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The Episode starts with a scene in Mumbai, where Avni is seen sitting on a roadside bench. Rain starts and Avni does not move. Asha comes there looking for her and asks did she get into a fight, how did she get hurt, who did this. Avni says you did, who am I….. She runs from there and goes home. Asha follows her. Avni goes to her room and throws the shoes angrily. She throws all the clothes of the cupboard and gets inside. She sees her parents pic between moon and stars. Asha comes there and asks her did you get into cupboard again, open the door, whats this madness. She gets keys and opens cupboard. She asks her to say. Avni says I will tell Papa, not you.

Avni’s dad Ashish is shown. He is a film director and asks the manager to get his locations, we have to leave for Kashmir shoot tomorrow.

His friend asks him to come, do you want a drink. Ashish says I will not drink, even then you will ask. His producer friend Malhotra asks him to have a drink, as he finished Mumbai shoot before time. Ashish asks Malhotra to go home. A girl Divya comes and greets Ashish. She tells about her auditions for second lead. Ashish asks her to have a seat. Malhotra asks Ashish to do his imp work and leaves.

Ashish tells Divya about the script, read lines and prepare, my assistant Aziz will take your audition. She tries to woo him. He asks whats this. She says audition, I want this role and I m ready to do anything. He asks who taught you to give such audition. She says I know to please director, Nilesh told me. He moves her away, and shouts to call Nilesh. He asks Nilesh what did you tell her and slaps Nilesh. Divya cries.

Ashish fires Nilesh from work. Nilesh says sorry. Ashish asks him to get out. He asks Divya was she falling so low, this can give you acting chance, not success, you need talent, I slapped Nilesh, if anyone tries to fool you, then slap them with your talent, prepare well and give audition. She thanks him and touches his feet. He says don’t do this, go. She leaves.

Avni says I have to talk to Papa. Asha says he is busy, what shall he do, would he leave all work. Avni shouts I will just say to dad. Asha says lower your tone, what happened to you today, fine don’t tell me. Ashish calls home and asks why did you call. Asha says everything is fine. Avni shouts nothing is fine, I called you, I need to talk imp thing. He asks what happened to Avni, give phone to her. Avni asks Ashish do you love me, yes or no. Ashish says no, Papa does not love you, Papa loves you a lot. Avni asks him to come home in 5mins. Asha asks her not to trouble Papa. Avni goes. Asha asks him to do his work. He says I miss to see you, I will come, did you say something. She says no, I heard it. He says I will come and ends call.

Asha goes to Avni and says Papa is coming. Avni asks really. Asha kisses her and says yes. Asha plays an old song Aapki nazron ne samjha………………… She sets the home. Avni looks on and gets stuff, asking Asha to get ready soon. Asha gets ready. Ashish is on the way and reaches there. Watchman asks him to park car at some distance. Ashish gets his bag and gives him money. Ashish comes home. Asha opens the door and smiles.

Ashish says people lie that love happens once, I fall in love with you again and again, whenever I see this beautiful face…. she asks him to stop it. He says let me see you, I m going outdoor to same place where you trapped me for the first time. She smiles and says Kashmira. He kisses on her forehead and hugs her. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks what about our coming superstar. She says baby is fine, but Avni’s mood is very bad. He goes to talk to Avni and kisses her. Avni says I need to talk to you. Ashish asks really, even I need to talk to you, how did you get hurt. Asha says she is not answering me. Ashish says she is strong, what is the matter, tell me Avni, I will guess, you want new video game, bad try, new school bag…. Avni says I m participating in school race on sports day. He says you want new sports shoes. Avni says no, I want you, I want my Papa in my school, will you come or not. Asha asks Avni why is she adamant. Ashish says we will talk, come. Avni says you always have work, you never come to school, when I tell my friends that my Papa is film director Ashish Mehta, they think I lie and joke of me saying my dad is Mr. India, the neighbor girl says our family is not normal, I pushed that girl and she pushed me, so I got wounded, answer me.

Ashish hugs her. Avni asks him why is our family not normal. He gets sad. Asha tries to explain Avni. Avni runs. Asha and Ashish go to Avni. Asha says our family is normal, you have mum and dad, and your sibling is going to come. Avni says no, normal family is such where mum and dad stay together, where Papa stays at home always, where Papa parks car infront of house.

Asha tells Avni that your friends are saying so to shift your focus, they won’t want you to win race. She tells a little frog’s story who wanted to win in race, frog focused on race and then he has won the race, even when everyone tried to scare him, you have to shut your ears and not listen to anyone, if you have to win this race. Avni says that frog was lucky as both mum and dad came to see his race. She goes.

Ashish calls Malhotra and says I have to end Kashmira schedule before 8th, I have to attend school event, we will manage. Avni asks will you really come. He says yes, I will meet your friends who don’t believe you, will you make me meet them. She says yes and gets glad. She says you are best Papa in the world. He says you are best daughter in the world. She kisses Asha and runs. Asha asks why did you promise, I would have explained Avni. He says when kids get mature, we should not explain them, but explain ourselves, today one child is asking, tomorrow other child will also ask, will we lie again, we are not married, but we are keeping husband and wife’s relation, changing houses because of people’s fear, what am I giving you. He cries.

