1st Epi – Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: New Start With A Fresh Beginning

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kesar mahal is seen decorated for diwali. Voiceover tells its history and how Daata Hukum Maan Singh protected it with his hard work and converted half of it as heritage hotel. How 12 years ago, Daata Hukum and His wife Padma was mudered in accident by his own family’s conspiracy and left their 9-year-old son Ratan Maan Singh in Diya’s protection. After 12 years, Diya holds Maan’s sword and reminisces Maan giving it to her and taking promise to protect Ratan. Diya promsies him. Out of flashback, Diya sees a girl playing and laughing and smiles at her. She reminisces her playing in garden and her father Sajjan Singh calling her. Diya says she wants to fly like butterfly whole life and nobody can catch her. She smiles seeing butterfly and then sees a memory chip on floor.

She opens it on her laptop and sees a video where a man in dark reminds her that Ratan is 21 years 5 months and 7 days old now and till when Diya can protect him, someday he will come back and then he will be killed, they all can celebrate his death. Diya says she is a queen and Ratan will come back anyhow, she will see who wil harm him, she is fighting with hidden family beasts since 12 years, why will she get afraid now.

Choti Thakurani (CT) meets people and gives them diwali gifts. They chant her name. Chote Thakur Bhuvan Singh taunts her that she is gifting a gift which she got as charity, she is asking charity since 12 years, now she should ask for respect also. Diya runs to terrace seeing a helicopter landing. Bhuvan shouts he is chote thakur of this palace and asks people to chant his name, but nobody does. He yells that he is tied inside palace and animals outside palace. He touches CT’s feet and says he is tied to her. CT asks not to speak like this on festival day. Yash forcefully takes Bhuvan in. CT asks family to continue celebrations. Diya guides security to enter palace and orders not to inform anyone till Ratan reaches palace.

CT asks Sakshi to call Diya. Bua taunts that Sakshi is unable to take care of herself. Priya enters limping and says she is handicap by extremities and not by mind and gives silver coins to CT. Bua taunts her husband left her and even her legs gave out, but her saas tolerates her tantrums. Maid murmurs something in CT’s ears. CT hurriedly tries to leave. Bua stops her. Sakshi taunts Bua that Priya is not lucky like her bahu who got married twice and Yash is her second husband, she is Diya’s widow sister. Sister enters and taunts Diya. Bua grins. Diay enters. Servants greet her. CT warns her dare not to enter this house and says she is neither bahu nor beti of this house and is just a terror who proved them murderer and brainwashed Ratan against them, she is just a caretaker. Diya says she is following her duty since 12 years and now Ratan will perform diwali pooja. She greets them and leaves. Sakshi ges happy hearing that and says Diya did not let them know that Ratan will come. CT says Diya is very shrewd and intelligent, when she can hide Ratan fro them, she can bring Ratan here hiding from everyone.

Yash walks behind Diya and asks if Ratan is really coming. Diya says he is her friend since 12 years and knows her very well, reminds he is a police officer and his duty is in CCTV room today. She goes and checks Ratan’s clothes and asks to fix them before Ratan returns and checks his jewelry and then seeing servant taking tea checks it and then lets him in. CT tries to enter room, but guards stop her. She tells Diya that she is Ratan’s aunt. Diya says nobody can breach security till Ratan’s diwali pooja is finished and says as a guard/pehredar she has every right. She walks into room and asks Ratan if his shower is finished. In her room, Pirya speaks to someone over phone. CT goes and says Diya did not let her even see Ratan’s face. Priya asks not to worry, they will see Ratan’s face during pooja.

