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Voiceover: Three years ago, ATU chief Jai Singh Rathod has spent difficult 24 hours of his life. His family was targeted. Jai Singh saved the PM but could not save his wife, his family shattered in a moment. Scene shifts to three years later.

At Rann of Kutch, two days ago…. A chopper lands. Some men wearing safety costumes, proceed to some place to meet someone kept inside a layer. The man cross checks if everything is fine, and checks the video of the men captivated and tortured. The man says this virus is very dangerous than we thought. He asks his man to pack body number two and insert a pendrive in his body.

Another man says its just 24 hours we spent here, I feel like its 24 days, we should leave from here now. The man says yes, you said right, and shoots the other

one down. He placed a bomb there and leaves in the chopper. The place explodes.

The following take place between 10 am and 11 am….. events occur in real time. Scene shifts to current day….. Reporter tells about the terrorist Roshan Sherchan, who will be hanged tomorrow. Brief of his crimes are told. Jai Singh Rathod hears the news and is shown resting. Alarm rings and Jai gets up shocked, and aiming gun. Reporter says Jai Singh Rathod and Shivani Malik risked their lives and arrested Roshan, even Roshan’s helpers are in jail. Jai switches off the tv. He drinks water and sees the drink containers. He takes a drink. Phone rings. Jai answers the call and talks to his daughter Kiran. Kiran asks dad are you okay, you don’t sound good, are they taking care of you in rehab. He says yes, I m fine. She says Veer is coming home, you can talk to him. He says you know he won’t talk to me. She says you know, he is not out of mom’s death. He says Veer holds me responsible for her death. He says its not true. He asks why does he not talk to me, I know I was not present for you all that time, its three years now, I wish I could hug Veer and say sorry. She says this will happen, come back soon. He says I will come when treatment gets over, love you. She says love you too. He ends call. He looks at his dead wife Trisha’s pic and cries.

He freshens up and gets another call. He gets Gyan’s caal. Gyan asks are you prepared. Jai says yes, I m leaving in few mins. Gyan says there should be no mistake in plan. Jai says I know, if I call, think work finished, else I got finished.

At ATU headquarters, Mumbai, a van drops a corpse and guards shoot at the van. They proceed to check the person on the stretcher and remove the cover. They see the corpse and get back. At royal golf club, Aditya tells his friend that I m thinking of this city, I have a strange relation with Mumbai, this city snatched my dad and Divya, and mum…. His friend says you are punishing yourself, your mum can come anytime to meet you. Aditya says I told her that I m busy, why is she coming. His friend says you always avoided her, she is coming.

Shivani talks to her team and tells them that PM Aditya Singhania has last day in Mumbai, I want all updates, I don’t want anything such to happen like three years ago, you all are on high alert, I want all answers before I ask. She leaves. Staff lady calls Shivani a b*t*h. The guy says Jai is dude, he is cool, he is not kicked out of ATU, he is in rehab, there can’t be better ATU chief than him, but Malik is s*xy. Vedant says and very hot too.

Scene shifts to Pune, Jai asks a man about some person. The man makes call to alert. Jai proceeds to hunt for that man. Some guys start following him. The goon sees Jai and laughs that Jai has come to die. He makes his man check Jai well. The goon asks Jai why is his watch not working. Jai says yes, your time is running bad. Jai is sent upstairs, and goons sit playing carom.

The mafia don asks Jai to sit. He says since you did this with my face, I dream of killing you every day, which will turn true today, why did you get mad to come here, alone and without a gun. Jai says Muzaffar has sent me, he is annoyed, you did not do right by double crossing him. The don says Muzaffar is fool, he should be in jail. He takes a gun and loads. Jai pulls a string from his watch and suffocates the don’s neck, saying Muzaffar did not worry for money, he got hurt for his wife. He kills the don and takes a knife. The blood falls over the carom board. The goons run upstairs and Jai beats them up.

Doctors check the decayed body and they recover some pendrive from him. Doctor says we need to sanitize it and sent to ATU. Jai goes to Shankar. The man says your hand has blood. Jai says its not my blood. Shankar tells him that he was bus driver, a man came under bus, it was not his mistake, but people has beaten him a lot, he has earned a lot in jail canteen. Jai asks him to talk about work. Shankar says Muzaffar will do your work, when you do his work. Jai asks him to open the bag. Shankar gets shocked seeing the don’s head in it. he asks Jai did he go mad, Muzaffar just wanted proof, not a cut head, could you not take a selfie. Jai says this was easy for me, you have to go to prison in prisoner’s uniform this time. Shankar shows the plastic explosion and shows the mechanism. He says I will make this reach Muzaffar by soap, go and get admitted in mental hospital.

