1st Epi – Qayamat Ki Raat 23rd June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaal tries to make Swahasni his

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Scene 1
In a temple, the world made from shiv’s third eye. The world of magic. Tantriks done anything to be immortal.
A bride looks outside from the train window. Her stuff falls down. She picks it and sees the mangalsutra. Someone stops her. Her husband comes and says you forgot? Ma told you that our brides put their mangalsutra in the temple first and then wear it. She says I didn’t know that. He says ma says this temple is very pure. It never closes. It looks really beautiful. This temple is so powerful that no bad thing can come near it. She says its amawasiya. We shouldn’t go to temple tonighht. This night is for devils. It opens doors for kaal. See everything is going wrong today. All people lost their tickets and we are going alone. He says they are coming in the

other train they will be there when we reach the temple.
She sees the door opening. She says the door opened. he says someone might have opened it. Don’t worry. The station is empty.
She says why no one came to pick us? A man comes. Groom says that’s briju. Birju says sit in the car. He says in heart Kalasur is waiting for you in the temple.

Swahasni and groom come to templee. She says this temple is scary. Let’s go from here. He says don’t worry nothing will happen. They go inside. He says I forgot the mangalsutra is car. wait here I am coming. She enters the temple. Its all dark. Swahasni is scared. There is no bell. She sees a black cat and gets scared. There is no idol. She says there is no idol.. This place isn’t right. She tries to run from falls down the stairs. She comes to an underground place.
The car is locked. It doesn’t open. Groom says Birju where are you..
Swahasni walks inside the place. She sees Kalasur. The door locks. She says someone please open the door. He says Swahasni stop. She says who are you. Open the door. He says tonight is Amawas. I will make you mine and become super powerful. You didn’t come here I brought you here. He grasps her. She shoves him. she is scared. He says are you scared of me? You will be like me too. She says let me go please. He says you came for me. Heb grasps her and comes on top of her. Her husband comes and stops him. He says Swahasni run. Swahasni runs out. She screams for help. Her husband comes and says birju isn’t here either. We have to tell police.

Scene 2
They come home. Swahasni is scared. She hugs her sister in law. They take her inside. Her husband Mahindra says I saw.. Prithvi says I got to know. Birju took you to temple. He was with that tantrik. He took you to the temple. Pandit says that tantrik made our temple his place. No one can stop him. He does black magic. Prithvi says I am here. Pandit says there is another world that runs at night. We can’t see them. Swahasni saw him. He says I don’t believe in all this. I will get him arrested by police. Swahasni says I don’t know what it was. But he roped him. He can do anything. He is very powerful. Go and lock him there. She faints. they all run to temple. Women go to inform villagers.

Mahindra and Swahasni are in room. She is scared. He says don’t worry its just you and me. Its out night.
Other men come to the temple. She says so much happened.. He says but we have to be one. He comes close to her. They all come to temple and see that Mahindra is there. Prithvi says if Mahindra is here who is there in home with Swahasni.
Swahasni shoves mahindra and says you are not my husband. You are that tantrik in his face. What did you do to him. He says I will make you mine tonight. she runs downstairs. The door closes. He comes in front of her. Swahasni screams. Pandit ji comes in. Everyone comes. She hides behind real Mahindra. Pandit ji stops him with a circle. He says you can’t stop me like this. Mahindra says I will kill you. He shoots him but nothing happens. He says tonight is the night Swahasni becomes mine. I will make her mine in front of your eyes. He throttles tantrik. Tantrik says you entered the circle. Swahasni says please leave him. He throttles her. He says I am Kaal. She says when Kaal comes his end comes as well in face of Kali. She cuts his hand and Mahindra falls from his hand. She cuts his head. His head says you can never be anyone’s. You can’t cut my kaal. No one if your family can never have a wedding night. You will never know why you were chosen for this qayamt night. You will never be anyone’s. Pandti ji asks him man to take his pieces and hide them.
He puts them in a trunk and burries them.