Pooja starts. Whole family walks in. Diya greets them all and wishes them happy diwali. CT asks to cut short and call Ratan. Diya says wait for sometime and shows up. Everyone see up, CT says Ratan saa. Diya reminisces Maan’s promise to protect Ratan. Yash comes and greets Diya. Diya asks him to get back on duty and check each corridor and whole place. Yash checks CCTV cameras and says he is checking everything. Priya thinks Ratan’s gift will arrive soon. Yash checks each guest on CCTV camera and gets suspicious of a guard. He checks all guard’s photos. Priya walks in and lets musicians in without security check. Yash runs out of CCTV room. Priya signals drummer. He silently gets up and walks away. Diya follows him. Yash also searches guard and finds him. Diya finds suspicious guard and widens her eyes seeing bomb in his hand and runs to catch him. Yash fights with guard who picks knife. Drummer keeps bomb in a robot and fliesit via remote. Diya catches him. He pushes her and runs again. She catches him again, but he pushes her and runs. She throws glass piece on him and he falls down. Yash also defeats guard. Diya fies robot out of palace and sees gunman targeting Ratan. She goes and points gun at him.

Bhuvan shouts to stop this music and dance, it has been 12 years since Ratan is hiding, now they will all dance and rub their nose in front of him, then he will come out. He taunts CT and family if they are ready to cut their nose as Daata Hukum Ratan can come anytime. He asks Diya what misbehavior is this, celebrations have finished, but Ratan did not reach at all. Diya says Ratan is where he should be, he never came and is where he was well protected, but his enemies came out. Somewhere in London, Ratan is seen in swimming pool and his friends check his in water time. She brings out Ratan’s effigy. Sakshi shouts they all know Diya does drama well, what did she get out of this now. Diya says someone warned her and showing culprit’s drummer and robot says culprit’s plan failed. Sakshi asks if she thinks they are culprits. Diya says soon culprit’s face will be out. Ratan’s friend counts till 28 seconds and asks him to come out, he is taking back his challenge. Ratan comes out and says he is rajput and fulfills his challenges always. Sakshi asks Diya why she risked her life to protect Ratans effigy. Diya says life is of 2 seconds, but shatrani’s promise is forever, she will go to any extent to protect Ratan. Drama continues.

Precap: Ratan reaches India and messages Diya that he is reaching home soon. Diya wakes up from sleep and sees Ratan reaching India in 30 minutes. Priya says Diya cannot save Ratan this time. Her goons kidnap Ratan and beat him up. Diya reaches on horse delivering dialogue she is shatrani and they have to pass via her before harming Ratan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    FAB & Lovely start of Season 2…?????
    Was missing the show a lot…
    Btw what was the couple name given by all..Was it ??…DIRA…?
    Precap: SHOCKING ???

    1. Jayanti

      Yes it was DiRa

    2. Suma123

      Yes #DiRa and offscreen preferred as #Tejit

    3. It’s DiRa????

      1. Oh wowwww my first faker , feeling really glad btw I hv a faint idea as to who u might be??? But u did one mistake sweetie , I never use emojis as I type frm my lappy , but u hv used (Caught u) maybe u use ur mobile so u used emojis , khair nakal mei bhi akal chahiye !! isin’t it??? Anyway if that gives u happines to fake my name go ahead , stay happy ..Must say I m quiet observant ..

    4. Vivian20

      Hi!! Nice to see you back

    5. IQRA222

      hey riana di!!!!! so happy to see you here ??? and yes it was a fab start and it is DiRa !! ???

      1. Riana

        Hi Iqru…???…yah will comment everyday here from now onwards

  2. Yipee
    Very nice episode
    Awesome precap
    Loved teja???

    1. IQRA222

      hey !!! how r u?? i am iqra and i am 13 !!!! want to be a friend!! and yes the episode was amazing!! and keep loving teja ???

  3. Whyyyy they are not married whyyyyy ??

    1. Shrilatha

      Dear Bani they r not married because she is elder to him. And if she was married to.him before the same story of ppk and those fights would have come back and now she is 30 and he is 21 so.now no.problem as he is not a kid.

      This is fine na now we can se their.love story from the start .

      1. Noo she is not 30 she is 28 dear

  4. Fenil

    Hello RLHN cum PPK family.
    Superb start and Beautiful Diya and Good Looking Ratan Sa.CT is cute and Yash is as always sweet and cool.Dramatic start of new story.

    1. Fenil

      Magical Point About This Show Title of The Show is taken From Sony Entertainment Television New Song sung by One of the Favourite of mine Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal.:) loved it.

