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Rough and dry land is seen in Mithila Rajya. A poor man is shown taking out a bucket from the well. He raises it to drink water and just a drop of water falls. He looks at the striking sun and gets disheartened. He turns to see some hope and smiles. He rushes to see the carts passing by and falls down on the way. The people see him and stop the carts. They help the poor man and feed him water. The man gets conscious. The noble man Satyanand asks his men to find more such needy people and give them necessities.

Satyanand thinks when will this famine end. He sees another man cutting woods. The man says practice. Satyanand says but there are no birds here. The man says practice should not be stopped, when good time comes, they should not say I left practice. He offers some grains to Satyanand.

Satyanand gives him much grains from Kind Janak. The man says there are many needy people ahead, they need the grains more. Satyanand gets glad seeing his honesty and says such good values can just be in Raja Janak’s place, Raj Rishi would be very happy.

Scene shifts to Mithila Palace: Rani Sunaina gets the fire torch and sees Raja Janak in darkness. She lights the torches and asks why is he sitting this way by ending hope, she feels she is the reason for this Akaal. He asks whats the reason for this thought. She says I m childless, why don’t you remarry, you can get a child and also this problem on Mithila will go away. He asks Sunaina not to say this, as if they are childless, he is also to be blamed, her love and patience are the strength of this Janak Rajya, don’t say such things to weaken him, Lord has given him many children, in the form of their Rajya people/Praja. He will talk to his Guru and is sure Guru will show some mark. His younger brother comes and informs him about grains coming from Ayodhya and they have thanked King Dasharath. Janak says he will be forever thankful to Dasharath.

Scene shifts to Ayodhya: A huge palace is shown. Dasharath gets a bad dream of a poor man cursing him about his child. He wakes up in shock. He says he wants to go to meet Ram in ashram, and asks the minister to tell Rani Kaushalya to accompany him. The minister tells about Raja Janak’s place being barren since 12 years. Dasharath goes to talk to Rani Kaushalya.

Rani Kaushalya washes a gold idol of a child and cries. Dasharath asks whats the need of this idol. She says like your ancestor’s idols are necessary to show their bravery, your sons’ idol is necessary to show them truth and honest way. She cries saying about her problem. He asks why does she want to share her problem with her sons, their sons does not know this, they are not grown up, if Ram knows this that we have hidden about the truth, that he had a sister too, how will he feel. She says even then you wish I hide this from Ram, if Ram knows this truth from anyone else, what will we answer him. He says I m not in such state to answer you, get ready, we have to visit Guru Vashisht. She says but Rishi Vashisht told us, its not good to visit there often, he will have problem at Gurukul.

He says why don’t you understand, I got that dream again, I m worried for my son. She asks if there was same worry for every child. He says even if you don’t come, I will go, the one who is alive, the idol is not made for that child. He leaves.

He stops hearing a lady singing bhajan. Few women get diyas and pray. Dasharath walks to that lady, and everyone in palace greet him. Sumitra sings bhajan sitting near Shiv idol. Dasharath smiles seeing her do the Shiv Bhakti puja. Dasharath prays. Sumitra turns to see him. She asks when did he come. He sas my heart got peace Sumitra. She says the credit goes to Lord. He says you are only one to sing by such devotion every day, Lord Shiv would be pleased. She asks why was his heart not peaceful. He says he has seen same dream again, he could not sleep, he wants to visit ashram, he thought to take Kaushalya, but don’t know why Kaushalya punishes him, don’t know for what mistake, she does not understand its necessary for me to see my sons, to get assured they are safe.

She says when you get back, you will worry again. This fear has no end, just accept it, if you get fear on head, fear will dance, your fear is your all sons are away, even elder son Ram, but they are with Guru Vashisht in ashram, Guru will take care of them, we should trust him, your fear is seen on face, would this be right to show this fear to our sons, you can know their welfare by sending any messenger, if you want to go, its your own decision. He smiles and says why don’t I come to you first always, you show me the right way, it will be right to send any messenger.

Raja Janak meets his Gurudev and says he has done all the possible things to lessen problems on his Praja. Gurudev says it was just a try, what did you do to find a solution. Janak asks what else can I do, you command me, I will do for my Praja. Gurudev asks him why did he not start farming. Janak asks why are you testing me, how can I start farming on barren land. Gurudev says where there is true devotion, there is not doubt, there is just belief, you start farming yourself, Lord will be pleased, your belief in Lord will get high, and land will become fruitful and scarcity will end. Janak says I will surely do this.

Scene shifts to Midhila: Janak makes a last try to get rains in his land. He tells Sunaina if rains does not commence, then I will accept this as Lord’s decision, its possible that if I sacrifice my Raj status, Lord will be happy. He puts all the jewelry in fire and burns it at melting point. Sunaina removes her jewelry and puts in fire. The men make digging plough by the gold.

