1st Epi – Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhabho having tea and looking at the sunrise. The man asks what are you seeing. She says it was such morning, when Sooraj and Sandhya united. The police men salute the indian flag. Bhabho sits making laddoos. She says since 5 years, we did Sooraj-Sandhya’s Shraddh at different places, why did children get me to Kerala, once Shraddh happens, I will head back to Pushkar, Ved and Vansh will come. Ved comes there dressed in police uniform. Bhabho says they both left me alone here, I can see everything, I can do all work. Ved keeps laddoos in plate. She catches him and says I can see everything, you are stealing ladddoo, I m Sandhya’s Saas, this won’t work in front of me, you want to have laddoos, I will feed you, my Sooraj used to eat by my hands. He smiles.

She asks did you get my specs. He says Vandu was going to get it.

Vansh covers himself with Bhabho’s saree and acts as Bhabho, talking to Kanak. He asks her not to worry, Bhabho chose your dress, it will reach you. Ved calls out Vansh. Vansh worriedly removes saree and Bhabho’s glasses breaks. Vansh gets tensed and picks it up. Bhabho comes there and does not see him. Ved says he is here. He asks for Bhabho’s glasses. Vansh fixes it with tape and makes her wear it. She likes it and goes. Ved sees the tape and says you did cheating. Vansh says no, I got saved from scolding. He recalls Kanak is on call and takes phone. He hears Kanak running and says she is running, but after whom… Kanak runs on the road and collides with the streets performers. She runs ahead. She reaches the girls’ hostel and shuts door. She looks out of the glass door and sees the puppies. She asks how dare you follow me, you thought you will catch me. The girl asks did you gets scared of puppies again and laughs. Kanak says even you will run this way in such situation.

She asks all the book worms/girls to have a chance to come on Kerala trip with her. She counts and none shows interest. Kanak cries and says anyone come with me, how will I go alone. The girl says we have oral test of 20 marks, I know its your mom and dad’s Shraddh, none can come. Kanak asks how can I miss the Shraddh, marks will come. The girl asks who will say you are Sandhya’s daughter, she left haldi for exams. Kanak says that was imp for her, I will go to attend her Shraddh by leaving exam. The girl asks will you go alone at night. Kanak says yes, I will go at night, no fear and no tear, I have to remember whose daughter I m.

Its night, she boards the bus. She sees just men in the bus and gets a bit tensed. She gets some idea and calls Ved. She asks what, you are sending police to pick me, does anyone has to die by giving tension to Sandhya’s daughter and Ved’s sister, I will reach well, don’t worry. Conductor asks do you find anyone knowing hindi there. She asks what. He asks where do you want to go. She says Kerala temple. He says this bus does not go there. She gets shocked and encourages herself. She faints.

Its morning, she wakes up and asks where am I. She finds herself on a boat and says I will sink. The little boy says the boat is on shore. She says oh, thank God, how did I come here. He says you fainted in bus and bus stopped at dhaba, conductor said you have to go to Kerala temple, so I got you here. She says why are you waiting then, drive the boat. He asks her to break coconut with head. She asks how can anyone break coconut with head. He asks how can a 6 year old boy drive boat. She asks where is the man to drive boat. He says my brother will come, he is doing Surya Namaskar, he is there. She sees Uma Shankar standing on the mountains and praying. She says wow, he is hot. The boy asks her to help. Uma performs rituals. She helps him.

Uma comes there, along with some married couples. She asks why many grooms and brides here. He says my brother got them married yesterday and taking them for Shuddi vidhi. She asks really, your brother is pandit. The boy says no, we have business, every year my brother does poor couples’ marriage. She asks are you Marwadi. He says yes, how do you know. She says you called him Dadu, where do you guys stay. He says on the tree, you are asking many things, do you want to marry him. She says keep quiet.

The boat leaves. Pandit asks Uma to tell Patni Dharm to them, as puja got completed, and Uma got all of them married. Uma tells the Patni Dharm. Kanak hears him and says his voice is good, but can anyone understand this. The boy tells Uma that girl is saying your Shlok can’t be understood by anyone. Uma explains that wife should be like Daasi. She says Daasi, keep a maid instead, wife should have self respect. He says wife should be a good advisor. She says anyone can give advice, wife should have equal right in all decisions. Uma says wife should know cooking like a mum. She says girls marry a man, not a two year old kid. He says wife should be entertaining like Rambha. She says he wants wife or item girl. He says wife should be beautiful like Laxmi ji. She says one should dream of Aishwarya if he is Salman. He says wife should be patient like land. She says when land gets angry, volcano erupts. He says wife should have all the qualities, then couple can become Diya and Baati, She says I will be like I m, when I get someone like me, then we will become Diya aur baati. She tells the boy that Uma is a MCP, whoever marries him, the marriage will be disaster.