      1. Could you Plzz share the link of the title track??

      2. Oh really that was really amazing

    2. Riana

      Hi bhaiyoo good to see u here…?

      1. Fenil

        Hii Riana…yeah same here ?

    3. Shrilatha

      Hello bhai.glad we r back to RLHN Family

      1. Fenil

        yaa Shri…so now happy aapke RATAN Sa aa gaye !!

    4. Vivian20

      Hi…fenil bro, good to see u here….yeah I loved the title track too

      1. Fenil

        Hey Bro…whats up..ya i love that title song.

    5. IQRA222

      Fenu bhaiyaa!!!!!!!!! so so missed you bhai!! how r u ?? agrees bhai it was an amazing start and bhai i am so in love with the title because of its lyrics and also because the singers are my ones too!! ???

      1. Fenil

        Yaa Iqu missed you love yaa I m good by health.Yaa awesome song.

  5. Suma123

    She nailed it….waiting for tmw episode… awesome awesome awesome….no words for teju performance

    1. IQRA222

      suma di!!!!! missed you!! yes di our tigress nailed it!!!!!!! ???

      1. Suma123

        missed u tooo iquuu…..i have written raglak os “love you” do check it…dedicated for u too babyyyyyy

  6. Frozengirl16

    Hello my ppk family…sorry…my Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya family??…the name is big na…so we will short it as RKHM…mmm…its been 2 n half months seen ppk goes off air…n again back with Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya… Even this Ratan n Diya oso cute?…I’m missing Affan now?…anyway coming to the episode…it’s really a fantastic episode?…Diya caught the the culprits with a wonderful idea…I’m proud of her?…n about Priya she became handicapped…n I’m having doubt on her…n she married to Yash…Sakshi…she seems like changed…as usually Bhuvan yells n about CT…until now I can’t judge her…n Ratan he proved that he is a rajput in that challenge…I’m eagerly waiting for next episode…see u guys tomorrow… Tc??

    1. Frozengirl16

      I mean RKHN…sorry for the typo??

      1. Shrilatha

        Gayu it’s RLHN.and priya is not married to Yash she is his mother .dear.There will be love triangle between Yash and Dira

    2. Vivian20

      Hey wasn’t Priya already handicapped?

    3. IQRA222

      Gayu di!!!!!!!!!!!!! didu missed you so so so much!!!!!!!!!!yes di our show is back now!!and same di even i am missing my cutie affu but no problem as this affan is superb too!!

  7. yippie my comment is first

    1. IQRA222

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Berdilla

    Superb episode and Tejasswi acting is superb i liked it and i eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Teju doll ❤❤❤❤

    1. Vivian20

      Nice to see you back dear!!

      1. Berdilla

        Me too Happy to see you back friend ??

    2. IQRA222

      Berdi di!!!!!!! missed you!!!! ??? happy to have you back !!!!

  9. Shrilatha

    Hello everyone… after long time ..I don’t Know who all will be here now.but Hii to all ..feels so good to see our teja back ..

    OK so for today Maan Singh was changed right ? Well intro for everyone was good and diya while cleaning the sword reminded me of anushka from arundati. Now I saw many people in her in today’s episode .so first is anushka and then I loved her when she was shown young in that yellow legends man she was so innocent back then but now she became a hard rock over time..I seriously don’t want to compare Ppk with this show but so as to get a slight reference just for this episode let’s discuss about it as well.the family is same except for Yash new entry ..awww I liked him.Priya .I liked the fact that old priya is changed otherwise I hate to imagine that calm lady as negative..aauysh ki wife .I thought he always loved priya never mind as we will be having her husband ka entry later on and Gosh did u guys notice Tashan of choti thakrani sa aka out CT and diya .kaha wo diya who was even scared to look at CT and kaha this diya who is giving orders and stopping CT from going to ratan’s room .I loved seeing CT helpless against diya though she was taunting diya but agree or not she was quite helpless. And mr chote thakur .he became the clown I guess.Yash is supposed to be the parallel lead but I am thinking what will happen when he will have to face his own mother as a convict as he is a police officer .but I liked him. first time I am confused between two male leads.

