1st Epi – Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli-Kunal Anniversary Celebrations

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In a party celebrations, a girl recognizes Mauli and asks about her husband. Mauli says he is out of time because of medical emergency. She gets a message from her Kunal, ‘Kabhi tou nazar milao, kabhi tou qareeb ao’. She gets a call from Kunal and says there are two fire extinguishers needed for the fire she is spreading. He is going near water. Mauli denies coming, but Kunal says she will surely come. After all she is a doctor, she will have to save his life. Mauli comes near the swimming pool. Someone holds her hand from behind, she smiles as Kunal hugs her from behind kissing her shoulder. She warns him to be easy, anyone can come anytime. Kunal says they only have this moment, let’s make the most of it. They were about to kiss when Mauli pushes him away and says she needs to go,

she loves her husband and runs away laughing. Kunal chases her across the bridge and holds her hand, rolling her towards him. He hugs her from behind. She asks to leave, Kunal was ready at once. Mauli now hugs him from behind and kiss his cheek. Mauli turns to go to party, but Kunal corrects ‘in his arms’. She offers to drop him home, Kunal says she is enough for him. Kunal holds Mauli up in air saying she is enough for him anywhere. They run towards home. Kunal carries Mauli in his arms to the room. Mauli says it’s the last time, she can’t repeatedly cheat her husband. Both laugh being playful in the bed. Mauli’s phone bell rings. It was an emergency call from hospital. Mauli apologizes Kunal as she will have to go, Kunal realizes the case wasn’t easy one as the patient was diabetic as well. He wish Mauli best of luck for her case while she leaves for hospital and kisses her forehead.
Mauli reaches hospital. Kunal decorates the room with rose petals and candles. Mauli returns home and finds Kunal sleeping on the bed. She takes his shoes off, straightens him up on the bed. There was a note on the bed side reading ‘the most beautiful lady in his life’. She was apologetic for all the planning being ruined, and promises to fix everything.
The next morning, Mauli had bathed and was praying in the temple. Dida shouts for a cup of tea complaining. Mauli comes to her room and checks her blood pressure. Dida gifts her a mobile cover with her and Kunal’s photo as anniversary gift. Mauli gets a call from Mama about anniversary. Mauli comes in the room, Kunal comes out of bathroom and was in a bad mood. Mauli goes to bed and calls him in but he only shakes his wet head near her face. Mauli was impressed by his attitude and tries to make him up. She teases that he is glowing much. Kunal replies it’s a good night sleep. Mauli hugs him from behind and asks if he is much angry. Kunal complains that he only demanded a single romantic night. Mauli suggests celebrating it now. Kunal was annoyed and asks why not invited everyone else as well. Mauli laughs that it’s a good idea, Dida has internet knowledge and might give them tips. Kunal asks if she is being naughty. Muali replies she is a lot more than being naughty right now but… she turns to leave when Kunal drags her into bed with him and asks what is she thinking. Mauli teases she was thinking about getting blessings from Dida and mummy; what did Kunal think? Kunal says he thought she would make him up by kissing him a little. Mauli demands her gift but Kunal says he didn’t get time for it. Mauli notices a bandage on his hand, she goes to remove it and was moved to see a tattoo there in place of the ring. Kunal says a wedding ring could have been stolen but now her name would always been there. Mauli hugs him.
Later in the kitchen, Mauli was cooking. Kunal asks why they don’t celebrate anniversary daily. Mauli says it’s because he would lose his figure otherwise. Kunal goes to bring out the ‘kheer’ from fridge that she prepared on her friend’s birthday. He then asks about her friend’s name, she drops the sugar pot and was disturbed. Kunal asks why she always get disturbed at the mention of her friend’s name. Mauli cries and says what’s gone is gone, it won’t get them anything by mentioning it again. Kunal hugs Mauli consoling her. Later, Kunal brings halwa to Dida. Mauli calls from behind not to give sweet to Dida. Kunal saves an eye to from Mauli while feeding the sweet to Dida. Dida suggests Kunal to inquire the name through discussions.
Kunal comes to the room where Mauli was getting ready and discussing about Anamika – Mauli’s friend they don’t take names. Mauli tells Kunal she is a pure Indian beauty wearing sarees, jhumka and bindi. On their way, she says if Kunal had met her earlier he must have married her and not Mauli. Kunal takes it fore-granted and says he would have left her later and married Mauli later. They reached the venue where the anniversary had been planned.
There was another party planned by a business man celebrating birthday of his wife Nandini. He physically harassed his wife all along the party.
Mauli and Kunal celebrated their anniversary.
Nandini discuss with a fellow woman that they shifted to Mumbai recently, she doesn’t have much friends here and there are lesser chances she will make any soon. Good friends are only made in childhood. Mauli discussed with Kunal that it’s impossible her friend ever leave Lucknow and come to Mumbai.
Kunal wish Mauli a happy anniversary and says he got the best of wives, doctors, person and a lady any man could ever have. There, Nandini’s husband forced her to dine in with his investors on her birthday, and signaled her to eat through fork and knife and not a spoon. The knife fell off her hand. He bends under the table to abuse her physically for being a disgrace to him. Kunal observes this from his table. Soon a cake was distributed to everyone in celebration of Nandini’s birthday. Mauli wanted to wish them but before they reach their tables Nandini and her husband had left.
While walking outside, an investor Mr. Gupta wish Nandini a happy birthday and tries to inappropriately hug Nandini. She resists and backs up breaking a vase nearby. Her husband was irked and slaps Nandini in front of the crowd and leaves. Nandini runs behind him. She fells in front of Kunal’s car who had gone to bring it from parking. Kunal tries to help her but Nandini had moved on, only her bracelet was there fallen on the floor.
Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kunal n Mauli’s romantic moments n their expressions were priceless, aww, I literally remembered my hubby who is abroad, unki yaad aa gyi, k Kaash wo b ye episode dekhte mere saath. Love you dear, miss you dear.

  2. I watched as it was the first episode, I like all three actors, especially Shakthi Aditi chemistry was good, Drashti is one of my favourite actresses of all times, but hereafter I wont watch this show, I am a wife myself, so the thought about this plot is not at all entertaining to me however good the content and the actors are, so, it is one episode and a full stop for me.

    1. yes ur right..

  3. I like kunal and mauli pair… ?

  4. I can’t see shakthi as kunal….Bcz he is always ranveer for me….I luv ishveer

  5. i like kunal and mauli rishta v nice. I like drshti hope she doesent ruin their rishta but ik its going to happen eitherhow

  6. pls dont direct such kind of serials. a lady spoiling a husband and wife relationship or a guy spoiling it..its disgusting nd young ppl who watch these shows will follow that..pls directors use ur brain before directing or producing such shows

    1. I was saying the exact thing to my daughter, the more youngsters watch this the more they’ll be okay with extra marital affairs

  7. Drashti for ever

    Nice 1

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