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The episode begins with, tuning of music instruments, and the team waiting for abhir, abhir comes and takes his guitar and starts with his song mere nishan. A girl gets down a car and walks to a funeral and keeps violin on the grave , the girl is mehar, abhir is singing song in studio. Mehar travels back in car wiping her tears, she gets down the car and walks into a lift, it takes her to her home.
Mehars mom asks her to have breakfast, her mom asks is mrs dsouza good, mehar says yes she is fine, mehars brother is watching abhir singing on tv, mehar looks at the tv, mehars aunty asks tunu(mehars brother) to change the chanel, mehar walks off, mehars mom stops her and says think once again, mehar says I left all the thinking stuff 8 yrs back this is just a job. Abhir is being told by sani that

people love him to watch on tv, abhir says now its time for stage show, abhir is being told wait for some time my business is on a crucial point let the new business head come and handle everything and then will think of ur show, abhir says now a non creative person will tell abhir what to do, mehar walks into the studio, abhir says so u got me a boss, an attendant tells sani and abhir that mehar purohit is here.
Mehar is being introduced as the new ceo of the company by sani , mehar is being introduced to rati her PA, and all others, abhir walks and sees mehar, mehar looks at him, mehar is being introduced to samar, mehar says I know him so how are u, samar says fine and good to see u, mehar is taken in front of abhir and said this is our superstar abhir, abhir looks at mehar , mehar says hi, abhir stares at her and shakes hand with her and says welcome.
Mehar is working on her desk, sani says meharji u are free to take ur decision but do consult with abhir bcoz u know abhirs issue is little sensitive u see he is a free bird and its difficult to take hold of him, mehar says mr sani u have to trust my decisions and they will be in the favour of our company, sani says thanku so much u made by day and if I am not mistaken and don’t interfere into ur personal life do u know abhir, mehar says we were together in college.
Abhir closes his eyes and thinks of past : mehar enters her college on holi day a guy picks her up and puts her in water pool, and puts water on her, mehar looks at the guy its abhir.samar wakes abhir and asks abhir is he ok, abhir says what do u think she bothers me, samar says ok I will leave now.
Mehar is addressing everyone, she says I don’t know much abt chanel except one thing that is abhir, we all know it this company is bcoz of abhir but its unfare to put pressure on just one person, and so this has to stop and so now we need 10 more abhirs, abhir is listening to all this, mehar says every half n hour we need new abhirs I know its difficult but we have to work and the first step is abhirs show will be shifted from 9pm slot to 11pm and the 9 pm slot we will use abhirs fan following and since abhir is already a star his show at 11 wont be affected, we have to attract more audience, abhir gets up and starts clapping, and everyone joins him.
Sani says wow good idea meharji, and its time for party, rati organize a party quick. At the party , toast is raised for mehar and abhir, abhir and mehar look at eachother. Sani is making mehar comfortable at the party and introducing her to all, samar offers mehar a drink,abhir sees mehar smiling with samar and feels bad, abhir drinks a bottle full of alcohol and walks to mehar and holds her hand, samar says abhir what, abhir stops samar,mehar says abhir leave me, abhir says I left u long back and now just come with me, abhir takes mehar along with him,mehar asks him to leave her, but abhir pulls her and takes her to the studio, mehar shouts at him and says stop it abhir u are drunk.
Abhir says drunk, u want to create 10 more abhirs and I guess u forgot I made u, mehar says shutup abhir leave me, abhir says u left me , u used me and now again u wanted to use my fame, mehar says u came to my house and wanted to marry me but I wasn’t ready, abhir says that’s what I made us together and u broke our marriage and divorced us, mehar says u sent divorce papers, abhir says and it was me who came to ur house to stop u from signing it, but u broke us and all this was for the 10 crore rupees u got after divorce, mehar pushes abhir and says shutup and runs, abhir shouts I hate u mehar.

Precap: mehar says to her mother its fine tomorrow will be a new day, abhir says to his mom yes tomorrow will be a new day today I wasn’t prepared today but tomorrow I will welcome her in abhirs way.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  4. Jhuki Teri Palko Mein Mil Jaye
    Mujhe Panah
    Plakein Gire Aansu Bhari
    Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan
    Tute Dil Ki Mat Kar Tu Fikar
    Mere Humnava
    Pyar doon tujhko isskadar
    Reh Jaye Mere Nishaan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Aakhon Mein Mil Jaun Mein Jaise Ki
    Ek Lamha
    Aa Lag JA Sine Se Baan JA Mera
    Dekhta Hun Sapne Tere Sun Le
    Meri Jaane JA
    Khwaab Ye Sach Ho Jaye Agar
    Khuda Ho Meharbaa
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan
    Sajde Mein Tere SAR Jhukta Bas
    Chahat Ki Hai Yeh Dastaan
    Rooth Gaya mera Rub Jo Mujh Se
    To Mita De VO Mere Nishan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishan
    Mere Nishaan Mere Nishaan

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  18. Nice…serial…yup i also accept dis resembles rettai val kuruvi…serial

    But i like dis….becoz the show’s profession nd d title song ..nd d singer voice…..awesome…..especially i love abhir’s attitude..

    Simply….wat to say..in abhir style…..

    **** I JUST LOVE IT***

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