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The Episode starts with Jammu and Kashmir LI base came. A lady asks her husband where did he reach, everyone is waiting, will you come in half an hour, I m heating the food. He says I m reaching, this will reach divorce. The soldiers tell him that there is human activities seen across the border. The man says last time, it was animals, check well. A cracker missile is shot. Another Mendhar Sector at LOC is shown. The soldier looks at the LOC and leave one more cracker. They see some people and inform senior that its two people near the fence, north 30 degrees. The senior asks them to catch them alive, we will give evidence. He asks the soldiers to follow orders. The soldiers shoot. The two men proceed towards the border, and cross it, holding the metal wires. One of them get shocked. The lights

are switched on. Vinod asks them to hands up. The men shout don’t shoot. The senior looks on. Vinod goes close and tells the senior.

Harleen is seen dancing hearing a Punjabi song. She pays the man for music system and drives the tractor. The village Kishanganj, Punjab is shown. Harleen arrives the Gurudwara and sits with family. The man tells about putting garland and prasad to the tractor. Bau ji says my bahu is my elder son, Harleen will do this work. Harleen goes and does the rituals. She breaks the coconut.

At the police station in Saket, New Delhi, lady constable asks the girl about her father or guardian. Pandey ji says no use to ask father name, he is no more, guardian record is written 3 days back, Mr. Saleem Khan, professor. Pandey ji asks the girls to come. The girls bet on their families coming to free them. Saleem pays money and thanks him. The man says we detained the girl last time, loud music, wine…. The girl asks the man to meet next week, there is party. She leaves with her uncle Saleem.

Nazneen is waiting for her daughter. Saleem gets the girl home. Nazneen scolds the girl for parting till late. Saleem stands outside the girl. Nazneen asks Saleem to come in with his guilty face. Her daughter throws her shoe at her brother. Nazneen says Saleem is spoiling her daughter. The girl says its called pampering. There is difference in spoiling and pampering. Her son says I would have called Saleem as Abbu to ensure night sleep. Nazneen asks them to leave. They leave. Nazneen says they say anything without thinking. He says perspective, I think they think a lot and say it. He holds Nazneen. She sees her husband Imaan’s pic and says pendulum is always hung between two sides and unable to hold one, that’s me. He says there is no choice in past and future, move on, choice is clear. She keeps hand on his heart and says good night. He says i hope i m invited on Diwali party tomorrow. She says yes, you and your mum. He says you mean your mom in law.

Two men are identified as Sartaj Singh and Imaan Khan. At the national security council, New Delhi. Sartaj and Imaan are shown after a thorough checkup and match. Harleen celebrates Diwali. Bau ji asks Harleen to sit well. Her Devar takes Harleen’s pic. Harleen asks whats happening. Bau ji says I will not listen to you, its 17 years now, you have to marry now, we have everything, think about yourself.

Saleem’s mom says you both want to do Nikaah, answer me. Saleem and Nazneen see the kids. Saleem’s mom reads Nazneen’s daughter Shaira’s letter to let Saleem uncle be their dad, and mum will be happy with him too. She says it means the rumors in society were true two years ago. Shaira says we are talking of family, not society Mrs. Khan. Saleem’s mom says call me Dadi, and shut up now, I want to hear it from you two. Saleem says Qubool Hai. Nazneen looks at him. He says again. His mom asks Nazneen to say it too. Shaira asks Nazneen to say it. Nazneen looks on.

Harleen says I don’t want to marry. Her Devar puts her pic on marriage matrimony site. Harleen says I have done everything, studies, work, what will marriage do. Bau ji says it will give you support, go and see, I will get Ghar Jamai, we will go anytime you say. Devar asks marital status, single, divorced, widow. Harleen gets sad.

Saleem’s mom says Imaan is not alive, he is just missing in action. Shaira says since 17 years, Nazneen has to think of her life and happiness. Nazneen nods. Shairya hugs her. Saleem’s mom walks off. Shairya and her brother hug Saleem. Harleen asks Bau ji to tell her what to write, married or widow. Bau ji cries and says its bad fate. Harleen asks shall I do M. Com instead marriage. She hugs him and cries.

Saleem gets a call and gets a news about Imaan. The man says Indian army got two entrants in cross firing at LOC. Saleem gets shocked. Harleen sits seeing the sunrise.

At Sainik School, Kapurthala…. students are seen in the class. A man Vikram is giving a lecture. The security officers come there and tell the professor about the two intruders. The man says they are our men, from Kargil batalik sector, one is airforce officer and other is soldier, its big news, we don’t want ruling govt to do some mistake, we want you to talk to media. The man says I prepared a statement, 1200 soldiers are missing in action. The professor Vikram says its 2690 officers from airforce and army, many of them died, you are talking about two soldiers. He tells the names of the victims. The man says you know what to say, we know you worked hard on this.

