1st Epi – Yeh Teri Galiyan 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Puchki born

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Scene 1
Arpita comes to Calcutta with her husband. she says did you tell at home? Did ma baba agree? He says don’t worry. My ma baba will love you like I do. She says I am pregnant with your baby. They have to love me. They come out of the boat. She says lets go to temple. They come to temple and pray.
A kid next to arpta says no one is there to play with me. Arpita looks for shagu.. He is no where. She is about to fall.. The boy and his mom hold her. She is scared. She says thanks them. She says whats your name? He says Shantanu. Arpita says your son is really nice. She says in heart my son is from a place where there is no childhood. He is born out of wrongdoings.

Beauty says to tailor take measurements for my new blouse. He comes close. SHe shoves him an says please spend thousands to touch me.
Arpita and Shagu stop there. He says come in. She says where are we? This place looks dangerous. please tell me where we are. Beauty says this is pari mehel. Your husband brought you here to sell you. Arpita says are you crazy? We are going to my in laws. He loves me. Arpita says what is she saying? Shagu says she is right. She says what joke is this. Please tell me its a lie. He says this is your reality now. She cries. Shantanu and his mom sees them. He asys mom its the same woman. She says go in.

Beauty says she is useless. She is pregnant. Chanda says do you know what are you doing. Beauty says thakur will decide what happens here. Thakur does her pooja.
Chanda says to thakur we can keep her. she is pregnant we will get the baby too.
Arpita says shagu please don’t do this. Please think about our baby. Chanda slaps him and says people like you don’t deserve anything. You are selling your wife. You disgusting man. She gives him money. Shagu leaves. Arpita sits down and cries. Chanda says lets go.
Thakur asks whats your name.. She does answer. Thakur slaps er and breaks all her bangles.. Arpita screams and cries. Thakur sayas you will become like us. She feels labor pain. They take her to dai.

Shantanu says ma will that aunty live here? Arpita gives birth to a baby. She cries. Shantanu says my friend puchki.
Precap-Shantanu and puchki grow old. Arpita tries to take puchki away from all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ruby_MarNy

    First episode is very emotional one… I felt bad for Arpita… Shagu??? what type of husband he is?? Selling his own wife?? Seems like Shantanu also born there… Waiting for more episodes of this show… And eagerly waiting for Vrushika’s entry…

    1. Dishani01

      yes ruby welcome …nice to see you here

      1. Ruby_MarNy

        Hey, thank you… Actually, I was missing Vrushika after her exit in IB… I hope this show will be a new turning point in her career… The first episode looks promising… I don’t know how active I can be here because I will be back to my home country in few days and only can watch another two episodes more… It will be great if ozee can be used in Malaysia as well…

  2. Very unusal storyline …the makers have dared to take up a subject that are usually avoided…Society has never been kind to Children born and brought up in Red light areas but the trend s changing…They are coming out of their shackles and living respectable lives…Coming to their mothers ,many of whom might have been forced into this infamous profession like Arpita.my heart goes out to them…The way Arpita’s husband sells his pregnant wife to a brothel is enough to hate every man …but no,all men are not same…it is only some black sheep who stoop down to such low levels …The boy acting as Shantanu is acting very well and he has given a cute name to his new friend ‘puchki’….I hope this will be a great love story like like Raja and Rani’s who were also great childhood friends ..

    1. Hey Lakshmi… Looking forward to this serial since I first saw preview… Hoping to see a love like Raja Rani here too.. Good start and I’m happy to have my dear friend here with me let’s see what’s in store for us and so far, even though it’s first episode it’s interesting.


    I read only update .
    It’s to sad poor Arpita?.
    Eagerly waiting for Manish entery.

  4. Dishani01

    wow nice to see this new epic and pain full starting .. it’s also reality in some places.. it’s going nice


    I read only update.
    But really sad for Arpita ?.
    Eagerly waiting for Manish goplani

  6. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Atiba


    Thanks Atiba sister for update ?

  8. Riana

    I am so glad that cinevistaas our bepanah makers took such a decision of airing this show…This is really something unique and unusual concept unlike those shows were male leads insults female leads and forcefully marries them in the name of love…??…Anyways Shonagachi is a terrible place of kolkata…??…Arpita’s destiny is so poor that it brought her here…Shantanu looks so cute and i am sure her bonding with puchki will become strong as they grow up…After adulthood it will be a different scene….lets see ??

  9. Nina

    What is the terrible beginning when the husband sells his pregnant wife.

  10. Can’t wait to see this online on Desiflix, as per usual Zee Canada will be at least 2 months behind. India.

  11. Wow this show story really emotional looking forward to upcoming Episodes ?❤

  12. Hello Naz,at last we are on the same forum…I hope you got to see the first episode on 25 th itself or as Cathy says will Zee Caribbean also take its own sweet time and telecast it leisurely after two months…Anyways you have Desifix to rely on but this story is much different from others like Aap Ke AaJane Se…..Naz,to tell you the truth ,somehow I am not at all happy with what I have been watching on Zee for the last few weeks….You know about Kaleerein ….utter disappointment ….WAS winded up after all that nonsence….Mahek …I am not at all liking this new look of Mahak and Shaurya…iSA is trudging along ,thanks to Eisha / Zara….As you said Zara is a strong willed woman and Eisha in this role is a pleasure to watch…You must be wondering why I have n’t shown up on AKS forum….yes Sahil is a darling and every woman’s dream but I am still confused about Vedika…why is she so discreet in expressing her feelings particularly when it comes to Sahil…yes,at 42 ,her mindset will be different as compared to young ,unmarried girls..but whenever she talks about him ,she is just protective of him and refers to what all he has done for her and her family and nothing else ..We know that this story centres around Sahil’s efforts to make Vedika realise that she loves him too….but does she really love him…i mean like a woman loves a man…What if she really loved Arya’s father and doesn’t want to give his place to anyone..As you know I haven’t seen this story from the beginning ,so I might ,no doubts , have missed something important like Vedika confessing to herself that she loves this young man…Naz,I fear for Sahil’s feelings …we know how sensitive and emotional this guy is when it comes to Vedika…My goodness ,what if she says she can not love him….may be I am over thinking but Vedika intrigues me …I am hesitant to say all this on the forum as this may hurt the feelings of those who like Vedika…As a friend you know me in and out..what is your take on this character Naz…will she remain an enigma for him or reciprocate his love shortly…
    Coming to this serial,Shantanu and Puchki remind me of Raja & Rani…but every love story is different …let us hope for a beautiful friendship between the two before they become sweethearts..

  13. Fenil

    CineVista again with KOLKATA Story !!
    First Episode : Start was mind blowing ,Shantanu’s with Arpita’s wish !! Jisne Aaj Protect Kiya woh Zindagi Bhar Protect Karega !! Waiting for Puchaki & Shantanu !! Waiting for Vrushika !! Sad for Arpita !! Emotional Episode !!

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