Scene shifts to Ayodhya: Dasharath asks his minister to send a messenger to ashram. Rani Kaikeyi plays with sunlight. His friend Mantra asks her not to blind in husband’s love, Dasharath is going to meet Ram, not Bharat. Kaikeyi says I told him to go. Mantra says he does not take care of you and Bharat, since Ram was born. Kaikeyi says you are saying right Mantra, everything changed in 10 years, I don’t know the result, help me Mantra, protect and guide me. Mantra nods. Kaikeyi starts laughing to make a fool of Mantra. Mantra asks her to laugh. Kaikeyi says it became your nature to doubt always. Mantra says I m sure, I want Bharat to be loved, Bharat is your son, and I raised you like my daughter. Kaikeyi asks her to think of Ram’s good, she is happy for Ram as Kaushalya, she wishes Ram was born to her, Mantra you did not understand Ram, the day you understand him, you will regret for your thinking and words.

Scene shifts to Guru Vashisht’s ashram. Bharat and others look for Ram. They don’t see him anywhere. They turn to see Ram sitting on a high mountain and doing Tapasya. A crow flies near him. Lord is seen around Ram. The crow witnesses this moment and flies off. Bharat asks Ram to come, Guru will be waiting for them. Ram opens eyes and smiles.

The crow flies to Guru Vashisht and turns into human. He greets Guru Vashisht and says he has seen Lord Ram in human form, he has given me Darshan, I was a cursed man to become a crow, I m happy seeing Ram, but I m upset, if he can solve our problems, why did he come in human form, his devotees will be sad seeing his face human problems. Guru Vashisht says people are going towards evil, Dharm is taking Adharm avatar. Human race is seeing the result of morality has to bear, so humans have to be explained that if a man decides to live ideal life, nothing is impossible, humans will believe it, when someone proves it. The man says yes, you have got this duty to guide Ram. Guru says you got successful today. The man tells him about the news, Raja Janak’s land is still barren, Janak did not break till now, he does not love his Rajya status, but he is helpless seeing his Praja, don’t know why is his land not getting any rain, why is Meghraj not seeing his land. Guru hears the bell and goes to conduct the class. The students greet Guru. Guru tells them about a great human being, whose Rajya is known for peace and friendliness. He tells about Raja Janak, the Rajya has scarcity of resources, rain did not happen since 12 years, and asks them to imagine if they were king and neighboring Rajya had such problem.

The boys suggest some solutions and offer help. Guru asks Ram what would he do in such case. Ram says I would have surely helped, but I m thinking would our duty complete after sending the necessities, they would lessen hunger and get clothes, but how to make them rid of sorrows. He says he has learnt from Guru, person’s sorrows do not end externally, he would have gone in that Rajya and shared their sorrow, and assured them that their bad time will end son, and pray to Lord for them. Guru gets impressed by Ram’s answer.

Scene shifts to Mithila: Janak prays for the land to turn fertile and also for rain onset. He takes the gold plough and the men start digging the soil. Janak passes by and stops. He digs the soil and proceed. Janak stops as plough gets stuck inside the soil. He tries to get plough out. Sunaina and Satyanand look on. The cows refuse to go ahead. The plough comes out and Janak sits digging there. He gets a basket covered by the red cloth. He removes the cloth. Janak gets shocked seeing a small little baby girl inside the soil, wrapped in red cloth and lying in a basket. He smiles. Sunaina and Satyanand get surprised. Janak looks at Sunaina and shows her the child. The Praja runs to see Raja Janak. Janak handsover the child to Sunaina. She smiles and happily cries. It starts raining. Janak, Sunaina and entire Praja start getting happy by this auspicious day in Mithila.

Janak says Sita is Lord’s blessing and holds her in arms. The entire state begins to shake. Ram is shown jumping in river.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice start

  2. Sita is elder than ram na?

    1. No Rama is 6 yrs elder than sita

      1. They will say sitarama not ramasita so sita is eldet

    2. No
      Radha was elder tha shri krishns

  3. Thanxxx for update…:)

  4. beautiful episode

  5. Tu Mera Hero was 1000times better than this stone age crap serial… I am missing Titu & Panchi very very very much…. 🙁

  6. Nice episode.. Good start..

  7. wat a visual treat !!…. getting better day by day ….chalo acha hai bakwas serials band karke kuch acha epic dikhayenge in a different perspective …kuch acha sikhne ko toh milega …Tu mera hero ko aur ek time shift kar dete behtar hota …..wo diya baati n yeh rishta kya kehlata hai n all kyun hein is dunia mein aur….stupid serials

  8. bhoomija janaki janak suta sitaa…..kshitija bhami avani cha sunaina …suta ..sitaaa …

  9. wow what a start . tu mera hero was a stupid for it they had to end the best serial ek haseena thi in a hurry . i am so hppy that tmh ended . skr is going to rock the trps am telling u. nd johnny…its an epic our country .. u hv no right to disrespect ramayan like this.

  10. When will the serial come in tamil

    1. Haha good question …. Me also like it to B dubed in Tamil …. But it WIL take some time …. May B few months or a year later …..

    2. True prema I’m also waiting to c it in tamil ☺✋.

  11. Wow REALLY a wonderful blend of a new avatar of Ramayan from sita’s perspective …..
    But after EHT MANMARZIYAN end I stoped watching SP ….. I will continue skr online ….

    Truly saying skr is superb just as Mahabharat …..

    Even the title is very catchy SIYA KE RAM …..

    I actually moved on to view skr only with the beautiful PEHLI JALAK AND ITS NAME “SIYA KE RAM” ……

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