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The Episode starts with a medical emergency shown in Ratclifee highway, 30 miles away from London. Roshni is shown jogging as the scene shifts to London city. She sees a man singing and gives some money. She meets her friends and says you guys always make me wait. The guy say they run for her in morning. The other guy says he is stuck between him and Roshni. Roshni says no need to oblige, if I wait for Dr Raghunandan, to do fellowship with him, its my problem, don’t make fun of it.

The guy says we did not doubt on your dedication for him, he is best cardiac surgeon in the world, he is an expert. Roshni says don’t give me this sarcastic things. They joke on Raghunandan’s name. She gets annoyed and leaves. The guy says she is cute darling, I don’t get fun without teasing her, come, lets convince

her. Roshni waits for Dr. Raghu. He makes her sit, and goes to get coffee. She sees Dr Raghunandan and he goes inside the café. Her friend asks her to say it today, just go. She goes and sees Raghu leaving in his car.

She sits upset and says our residency has just 1 week, I thought to tell him that I m doing residency from St John’s college and wants to do fellowship under him. She gets Dr. Roy’s call and says I m on the way. The news show Senator Kelly meeting with an accident and he is rushed to St John’s hospital. Roshni assists Dr. Roy, and see Kelly getting treated. She says it looks like rashes. The other doctor says what rashes, we will send him for routine checkup. Roshni says its around his lips too. He observes Kelly, and Roy says send him to the ICU. She asks the policeman about Kelly eating anything in the way. He says there was a hot burning cigar there. She thanks him, and thinks cigar, smoke… She rushes to the medical library and checks some books. She sees an article by Dr. Kishore Singh and gets emotional. She calls Bhopal, and says where is Nanu.

Kishore is shown treating a little boy in the hospital. Kishore is witty and treats the patient in his unique way to check Malaria. He says its not necessary to follow whats in reports, see reports with mind, not eyes. Badri takes Roshni’s call and she asks about Nanu. He says he is seeing a patient. She says she has to discuss a case. Kishore talks to her and asks what will he assist to a London Dr. She says its something serious. He says tell me, what is it, and leaves from the hospital. He talks to her on the way and she tells about a used cigar. He says about the possibilities and asks her to speak to her seniors and tell MIC possibilities. She ends call and goes to Roy.

She says those rashes are not simple allergic rashes, and shows him Bhopal Gas tragedy, and her Nanu has treated many MIC patients, it might be poisoning. Roy agrees and shows the other doctor. They talk to Kishore on video chat and they ask about the MIC. Kishore recalls his wife’s death and tells the effects of MIC. Roy thanks him.

They thank Roshni and leaves. Roshni talks to Kishore and ends the videochat. He rclals the Bhopal gas incident killing 400 people and even his wife. Badri asks shall I make the car stop at the lake. Kishore agrees being sad. They go at the lake and Kishore recalls his wife.

Roshni goes to cafeteria with her friends, and laughs seeing one of her friend Nick having a time with a girl Katherine. The other guy goes to tease him. Roshni calls Nick and pulls his leg. He says don’t bore me, tell me is Katherine not hot. She says she is good, best till date. He says it means its your approval. She says yes. The other guy talks to Katherine, and says his fiancée from India called him. Katherine says he said he does not have any GF. He says I m sorry, but he is a nice guy. Katherine scolds Nick calling him a liar and leaves.

Roshni gets to know that Alex messaged about Dr Raghunandan being a guest surgeon tomorrow, and she rushes. Roy says well done, the cops have informed us that the poison is actually MIC, its not an accident, but its attempt to attempt, and Raghu is performing an surgery, Alex will be assisting him. Roy asks Roshni if she want to join as resident surgeon. She thanks him and gets happy. She gets her brother’s call and says she has got a chance to assist Dr Raghu. He says he is opening his new hospital and chief minister is inaugurating. She says it means out multi speciality hospital, I m happy for you. He says I m sending tickets, you have to be here. She gets happy.

She comes home. Her friend comes and says he will not go home alone, Nick is angry about Katherine, he asked me not to come home. Nick comes to them and looks angrily. The other guy says we were just joking. Roshni says it was my fault, I gave him that idea, sorry. Nick scares them and starts laughing. He says I came to thank, I came to know I was Katherine’s 10th BF, I got a new cute chick, I m going with her. Roshni says enough of show off, even I have good news. She says about her chance to assist Raghu. They party going out.

Roshni comes home and sleeps. The alarm rings. She wakes up smiling and hurriedly reaches the hospital. She sees Raghunandan operating the patient. She looks on and Alex asks her to be careful in her work. She drops the nerve and Raghu scolds her, for ruining his reputation. He asks her to get out right away. She leaves crying.

Roshni cries recalling Raghu’s anger and apologizes to him. Nick says she is best doctor already. Raghu asks her to forget about becoming a heart surgeon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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