Shivani sees the pendrive. The man tells about the dangerous virus, its very deadly and person will die in 24 hours, nothing can be done to stop this, this virus spreads by air, think well, if 50 people with this virus is left in Mumbai, there will be numerous deaths, just leave Roshan Sherchan, you have 6 hours, if you don’t leave Roshan, Indian govt will be responsible. Doctor says he is saying right, all tests are done, its dangerous virus. Shivani asks then why is nothing happening to me. Doctor says virus dies after person dies, will Roshan get hanged even now. Shivani says yes, like its decided, tomorrow morning 7am.

Roshan is in jail. Inspector asks him to get up, he has to go to hell, your hanging sentence is today. Roshan says you can’t do this. Inspector says you are a dog, I can do anything. Police drags Roshan. He says you killed innocent people, you will get hanged now and explains the pain he will feel. Jai reaches jail and shows his card, saying I have to interrogate Roshan. Commissioner asks guard to let Jai come, he is ATU chief and he has caught Roshan. He tells Jai that he did not get any permission letter. Jai says you know govt officers work on slow pace, I will get letter and come. Commissioner says its fine Jai, come, meet Roshan.

Jai tells commissioner that he wants to know about Roshan’s brother Haroon, Roshan is getting hanged tomorrow morning, I thought he may speakup by fear of death. Commissioner says Roshan is worse than devil. He asks guard where is Roshan. Guard says inspector took Roshan to hang him. Roshan tries to bribe inspector. Jai runs to stop inspector. Inspector scares Roshan. Jai comes there. Inspector says I was having fun by scaring Roshan, he is a creep. Commissioner says this is wrong, send Roshan back to his cell. Roshan sees Jai there.

At 10.41, Shivani calls a meet and shows the video of the virus. Doctor tells about weaponized virus. She says there can be vaccine, but it may need years to make. Shivani says this virus will spread in every state, half of Indians will die in 6 months, and this can spread across borders too, this is a threat for the world. Vedant says they kept demand that we will leave Roshan, I think Roshan’s brother did this. Shivani says now our focus will be on Haroon Sherchand.

At Haroon’s hideout, Haroon asks Maya to throw her fear to him, just I m used to your wildness. He asks his man is he staring at Maya, and laughs. He then scolds the man and asks him to lower his eyes, if he stares at Maya again, I won’t leave you.

Omkar tells Haroon that there is a problem. Haroon says I m teaching horse riding to your daughter. Omkar says your fav. horse Rambo got wounded. Haroon shoots down the caretaker. Omkar says he was my friend’s son. Haroon says so what, he could not take care of horse worth 70 lakhs, get this horse treated, I can’t see animals in pain. Omkar calls him an animal. Haroon beats Omkar, and Maya stops him asking her to leave her dad. She bites his hand. Haroon drags Maya with him. Omkar asks Haroon to leave Maya.

At 10.54, Maya asks Haroon to let her go. Haroon gets close to her. Doctor says this dead body was of a drug addict, this virus was given to him. Shivani says we have to stop Haroon, this virus delivery is planned. A guy Kunj packs his bag and answers a goon’s call. Goon asks him to reach soon, I will send exact address. Kunj’s mum gives him food. Kunj says I will come back and have food, I will get fired from job if I don’t go on time. She says I m glad seeing your hardwork, I feel bad too, you are young and working. Kunj says I will leave. She asks him to say I will go and come. He says fine, I will go and come.

Commissioner asks inspector not to do this again. Inspector says I lost my brother because of Roshan, I m sorry. Commissioner asks Jai to come and meet Roshan. Jai goes to Roshan’s cell. Roshan tries to attack, and his hands are chained. Jai reaches him and asks him to break his neck, but that will break his hope of getting free of this jail. Roshan asks who will get me freed. Jai says I got you here, I will make you run away. Roshan gets shocked.

Roshan says Haroon is fool, Roshan is not. Shivani says we have just 6 hours, country can get ruined. Aditya says we can’t deal with terrorists. Maya informs Jai about Haroon’s planning. Haroon wishes Roshan comes to him and asks someone to get Roshan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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