    And diya man as I already said I saw anushka in her .next all I could see was female kattappa..sorry but she was so duty minded and dedicated taking all that hatred and taunting and insults for twelve years and yet not backing from her duty salute to her ..and …while she was giving commands to those officers especially Yash I saw mini Kiran bedi.I mean she was like plainclothes police officer. And this diya is totally different for older diya .she is fierce and daring and she does not even blink when talking to CT .so confident of her herself.one more thing I liked about this new show is her dress g sense .all track pants and lenhengas .modern as well as traditional I must say I love it.
    And ratan sa.I can’t say anything about his character right now.but I think kal ratan ki pitai hogi diya se as he came without informing . I am excited for tomorrow’s episode ..

    So guys as much I have missed this show and teja I have.missed u guys too.

    If I find my old friends here I would love to meet them all .

    Just love u guys
    Love RLHN
    Love Diya
    and miss affan

    1. Suma123

      Omgggg shriiii???????????

    2. OMG was missing you Shri??????

      1. Another mistake dear , I never refer Shrilatha as Shri , I alws call her Shri di , Nakal mei sach mei akal chahiye !! Miss S ….

    3. Vivian20

      Shri…..it’s really damn true??

    4. Yarr hi shrilatha mee to feels the same things she remind me of anushka from arundati nd yeah her character is like kattappa which is sooo focused nd duty minded

    5. IQRA222

      Shri di!!!!! so so so love you for writing this !!!!!!!! i missed you so so so so so so much didu !!!!!!!! ??? agree with all of your points!!
      and that point of your about diya beating ratan!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉
      anyways love you!!!!!??????

  10. Ck1234

    this is not season 2 … its a fresh story & its awsome…

  11. Shrilatha

    Sorry excitement main I gave a long comment.sorry but I left many things not discussing them

  12. Kitni Intezar kiya finally aagyi 73 days phele baar kisi serial ke liye Itni intezar kiya
    phelei episode Itni haatke toh aage kiya kiya nahi hoga….
    very nice episode

    1. IQRA222

      aww!! so sweet!!

  13. Jayanti

    hey guys…kaise ho sab??…Ppk family and now rlhn family…was missing teja like crazy….I saw the episode…I loved this new brave diya…the conversation of diya and CT was full of tashan…diya is not like the ppk one scared and timid but confident , brave and courageous young woman…just loved her…waiting for ratan to come back…and the precap was shocking

    1. IQRA222

      jayu di!!!!!!! missed you so much!!!!!!!!! so so happy to be back in the family!! ??????

  14. Wow….Teju is looking awesome…..

    1. IQRA222

      yeah teju is looking so awesome!! ???

  15. kitni intezar kia 73 days phele baar kisi show ke liye itna intezar kiya aaj aakher hamara intezar khatam
    phelei episode etni daamaka dar very nice episode

  16. Neha chandra

    Hi shrilatha and all ppk family
    Happy to see the new show and you all.
    Hope you all have enjoyed it.

    1. Yes we have Neha what about you??

    2. Shrilatha

      Hi neha how r u ? yes I loved the episode

    3. IQRA222

      Neha di!! how r u?? hope you are also loving the show as much as we are ??? and yes thoroughly enjoying our show!! 🙂
      it was so nice of you to comment on the 1st episode!!

  17. Shanaya123

    Wowww….so good to see this again and it seems more interesting this time.. love Dira????…Amazing story and Teju???superb …Waiting for next…precap seems interesting?..

  18. Please be active on India-forums guys. Please comment in the RLHN forum too. The RLHN forum there is practically dead and we all need to be active on all mediums so that the show can do well!

    1. IQRA222

      will surely try to do if get enough time 🙂

  19. Love love loved d frst epi??? so xcieted to watch d show???? diya n stunts..my god!! She stoled my heart yaar litterelyy!! N ratan is damnnn cute+handsome!!! DIRA wl set fire for sure??? !!already in love wid d story?????

    1. IQRA222

      Faru di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! didu didu didu i am so so happy to see you here and your lovely comments????