Vikram addresses the media and tells about two soldiers succeeded to run away and come back India borders. The man says we have succeeded to bring them back home. Vikram announces the names Imaan Khan and Sartaj Khan, heir families are on the way, 17 years of emptiness is going to end today. Harleen and Nazneen are on the way. Saleem finds Nazneen upset. Vikram says the soldiers will meet their families after 17 years.

Imaan and Vikram are made to sit in the army choppers. The army officers salute them. The chopper takes her. At the national security council, Saleem recalls Nazneen’s words and sees her. Harleen sits waiting. Nazneen greets her and asks are you Sartaj’s…. Harleen says wife.

Harleen recalls how she got married to Sartaj. Soldiers come and give him some documents. Sartaj gets ready to leave for his duty. Harleen, the bride looks on. FB ends. Yaadein aa rahi…..plays……………. Harleen and Nazneen hold hands. Imaan and Sartaj are brought to them. The families get shocked seeing them. Nazneen and her children see Imaan. Harleen and family see Sartaj. Bua ji walks to Sartaj. Bau ji hugs him and cries. The family meets Sartaj. Harleen looks on and cries. Bau ji asks Harleen to come. Sartaj looks at her. Harleen greets him and cries. Bua ji unites her and Sartaj’s hands. Vikram looks on.

Saleem and Imaan’s mom cries. Nazneen holds Imaan and cries. She hugs him. Imaan meets his son Ayaan. His son does not hug and stops him to just shake hands. Saleem shows Shaira. Shaira waves from far. Imaan cries. Sartaj looks much disturbed. Vikram observes all of them. The families leave. Media clicks pics.

The council guy asks Vikram what are you thinking, tell me whats going on in your mind. Vikram says great, after staying in 17 years, the soldiers crossed border and came here safe, they got shot from our side, looks like a well thought of plan design. The man says old age is making you cynical, why so many questions. Vikram says because you are not asking any, 17 years is a long time and much can change. The man says even Indian soldiers? Vikram says yes, even then, maybe they have not escaped, they are made to run, to be said clearly, they are sent here. Imaan gives his number to Sartaj and asks him to save, no one will know anything, just keep your mouth shut. Sartaj says there won;t be any mistake Sir. They see each other.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. it was AW
    ESOME . i wwas waiting for this like anything & liked the song raahiyon pe.its sooooo nice.hope that this serial becomes a big hit


    Awsome start of show…
    And i feel they both are Pak Detective as per show… thats why show is called Bandi Yudh ke and might be in future they are shown changed due to family love…
    But show is good and different… and waiting what happens in future..

    Precap Was- In Harleen family they are shown celebrating with Dhol music and In nausheen family, imaam scolds someone.

  3. Awesome..!!!

  4. good start…… i lyk that harleen… name is also gud and her character as well as her face cut…..

  5. Beautiful serial… I can proudly say THIS IS THE BEST SERIAL OF STAR PLUS AND WILL BE????but I have a doubt… Why should both wives marry only after 17 years? Why didn’t they marry earlier?!?!????


      Becuse according to Indian law if any husband or wife is missing or not have proper death proof by govt. Than till 7 or 8 yrs they are not allowed to marry again as it is considered illegal.

      1. Akshu

        sab ko hello-hi. So happy ki ye shuru hua. Seems lik gud serial.

        Shraddha, yeh sahi nhi lagta. Koi shaadi eise tutti nhi. Court jaake certificate leni parti hai. yh sb wrong batein serials se hi log maan lete hai.

        Dua karo ki SP interfere karke ye serial spoil na kar de.


      I know that but RO’s ques was that they thought of marriage after 17 yrs, why not before.. so I answered as per law..

      But SP will not interfare initially but he will interfare as if he will not than these terriorist will make problems.. as i feel.

      1. Pls tell me @ wat time r they telecasting? Im fm Sri Lanka. I think we’re getting star plus from singapore.

  6. Anoop Farswan

    Hey anyone know the song which was playing while harleen and nnaznee were holding hands ?

    1. thats what the song i mentioned” raahiyon pe”

  7. Nice show…really impressive…starplus really brought a good serial..all characters are very good in acting..really looking forward to it..hope this serial become a big hit

  8. Anoop Farswan

    Hi shraddha. But i couldnt find it on you tube or anywhere else. Could you please provide the link from where i cab download it.

  9. Yes please provide the song’s link. I want to download it too.

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