1st Episode – Tashan-e-Ishq 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
some cars stop at guredvarah. Leela and heroine Twinkle Taneja comes out. they go in and prays, Leela prays that i came came here to confirm my Twinkle relation with some guy, i want good for her, keep protecting her, Twinkle’s face is shown, she smiles and prays.
Leela is waiting for groom Bhalla family. Mr.s Bhalla and groom reaches guredvarah, Mrs, Bhalla says Taneja’s are ahead of us, she shows him their car and says Taneja’s family is royal family in town, look at her car, she ha selected you for her daughter, this relation should happen. Leela comes to them, Sunny Bhalla(groom) touches Leela’s face, she gifts something to Sunny, she says its shagun of 91,000rs, Mrs. Bhalla ask where is your daughter? Leela says she must be busy giving food to poor.

she shows Mrs. bhalla Twinkle distributing food to poor, they bless her, Leela calls her, she comes out and meet Mrs. Bhalla, she touches her feet, Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and makes meet Sunny, she greets him, he glances at her, Mrs. Bhalla says it will be good if they talk to each other and talk, Leela says why not, sunny takes twinkle from there.
sunny ask Twinkle about her, he ask her hobby, she says i have only 2 hobbies, one is to distribute food in people and second is to check out boys, he is shocked, she tells him meter of her checking out boys, she says those who are shaven are chicken butter for me, she says i like to drink wine, he is shocked and says i dont drink, she says dont worry after marriage i will make you drink too, our will be good couple, my gang of friends will love, i dont have any girl friend, they can be jealous of me, i have only boy friends, it will be fun after marriage, he runs from there.

Scene 2
Mrs. Bhalla says to Leela that relation is fixed from my side, Twinkle and Sunny comes back, Twinkle says i like him, Sunny says i dont want to marry her, he leaves with mother, Twinkle acts like crying and says one more rejection, if i face these rejections so many times then who will marry me, Leela says i know you, you must have said something that he said no, she ask what you said to him? she says you will be shocked to listen, Leela says what will happen to me, what kind of daughter are you, Twinkle says what kind of mother are you? Leela says i will beat you, Twinkle says not afraid of love but your slap, they laugh, Leela says cant you listen to me? after your father’s death, i did everything for you, i gave you love of mother and father, i dont know how i will live without you but this is norm of society and you have to accept it, i want to see you with your family, people will talk if i am not able to marry you, she cries, Twinkle says dont care if people talk about us, i am drama queen so you dont get senti, she says only 2.5 hours are left in Miss Amritsar contest, Twinkle and Leela sit in car and starts driving, a car comes inbetween, Leela ask her to take aside, Anita Luthra comes out and says we dotn move aside, we are luthras, Leela fumes, they come to fight, they show off their status to each other, Leela says to Anita says to Leela that we dont go to buy veggies from market, we have servants to do that, Leela says you still buy veggies from market? we import them from london, Anita says but still you wear clothes stolen from chor bazar, you have no standard, Leela says thats why you copy me in everything, like you appointed bodyguards for you when i did it, twinkle gives beggar some money to show it off to Anita, Anita starts throwing money to beggars,

Leela says to anita that all know my name, anita says enough of your shit, dont waste my time, Twinkle ask anita to behave with her mother, people waits for Hero’s entry, hero Yuvraj Luthracomes there in car, he shows picture of Leela’s car on selling website in cheap price, twinkle says i will show you, she tries to puncture his tyre, he stops her, she says do you think you are hero? he says have you seen your face, you are like maid, she says you have no fashion sense, my small neighbour have sense than you, he says you are useless, you are cheap, they fight with each other.

PRECAP- Twinkle participate in beauty contest which is judged by Mikha singer, someone kidnaps her from functions. she shouts who are you to kidnap me? he removes his helmet and its Yuvraj, both smirk at each other.
Update Credit to: Atiba

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