1st Epi – Reporters 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with serial’s hero Kabeer addressing journalism students. He says reporting is an addiction and it is difficult to get away with addiction.

Serial’s heroine Ananya reaches hospital with cameraman and starts searching a pregnant lady Pramila Radhesham. An old lady asks cameraman to tell what doc has prescribed. He asks her to go and ask doc. Ananya thinks of a plan and says they will both get Ananya and get this lady treated. She climbs table and tells she is a reporter and if docs continue negligence here, she will report the incident on TV. Doc comes and asks her to stop recording and tell her issue. She says this lady has doc’s letter and is wandering to get admitted. Doc admits her. Ananya then asks who is Pramila. A man says his wife’s name

is Pramila and shows her.

A student asks Kabeer if reporting is addiction/drugs, people do a lot for to sell drugs, if reporters also use tricks. He says yes.

A reporter Manav starts news. He says a lady pramila was on the way to hospital due to labor pain, but was stuck by president Obama’s security team and says let us see if Pramila reached hospital safely. Ananya starts her report and speaks to Pramila’s husband Lallan who says he had to undergo a difficulty as his wanted to see President Obama before going to hospital. News channels owner Khalid watches news and asks his editor if the child is alive. He says yes. Khalid asks if child is alive, then why the news is aired on his news channel. Editor says a boy is born and is named Bama Radhesham. Owner asks him to stop ruining his channel and stop this news. Manav stops news and starts wheater report. Reporters discuss if Khalid and Bhaskar’s fight will end or not and if Bhaskar will air his news or not.

Manav’s girlfriend informs him that Khalid scolded Bhaskar again. Manav says they will stop this channel and will improve her dad’s channel. She says dad is in US and asks what is he doing tonight. He says he will prepare chicken and serve wine with it. she says see you then at your house at 11 p.m. tonight.

Khalid calls Kabeer and asks till when he has to wait. He says 5 min more. He clicks handicap sweeper’s pic with background, gives him call and says if has any problem, he can call him. Sweeper says people are so busy that they don’t see his helplessness. Kabeer says life is so tough.

Kabeer meets Khalid and asks if he wants him to hire. Khalid says he is not and just needs his news. Kabeer shows him sweeper’s pic. Khalid says it is his club and identifies sweeper. Kabeer says he is working there since 25 years and did not get any bonus or increment, so he should get him pension and gratuity at least and give him desk job, asks if he wants a laborer. Khalid says he wants him instead and offers him chief editor’s post.

Ananya sees sweeper’s report. Her boyfriend Ronnie says she should leave her boyfriend if she wants to continue in news channel. She says news channel is amazing and gets news from nowhere. She gets a call about some news clue and asks about cameraman sunny singh. She finds him having chole bhature and takes him along. They reach a farm house. Sunny asks whose farm house it is. She says some liquor magnet’s. He says she would have let him eat least before drinks. They hide from tight security and enter farmhouse. They see a young girl pleading her dad not to let her married to old man. Dad says he took money already. They see groom, old minister, coming out and think of capturing his illegal marriage and get him arrested after airing news. Minister says girl he will spare her once he gets cabinet portfolio. His pandit says he will once he marries the girl. They get in and start marriage.

Ananya and sunny record marriage, but cannot capture girl’s face. Kabeer is present there already clicking pics. He goes outvasks guard to give him match box and asks if there is shooting happening as he saw cameras inside present there who is busy capturing pics. Guards runs in and catches Ananya and Sunny while Kabeer freely walks out.

Kabeer continues his lecture to students and says success and truth cannot be friends at all and are enemies.

Precap: Ananya gets a tip from friend that Kabeer’s news channel has been stone pelted and she should cover Kabeer’s news. Kabeer is seen helping injured people. Ananya reaches the venue , but is stopped by police. Kabeer walks via Ananya, but gets nervous and does not question him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. love the first episode.looking forward for upcoming episodes.Rajeeb and Kritika are awesome in their individual parts,waiting to see their chemistry…SPECIAL MENTION:How rajeeb talks with the security personeel of the minister and walks off freely it is so stylish and woa factor of this episode for me….WELCOME BACK RAJEEB AND KRITIKA…

  2. Welcome back TV’s First Superstar RAJEEV KHANDELWAL !!!!!!!! Amazing start to the show !!!!

  3. Lip-to-Lip kiss in an Indian serial, WOW. I am sure this is certainly going to be another crap show. What else do these serial producers want to show… SHAMEFUL!!!

  4. Wowew nd really wow…the way in which Rajeev Khandelwal is being presented in the show awsum ..,the way he walk after takining pic of minister was really majestic..,welcum backk Rajeev..all d vry best…

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