post the One Shots ?

    1. JessicaAndrews

      ich serial are they from,don’t know all

  9. swasan n shivika

  10. Ragsan or raglak

  11. Raglak and ragsan

  12. My cute swasan only

  13. Ragsan or raglak

  14. Raglak or ragsan

  15. Raglak or ragsan

  16. Swasan g1 and b1

  17. RagSan & Twinj for OS1 & for OS2 RagLak & Twinj

  18. RagSan & Twinj for OS1 & for OS2 RagLak & Twinj

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