Bhabho performs Shraddh puja with Ved and Vansh. Kanak reaches the temple. She makes the jalebis. Ved and Vansh see her. She holds ears. Bhabho asks what happened. Ved says nothing. Pandit asks Bhabho to do pind daan by taking children’s name. Bhabho says their first child is Ved Rathi, second child is Vansh Rathi. He asks is there anyone else. Bhabho says they have just two children. Kanak looks on and cries. She holds her tear in hand. She self encourages herself.

Ved and Vansh ask Bhabho why is she annoyed with Kanak since childhood. Bhabho says you both did abshagun in my puja. Kanak dips in river and prays to get Bhabho’s hand. She says there will be someone who becomes my Sooraj and end the darkness of my life. Uma comes out of the river water.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally dabh season 2 has started.

  2. The mail lead is basically mail version of Babhoo wneh Surya married -the woman has to be dasi ki tarah , period ???

  3. Riana

    The effects of dabh 2 r totally different…it looks like watching a 4k fantasy hollywood movie

  4. Bad episode

  5. Hey guys…I have not watched diya aur baati hum but i have started watching this serial. So can someone tell me who kanak is and why bhabho does not like her…

    1. Kanak is Sandhya and Suraj’s daughter. They have passed away in season 1

      1. Ohkay thank you!?

    2. Kanak is the tird chil of Babhoo’s oldest and favourite son Sooraj and bahu Sandya who was an Ips officer . They both died after a terrorists attack in witch Sandya had managed to safe everyone but Kanak was very little and went without anyone seeing to her father mitai shop so the terrorists cought her and her parents had to play some stupid game to save her but the bad guys lied to them and made them drink some liquid bombs and so Babhoo probably thinks she was the reason for her beloved to die…

      1. Okay thanks a lot!?

    3. Hii prerana..ya i will say u story by saying some important points of sandhya rati (IPS officer) and suraj rati..sadhya rati is brave minded women who loves her father a lot and she losts him in one bomb blast.she has a strong dream to become IPSofficer.on the other side suraj rati was kind good extraordinary person with all good qualities.he loves his family a lot.he is every thing to his family.he have 2 younger bros & 1 younger sis.he stopped his studies in 9std &started working for his family &becomes sweet maker.he have a famous sweet shop in hanuman galli pushker in front of his house.
      Sadhya have one bro who is some what selfish and forcefully marries sandhya with suraj by saying lies to bhabhoo.for the sake of her bro bright future she agrees to marry suraj with out knowing he was a sweet maker & studied only upto 9theven suraj and his family also don’t know anything about sandhya that she is soo brilliant and studied very well.sandhyas bro lied to to them because they don’t want a girl who is graduate 4r their son.

      Later on after mrrg sandhya as well as surya& his family come to know all what had happened.sadhya accepts surya as he was soo kind and good person in the same way surya falls in love with sandhya.but babhoo being so angry on sandhya will not accept sandhya as days go on sadhya grabs hearts of family persons with her brilliance,kind heart,goodness and support of surya and becomes brave police officer with their support .in bw their comes many obstacles in the form of terrorist’s,family problems,many successful police operations and many.in middle firstly she gives birth to 2 son twins ved rati &vansh rati. latter she gives birth to kannak rati(our female lead).
      After long journey of suraj &sandhya with love and affection they both sacrifice their life 4r nation in oder to save people from bomb blast and their ends the story of great couple who use to support each other in every aspect of their life as diya aur bathi as one cannot exist with out other.their love was eternal…a
      At that time ved & vansh were nearly 8-9 years old &kannak was nearly 1-2 years.their was also another imp character in story was meenakshi surajs bros wife with cunning nature has two children 1 boy &one girl.2nd bro mohith was also very cunning and dies in middle he have a girl child.
      Don’t know why bhabhoo was angry with kannak I think it was suspense.forgive me if their is any wrong in bw…

  6. Pls tell me did u understand it or not..???

    1. I have watched Diya aur Bati hum.I must say u explained it nicely!!

    2. I did thank you so much!! ??

  7. Hey prerana, suraj n sandhya were season 1s protagonists. Kanak is their daughter. I don’t know the exact reason why bhabho hates kanak but I think it’s because she thinks suraj n sandhya died bcz of kanak.. In previous season, the terrorists attacked their colony n kidnapped kanak n asked suraj n sandhya to consume some pills which will turn them into human bombs to save kanak n they did that in order to save her.. Maybe that’s why she hates her

    1. Ohh okay…thank you!!??

  8. I didn’t like the girl who is showcasing as Kanak. They could have got another girl who is pretty and charm. This girl is not attractive.

    1. So???A main lead doesn’t always have to be attractive for

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