1st Epi – Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a couple coming to a ghost house. They tell that it is scary and shout after going inside. One of the ghost asks them to leave from the house and tells no one can enter as this is our house. The couple run away from there.

The hero wakes up in the ship and tells that you have broken my dream. His friend Johny asks him to let go of his dream and catch a fish instead. The hero catches a crab and shows it to his friend. He sees a father and son hanging out near the sea side and smiles. He tells I have seen a dream that I got my family and we are staying together. His friend Johny says you will see your princess today in reality and not in dreams. The hero smiles. His friend Johny tells that when you were 12, she entered in your heart, but didn’t come

infront of you till now. The hero tells that he is feeling different today and Sufi will see him today.

Sufi is seen wearing a hat. Her Nancy compliments her and says you will look princess. Sufi says I am indeed a princess. She checks her outfit and shoes and asks Nancy to take out matching hat. The hero tells that Sufi is the most beautiful girl in this world. Sufi’s male friends come to her and try to impress her. The hero’s friend tells today is 26th, and tells about visiting the ghost house once. Sufi tells her friends that she will go on a date with one of them, who will take her to Parlekar house…….Her friends refuse to take her to Parlekar house and run from there. Sufi scares her dad and laughs. Dad gets angry and asks her to stoo laughing. Sufi says she will make him wear wig. He tells someone told that his daughter is very beautiful. Sufi says she is your wife dad. Dad says he was looking fat.

The hero gets ready. His friend says you are looking like a lamp post and tells Sufi will never look at you. Sufi come. Dede Dede Dede Sahiba…..song plays……………..The hero adores her. Sufi and her dad come to the fish stall. Sufi asks her dad to give photos, as she wants to post pics. He tells he forgot at home. The hero gives his phone. She takes a selfie and returns his phone.

He asks The hero, why he is wearing tie on the fish stall. The hero says it is used to wipe the sweat. Dad pays them 1000 Rs and asks to keep 400 for buying towel. The hero adores the mobile touched by Sufi.

Sufi tells her dad that she is going to Parlekar house. Dad refuses to let her go. Sufi asks why he is refusing to let her go there and acts strictly. Dad asks her to go to room. The hero is having food and sees a man having food with his son. Someone tells that today is 26th. The hero hears Sufi’s friend talking about taking her to Parlekar house and planning to leave her there. The hero thinks he can’t let Sufi in danger. Some ghost are seen in Parlekar house. Sufi comes out of house and tells she will go to Parlekar house today.

Sufi and her friend go to Parlekar house. The hero comes to her rescue while she gets scared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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