Scene 3: 25 years later
A young girl in city comes to her sister and says Karuna di you got me scared. She gives her coffee. Karuna says we have got the taxi. Lets go home. They come home. The house is decorated. She says why is the house decorated. They are Mahindra’s daughters. Mahindra says these people have come for your proposal Karuna. Her sisterr says wow di they are here for you.
The guys fatherr says your the boy and girl should meet. Mahindra’s mother recalls what the tantrik said. Karuna says to Mahindra I don’t wanna get married. He says I know them very well. We used to live together in Ram ram garh. She says Ram Ram garh? she says okay I will meet them.
Karuna meets them. prithvi says karuna and Gauri.. You two were kids when I saw you last time. Garui says when they ask for tea will you tell them you only make green tea. Prithvi says you never came to our haveli. Your damini ma didn’t come either.

Karuna says how can I just get married. Mahindra says your Prithvi chacha gave this proposal years ago. Go there and meet the guy. she says you never went there either. He says I have a rreason not to go. She says what reason? Mahindra’s mo says I want to talk to you. She says how can you send them there? You know what happened and Swahasni.. Damini gave them more love than their real mom. He says don’t worry. They all lived there. She says I wont let them go there. Mahindra says she wont like the guy and come back. We wont ever go there. Ma says I am really scared.

Gauri says we will go there with our friends and have a trip. You will forget that Ram Ram Garh. Pritvhi’s wife says they never answered us. He says they are coming in three days. Storm rages. She says its like that night. He says shut the window.
The guy comes to airport. His name is Raj. He says lets go we are getting late. We will miss the train. Raj says we came to India for arranged married? You are such as loser.
Karuna and Gauri are on their way. The car stops. Karuna says I will not marry him. I will only marry the one I love. The car starts. A guy comes on window. Its Raj and his brother. Gauri says go from here or i will call police. He says I have punctured the tire She says I will hit you with the sandal.
Prithvi and his brother’s car stops. His brother is scared. Prithvi says lets go. Its just storm.

Mahindra calls Gauri and says where are you two.. The train is leaving. Gauri runs after the train. Raj pulls her in. She falls on him. He says hi Raj. She gets up. She creates a drama and says we are alone women he is harassing us. Paa ji comes and says you are annoying girls. Say sorry or I will hit you. All men surround him. He says okay sorry. she says its okay and leaves.
Mahindra calls them and says where are you two? Karuna says we are we are in the last section. We will come when the train stops.
Train stops. They go out to eat. The train starts. Raj says come come train is coming. They try to come but he shuts the door. Paa ji sees them and hits the two out as well. All four are on the station. The station ward says next train is 24 hours late. There is only one way and its from jungle. This is amawas night. There is dark and there is them too.. He says who? Ghosts? Raj says don’t worry we have a witch with us as well. Gauri says shut up.
They come to jungle. It gets darker. They They see trees burning. Karuna says there is something wrong lets go back. Raj says we can’t go back now.
They walk together. Karuna falls in a swamp. She screams.. She says Gauri save me. The kaal is inside he tries to pulls her hand. Gauri screams for help. Gauri holds a hand. she says di I have help your hand… Gauri says no you are not holding my hand. Gauri says then whose hand and am I holding? She pulls her hand back. They give her a stem and pull her out. Gauri hugs her and says di you will be find you are out. Kaal’s hand comes out of the swamp. He says when all the part combine it will be kayamat.
Precap-It rains. Gauri says see there is a temple. Lets go in. She goes in. Kaal says you have broken the way. I will come back now. he says Swahasni you chopped me into pieces now you see. Gauri falls in the same underground place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think the spelling is Suhasini. Correct it soon. It looks inspired from Arundhati film. How can this show be dragged to 100 episodes? I learnt that it would be consisting 100 epi. Chandrakanta was 93 and highest as of now. Naagin 3 should be seen.


    Nice start i loved karishma look and more interesting question is why suhasini was selected waiting for the mystery to unflod let’s see what happens next.

  3. BGM is same as EK DEEVAANA THA ,,,,,

  4. Hey guys…karishma is looking good
    Dipika did a good job..
    U are right arjit it is inspired from arundhati movie….nice concept

  5. Starting was really nice looking forward to what happens next nd d train convos of karishma was funny…

  6. Mona146

    vivek was handsome. did not like karishma much but not bad either. felt good to see daljeet in young role.

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