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The episode starts with princess Kunti looking at her newborn child and trying to console him. Priyamvada asks her to be fast as someone will see her. Kunti looks at Suryanarayan/surya/sun and tells child’s father is looking at them and they cannot go away from her. She tries to console he son by singing song that she got a boon of a baby and is also helpless that she cannot feed her or take care of him and starts crying vigorously holding him. She apologizes her son, kisses his faces, hugs him a final time and keeps him in a cart. She prays sun/surya to protect him, cover cart with a lid and pushes cart in a river, looking at it floating away from her. She then hears child’s cry and tries to catch it, but Priyamvada holds her. She then looks at fuming sun and tells sun is very

angry on her as she sacrificed his son.

Suryanarayan starts burning. People start feeling his angst and one of them says definitely there is a sin happening somewhere. A pregnant woman/man’s wife also panics. Sun throws a big fire boulder on earth and it burns whole city. Child is seen floating in river when a man dives into river to rescue him. Suryanarayan continues throwing fire boulders and burning whole city. People panic seeing his anger. Child is about to enter a thunderstorm when man rushes and picks Child on his head. Surya calms down and boons child with a divya kavach kundal/protection barrier on his body. Pregnant woman falls unconscious and ladies carry her to her house.

Man carries baby to Priyamvada and asks why did she call him to protect this baby. She says ash he promised to protect king at any cost. He asks how did kunti make such a big mistake. Priyamvada tells him how Kunti served Rishi mantra and he gave her a boon. Kunti prayed surya and he gave a boon of son. Now, this child Child has son’s boon of divya kavacha kundal. Man asks why can’t princess Kunti protect this baby by keeping him near her. Priyamvada says she will go blind in mother’s love and will not fulfill her responsibilities towards her husband king. He asks how can he protect this baby. She says by keeping him in his house as his son. He asks how can he keep a kshatriya baby while he is of low caste. She says his promise towards king to protect him will make him protect this baby and asks him to promise in front of sun that he will protect it and keep it a secret. Man promises over fire that he will keep this son’s secret with him. She asks him to rush home as his wife is about to deliver a baby and he will tell everyone that his wife gave birth to twin sons. He says this society applauds kshatriya for his skills, but feels ashamed of low caste person’s skills. She says this child has to prove his power in front of society.

Man rushes towards his home in chariot. His wife shouts in labor pain. Village daayi/midwife rush towards her for delivery. Man silently enters his house with child. Daayi opens door and sees adhirath/man inside room already. He gives child to her and says first child is born so easily, but second child is stuck. She sends him out and delivers baby. She comes out and tells man that his both sons are healthy. He happily enters room and calls his wife as Radha and says god gave us 2 son’s gift. Daayi asks him to name his sons. He takes his child and says he is younger one and will follow his elder brother, so his name should be Shaurith or Shaurya. Radha asks what will be elder son’s name then. He looks at sun rays falling on kids and takes him out to a cliff.

He lifts child in air and tells surya/sun that this child is his boon and he will be free from darkness and fear and like a sunray karn which reaches each corner of earth, he gives sun’s son’s name as Karn/Surya putra karn.

Precap: Soldiers informs villagers that Adhirath brought outside child home. He agrees and says Radha did not bear him, but he is his son. Radha desserts karn. A bit grown up karn challenges surya/sun.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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