  20. In the first episode itself they rocked it??????DiRa?????????

    1. IQRA222

      Polly di!!!!! how r u?? so happy to have you back 🙂 🙂 and yup in the first episode only they rocked it!!!!!!!!!! ???

      1. Hii Iquu??I am feeling superb?How about you?Even I very happy to see you again???I can’t wait for today’s episode???

    2. Fakers alws fake , haters alws hate , u cn just steal my name sweetie nt my identity !! anyways nice seeing u here miss S ….oops , did I just reveal the first letter of ur name ???

  21. Vivian20

    Hey guys after a long time…..this feels so good!!! Ppk and rlhn family, it’s so good to see you guys today!! Liked today’s episode….i don’t know why but it felt a bit pre expected to me…but overall loved it… hope u are all well.. looking frwd to seeing all of our ppk family together!!

    1. IQRA222

      Vivi bhaiyaa!!!!! how r u?? missed you also soo much!! yes bhaiyaa the episode was nice!!!! and yes all well!! anyways keep loving DiRa , RLHN cum PPK

    2. Suma123

      hey vivian .. missed your ff …pls do continueeeeeeeeeeee

    3. Vivian20

      Yes iqu….missed u tooo!!!

    4. Vivian20

      Suma….dear I’m so sorry I can’t continue the ff due to other commitments……but once I get free…it will be daily update???

  22. Aastha_Reddy

    Finally…a new beginning..Hope peace will be there in fandom and bashers for the new major beginning…!!!

    1. IQRA222

      yes it is finally a new beginning for which we all waited too long 🙂 and yes wishing the same that peace will be maintained 🙂 🙂

  23. Nice episode throughout out the episode I can’t take my eyes off from tejaa ??not only because of her beauty but also bcoz of her performance she nailed it as usual
    Her eyes are strong enough to show her character
    Overall I’m in love with this strong,bold,focused and modern diya???

    1. IQRA222

      hello!! happy to have you here!! really same even i cannot take my eyes off tejaa .. and even i am in more and more in love with her character!! ???

  24. Awesome Episode ..Teju just rocked???But why Diya’s sister taunting Diya.It is surprising and they get married Ayush and Diya’s sister??In PPK they had shown that Ayush liked Priya..but now they changed the plot.Anyways and where is Shivani?Is her character continues in this or not?And finally waiting to see Dira’s love story from the beginning???
    #RLHN Rockss..Love u Teju??

    1. IQRA222

      yup it was an awesome episode!!! ???

    2. Vivian20

      Probably Shivani got married……

  25. IQRA222

    Hello!!!!!!!!!!! my RLHM cum PPK family!!!!!!!!!! guys i totally missed you all!!!!!!!!!! lots of kisses and hugs !
    so so so happy that our grand show is back with a majesctic start!!!!!!!!!!! i am so so so in love with teja !!!!!!!!?????? she was looking just like a queen !!!!!!! after all she is one!!!she nailed the episode is ususal!!! anyways guys waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and commenting
    love you all!!!!!???

    1. Berdilla

      Hi iqu darling how are you? I missed you so much da????

    2. Vivian20

      Iqu….what bout today’s question?? Let’s start it all over again…

  26. Berdilla

    Hi iqu darling how are you? I missed you so much da????

  27. Aadya114

    Yayyyy!!! Our princess is back and that too with a bang. She looked soooo beautiful ??. Both Ratan sa and Yash are very handsome. Our princess is gonna rock!!! I have never waited for any show the way I did for RLHN!!!

  28. Kya hua no more comments frm my beautiful name , btw miss faker lemme clear it to u first , I already know u n ur name , remember I am a comp. student , nt much bt hv hacked few gadgets !! Don’t fool me sweetie , I knw which type of girl u r , alws spreading rumours …no no baseless rumours !! I won’t tell u to stay away as I knw u r chipku !!! But atleast act like me properly behen …Miss S …Still nt revealing ur name ….coz I don’t want any arguments ….to others plzz it’s a fake ID , I m Polly ..See the symbol which comes when I comment , It matches with mine as I am commenting frm my real ID nt a fake one….

    1. Riana

      Thats why i was thinking why polly wasnt talking to me in bengali ?? ?????…

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