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The episode starts with introduction of Delhi City as Indian capital and its localities and then shifting to a building where serial’s heroine Sarojini is seen preparing paranthas and asking her aunt/maami to get up and pack golu/cousin’s tiffin box. Arrogant lady/maami wakes up yawning. Sarojini feeds golu in a hurry, asking him to finish fast as his school van will arrive any time. Maami comes yelling not to stuff golu’s mouth, instead she would have woken up 1 hour early. Sarojini says she woke up 2 hours ago and did all household chores and even filled mama’s tiffin box.

Sarojini then drops Golu to school bus and then gets into bus. she gives 100 rs torn note to conductor who asks for intact note. Another male passenger asks him to accept it from beautiful girl’s

soft hands. Sarojini calls him and asks to exchange her note. He hesitates. She taunts him that his kind of guys usually taunt but don’t accept their social responsibilities. conductor taunts man and then says he saw some inauspicious face that Sarojini is traveling in his bus. Sarojini taunts that he must have seen his own face in mirror. Her gets down at her college stop and starts walking, but her slippers break down.

Sarojini reaches classroom late and teacher starts giving lecture that she is becoming teacher after some days after completing her BEd degree and she does not know discipline. She shows her broken slipper. A girl taunts that she comes daily with broken slipper and asks to buy a new one. Sarojini says she is not from tata birla’s family and is studying hard to get a teacher’s degree and help her family. teacher permits her to sit.

Teacher hears a few spoilt brats shouting outside college and walk out to check. He sees a few spoilt students watching a clip on mobile and shouting and asks what are they doing. Their leader (serial’s hero) introduces himself Suminder Singh in a fake overacting UP accent and says they are watching porn clip and asks if he wants to watch. Teacher asks him to behave and why does he come to college. Man says he wants to become prime minister. Teacher says they don’t have any degree for PM here. Man says that is why he does not want to study. Teacher curses him that he will not prosper life, gets into class and asks to close windows and door. Sarojini says he should teach them good morale instead of getting afraid. When a thief and dacoit can change with teachings, these are just spoilt students. Teacher asks her to teach morale when she become teacher and asks to study silently now.

Suminder sits in college parking lot with his gang and teases girls. He sees 2 students teasing girls, takes their phones and says he will call their parents. Students gets afraid and Suminder warns them not to get out of school and shoos them away. Another students says there is a new clip in market. Suminder tries to download, but he is out of balance. He calls his father in Pratapgarh, but ladies pick call. One of them sees all 4 wearing same saris and says she will change. One of them says she cannot change her fate, so better to wear same sari. Suminder’s father Dushyanth picks call and due to low connection goes to balcony to speak. Suminder says his phone balance is nil and asks him to fill 10000 rs. Dushyanth yells that he will give him a heart attack. Suminder says he is a son’s father who studies in Delhi and not in Pratapgarh, he has to download study material so needs lots of balance. Dushyanth agrees to recharge 10000s worth balance.

Dushyanth comes down and starts yelling his wife that Suminder is vanishing his wealth and asks what did she eat and bear him. His another son asks why did he send him to Delhi instead of getting him educated here. Dushyanth shouts at him that Suminder is studying in Delhi, not farmer like him. He then shouts at his wife to give him breasfast soon, else son will shake who Delhi. He shoos her into kitchen.

After getting ready, Suminder comes out of house and sees men waiting for him. He shoos them away to come tomorrow as he is going to recharge his son’s mobile. He gets into jeep and moves a bit when he sees his wife feeding roti to dog. He gets out of jeep and snatches dog’s roti, yelling that his wife must be having affair with dog. He then goes and forcefully feeds his wife roti. His father warns him not to, but he shouts that he will feed him roti else. Father backs off. Dushyant stuffs whole roti in his wife’s mouth and walks, she then vomits it.

Suminder continues teasing girls and gets mesmerized seeing Sarojini’s beauty.

Precap: Suminder sees Sarojini riding pillion behind a man and thinks she is already having a boyfriend, but he will get her at any cost.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It will be a good story hopefully… nd sarojini nd suminder will fall in love nd her father in law will be strict, but eventually he will get heart softed

    1. eventually? Eventually in these shows is soooooo long….lol

  2. Ya good i lv it

  3. The concept is good and the show is women imp but the hero’s role should also be significant mohit is a great actor hope the show will be good

  4. Are you kidding me, you think that you are sending a positive message to society by showing a man FORCIN HIS WIFE to eat a roti that she had been kind enough to give to a dog??? This is a new show, in my opinion….NOT A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION. That husband is HORRIBLE.

  5. Deb is right. But by now all India should know that tv serials thrive on malice and wickedness. Will this make Indians equally wicked by copying them?. After months of brainwashing viewers with wickedness people become good before the end of serial. But unlike a movie we are into too much wickedness for months and months.

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