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The episode starts Preet speaking about her 4-year-old marriage, her in-laws, bade papa and badi maa who consider her as daughter and she fights and loves them as her parents, her sister-in-laws whom she considers as sisters, brother-in-law as brother, etc. Her husband Ishan comes from jogging and she gives him lemon juice and praises that he takes care of whole family. Ishan asks if badi maa had her morning pills. Preet says no. He rushes to badi maa’s room and gives her lemon juice and medicine and asks why she forgets her medicines. She says why should she when he is there to remind her.

Ishan then gets ready for office and rushes out saying Preet that today is very special day for bade papa as Sidharth is taking over bade papa’s company and bade papa is throwing

a lavish party tonight. Badi maa gets bade papa ready and asks if he is excited about today’s business meeting and making Sid as VP of company. Bade papa says it is bigger day for even her as her son is becoming VP. She says for her Ishan is elder son and he did not think of him much. Bade papa says Ishan thinks of everyone and does not except anything from anyeone and everyone epect from him. They both smile.

Isha heads business meeting with defence personell and Bade papa requests to renew contract. Isha boasts about company and says he should as their company is India’s best. Client gets irked and refuses to renew contract. Bade papa pleads, but he pushes him and leaves. Ishan enters speaking over phone and gets angry seeing him pushing bade papa. He stops client and asks how dare he is to push is bade papa, if he does not want to renew contract, he can, but he should not dare to even touch bade papa next time. Client asks why is he concerned about his far relative. Bade papa says Ishan is more than his son.

Ishan says bade papa is everything to him and says he was speaking to defence minister since 30 min, bade papa is working with govt for 15 years and incuring losses due to his love for his country, but liers like him will not understand. Client agrees to sign contract papers and gets in. Bade papa asks Ishan if he knows defence minister. Ishan says he knows, but defence minister does not know him. Isha asks if he was lying all the while, what if client complains defence minister. Ishan says he will not as he is cunnning greedy officer and is afraid of his mistakes. He then jokes about Ishan dress as curtain and asks not to wear it during party.

Preet takes party blazer for Sid and gets into his room. He wears shiny shirt and asks how is he looking. She says he is looking like a joker and asks him to wear blue prince suit. He wears it and says he is looking like a waiter. She says he is looking dashing. Preet’s daughter enters and says chachu is looking like a magician and asks him to get pigeon from his pocket. Sid gets nervous. Daughter then tells Preet that daadi is calling her. Preet jokes with Sid and asks him to come down soon and leaves.

Party starts. Preet calls Ishan and he says he will reach home in 10 min. She says investors have come and he should come and handle them soon. He says she knows them all as she used to accompany him to business meets and can handle . She says she does not remember their names. He says if she sees their names, she will. Preet then goes to bade papa’s room and says he must be nervous that he is making his son as VP today and his dream is coming true. Bade papa says she reads his mind well. She makes him sit and gives elaichi and says her dad used to say elaichi lessens tension and fear. Bade papa asks her to give whole box and smiles.

Party continues. Bade papa’s younger daughter comes and starts joking with Preet and Isha. Preet asks her not to drink much and leaves to attend guest. Isha tells younger sister that that she worked hard for 12 years to upbring their company, but papa is making Sid as its VP. Sister jokes that papa prefers son, so she can adopt her son. Isha fumes and leaves. Preet brings Sid to the party hall. Bade papa and badi maa get happy seeing Sid. Preet introduces Sid to shareholders and a series of comedic events happen. One of shareholder asks Sid to tell his name. Sid and Preet get nervous. Ishan enters and says he is Mr. Daruwala. Preet and Sid relax. Bade papa sees Ishan handling guests well and says his son is looking handsome. Preet says he looks more dashing in ganji. Bade papa asks to stop. Party continues….

After party, in room, Ishan praises Preet for handling party well. He removes shirt and comes in ganji. She shies and turns face and thinks she lied bade papa but truth is Ishan and her have been intimate even once during their 4-year-old marriage. Ishan wears kurta and sleeps.

Next day, Sid informs Preet that he wants to become standup comedian and does not want to join family business. She is shocked to hear that and reminds him that he should think of bade papa’s dream. At night, she informs Ishan that Sid does not want to join family business and wants to become standup comedian. He fumes and says he will not let Sid break bade papa’s dreams and will right now speak to him. Preet stops him and says she will explain Sid. In the morning, she gives Bahamas ticket to Sid and says his brother will not support him, but not to worry, by the time he comes back after 6 months, everything will be normal. He picks his bag and tries to leave. She plays papa kehte the bade naam karega.. He gets emotional and agrees to join family business and today’s press conference.

Before press conference, Ishan sees Isha sad and tells she should support bade papa and informs her about Sid’s dream of becoming standup comedian. She goes and brainwashes Sid that he should become what he likes and should not let parents force their decisions on him. Press conference starts. Bade papa addresses media and says his father was from lahore and had to leave city after partition, they came without anything, but with his father’s hardwork, they used to supply blankets, etc., to army on cycle and he used to sit behind his father and hold him tightly. His father advised him not to look back in life and he never looked back and today his company is supplying tankers to army. He owes his success to his nephew Ishan who brought this company up with his hard work. Today, he is very happy to announce his son Sidharth to take over his business and introduces Sid.

Sid comes on stage with teary eyes. Ishan also gets emotional and Preet gives him hankie saying she knows he cries hearing bade papa’s emotional speech. Sid addresses media. Reporter asks if he informed investors that he signed 1 year contract with London’s comedy company and will have to stay 6 months in London. Bade papa asks Sid what is reporter telling. Sid says he signed contract, but did not mean it. Reporter asks bade papa why did he hide such a big thing from his investors. Ishan gets angry and starts fighting with reporters for insulting bade papa.

Bade papa drags Sid home and whole family follows. He scolds Sid for trying to become comedian and insult his family. Sid starts misbehaving and says he is forcing his decisions on his life and does not care about anyone. Ishan asks how dare he is to misbehave with bade papa and drags him to room and says bade papa is his god and he wil not tolerate anyone insulting him. Sid calms down. Preet calms down bade papa and says she also has a daughter and cannot force her decisions on her. She shows Sid’s clips on youtube and many people liking it and says let him do what he is best at. Bade papa calms down, enters Sid’s room and apologizes for his wrong decision. Whole family relaxes.

At night, Ishan praises Preet again for handling situation well. She says she deserves gift and extends hand, reminiscing everyone seeing pink gift box in his pocket. Ishan says he forgot to bring it but will bring it soon. She gets sad but says she needs it next time. Ishan silently leaes home once Preet sleeps. He goes to a lady’s house and gives gift. She asks him to come in. He says he has to go. She says he is afraid that everyone will know his secret..

Precap: Preet asks Ishan who is the girl messaging him where is he, when will he come, why did he give gift to her. He thinks he cannot tell his secret to Preet.

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