1st Epi – Piya Rangrezz 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A palatial old house is seen where a Shraddha’s mom calls her daughter Sraddha and asks if she is ready as it is getting late. Shraddha’s dad gets restless and tells his mom/daadi that those people may be coming at any time. Daadi says she is worried for Shraddha as those people are very cruel. He says he will requests them to spare Shraddha. Lady goes to Shraddha’s room and does not find her. Shraddha is seen in the balcony sad. Mom goes and asks her to get rady as those people are about to come. They all hear car horn sound and get tensed.

Cars enter with gun-laden goons. A goon comes out first and asks his associates to work fast as they are going with his friend’s alliance. Another man comes out and asks his sister (ammaji type lady don) to come out for

her son’s sake. She gets out of car. People start wishing her. Sraddha’s dad comes and takes her in. Don asks him to introduce his relatives. He introduces his wife and mom. She wishes them and takes Amma’s blessings. Amma says her blessings are with her. Goon asks his gun-laden juniors to go and sit in car and asks his brother Sumet to go from there. Don asks him to stay. Goon gets irked. Don says she is feeling found to be associated with this family, her son selected Shraddha just in one go and he will keep her happily like in heaven. Whatever she is owning belongs to her son, so they don’t have to worry. Shraddha’s mom comes and asks dad to come in for 1 min. Don asks if something important. He says nothing and asks them to enjoy snacks while he comes back in 2 min. Goon says if someone is pestering him, he will take care and will bash the fellow. Dad says nothing to worry and gets in. Wife says Shraddha escaped.

Don’s goons start following Shraddha. Shraddha falls on stone pellets and reminisces going on a college trip with Swacha Bharat abhiyan to a village and campaiging it. She cleans whole village and villagers join her. She sees smoke from a house, gets i to check and gets afraid seeing 2 goons there who hold her and ask her to clean their country side liquor factory. A stone falls on one goon and he falls down. Hero (don’s son) comes out wearing googles and slaps goon to impress Shraddha. He says goon guests is like a god and they shoudl respect guest. Shraddha slips and falls into his arms. He gets her up. She runs out. He follows her. She thanks him for helping her. He says his name is Sher singh and he is there to help her. He extends his hand, she shakes hand, thanks and leaves. He staarts feeling her smell.

Shraddha comes out of flashback and hears goons searching her. One of them says village people told she is hidden here, so she should come out before they lose their cool. They see Shraddha’s dupatta and start running behind her. She runs into a house and locks door. Goon shots door, but it does not open. They both then go to backside door and open it via stick. She runs from front door. They start running again, get tired. One of them says bhabhiji has seen Bhaag Milka bhaag 10-12 times, so she is running. He calls don’s brother and tells she eloped. Don gets irked hearing that and beats Shraddha’s dad. She says she respected him and his daughter, but he irked her by letting his daughter elope. Now either his daughter will be married or killed.

Shraddha continues running with goons following her and requesting to stop. Don hangs dad on terrace and says she is liquor queen and he does not know her power. He says his daughter is adult and she cannot force her to marry. Don laughs and gets him down. Shraddha hides in a shop. Goons ask shop owner if he saw a girl running. He says no. They both leave. Shraddha comes out and calls someone asking to help her.

Don tells dad and mom that she breaks 1000s of laws everyday and she will get her son married to Shraddha at any cost. Mom says she cannot force them. Don says she will see who will stop them. Sher Singh is seen coming in his bullet. Shraddha starts running again with goons following her. Shraddha stops seeing Sher Singh. Sher singh gets out of his bike, takes stick and beats goons. Goons ask him to listen first. He continues hitting. Goons leave. Shraddha falls on his feet and asks him to sapre her as she cannot marry him, marriage happens with will and not force. She continues repeating that she cannot marry him.

Precap: Don while traveling in her car sees Shraddha walking in the center of road. Her brother says her would be bahu is walking so sensuously in the center of road. She asks him to crush Shraddha.

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  1. In precap,shraddha was told that she walked shamelessly instead of sensously.

  2. Ho..whats this Don want…how can she force sharadha for mrg….even though she is not intrsted….

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