Asha says you know, Maa…. He says Maa has to accept, you have waited for 11 years, not anymore, forgive me for those 11 years, this baby is getting his fate, I m going to tell Maa about my world, wife and two children, I m fed up of this fake life, enough now, Maa has to accept my Ashudi. He hugs her.

Ashish reaches his home. His lavish house is shown. He asks for his mum. He goes to his mum and finds her unwell. He hugs her. She says I will get fine. He asks her to use asthma pump. She says I got restless and then this started, what work do you have. He says nothing and kisses her hand. He says I was just passing by and thought to meet you. She says liar, I know you have time for no one, tell me, don’t keep within. She asks will you have food. He says he had food, did she had? She says a bit, you give me my medicine. He kisses on her forehead. She says now I will get fine, get warm water for me.

Avni sees Asha smiling and says you look good in Gujarati style saree. Asha says you took Papa’s class, you misbehaved but I don’t feel to scold you. Avni says I will call Papa and tell him. Asha says don’t trouble him. Avni calls Ashish and Ashish’s mum answers. They hear Ashish’s mum’s ill voice. Ashish gets water. His mum asks who is this Ashudi. He pours water on his hand by shock. She asks him to be careful. He says she works with me, she is my assistant. He says fine, I will apply Chuna. He says not needed, I m fine.

Asha recalls Ashish’s mum’s ill breathless voice and worries. Avni asks what happened. Asha asks her to sleep. Avni says you did not sleep, are you thinking of our normal family, don’t worry, Papa will come. She makes Asha sleep and sings lullaby Aa leke chalun tujhko…. Ashish takes care of his mum and asks her to sleep. Avni and Asha see Ashish’s pic and hold hands. Avni clicks their pic. Asha cries and hugs Avni. Asha sleeps in Avni’s lap.

Ashish tells Asha that he will talk to Maa before his flight. Ashish tells his Maa that he needs to talk. He recalls Asha’s words. Avni says I m sure Papa will come in sports day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice start

  2. Vanshika

    Nice story.. Nice start.. Seeing d promos I felt its me in young avatar… Ryt nw m sure… Let’s c as d story moves on ?☹

    1. Priya15

      Hii vanshu…

    2. Hey vanshu….y dear……u r telling like this….its not a type of sympathi am asking but as a friend…..
      If u feel its very very personal its k da…….

  3. nice start . i liked avni a lot . waiting for the next episodes

    1. Priya15

      hii varshu..happy to see u here….dekho na vanshu bhi hai…

      1. yes di , happy to see u and many skr family membershere

    2. Priya15

      Ya dear… We r back in one amazing show like namkaran…

  4. Priya15

    Nyc start… That lullaby made me cry… It’s so emotional..


    This show is started nice.. and song is seriously filled eyes with water, so emotional.. but I am sure of one thing that Ashish will not be able to fulfill his any of promise and will be married to someone else.

    1. Priya15

      Hii shraddha di.. Can I pls know y r u saying like that?? Is that the story l move on like


      Priya due to following reasons-
      1. as according to show since 11 yrs he is unable to tell about his relationship with Asha to anybody, not even to his family and not even to public, therefore I have strong feeling that might be Ashish mother will ask him to marry the girl of her choice and he will do so.
      2. He went to tell about his relationship to his mother but he didn’t.
      3. Ashish is not married to Asha and she is accepting another child.

      Till now and promos made me think so, rest is upto writers what will they show..

      1. Priya15

        Ya u r ryt… In tdy sbs seggy they said that ashish goes to say his but seeing her health condition he fears that what l happen to her after hearing about Asha and avni…

      2. Maithlii Sinha

        I think the same….ashish will have two wives….the role is plauedby Sayantani Ghosh….i had read it somewhere

    3. Angelk1

      I agree… I think his gonna live a double life. Forgetting about his family. And not telling asha and she will find out the hard way. I think their his secret family, maybe. After a year he will stop calling and forgot about them enjoying his life with his new wife.

      1. RiyaDcruz

        U r r8 kanie………

      2. Angelk1

        Riya. And shraddha i just hope that dont happen because asha will be so heart broken and also avni


      Me to Angelk1.. otherwise how will they justify title Naamkaran

  6. Priya15

    guys aakhir ashish aur asha kaun hai??if they r not hus and wife….ashadi????

    but avni is too cute ,…even i used to take class to my papa when i was a kid…..like scolding him and ask him to come for outing vagera vagera..so avni remembers me all those moments..tq so much for this awesome show star plus….i m damn sure that this show will make all girls remember there memories…

    1. NABANITA626

      Hey priya I keep my promise

      1. Priya15

        Hi di.. Nyc to see u here..

  7. Super

  8. Nice episode, cute kid.. Hope story unfolds beautifully.. Moreover I loved the schedule 9pm.. Great Escape from draaaggging dramas.

  9. Good start. Really enjoyed it

  10. nice start……. this film is based on 1998 movie zakhm which is based on mahesh bhatt the director himself…….and avni is an illegitimate daughter of ashish…… it is an sentimental story of avni………. and th ed zakhm is also amazing i love that movie as nd the lovely song tum aaye to aaya mujge yaad gali m aaj chand nikla……….i wan TV this serial to be a big hit…..

  11. Oh!!! Zakhm was a nice movie. Yes n the present story of namkarn is set in 2004 so when they show 2016, it will be a grown up avni! Waiting to watch more…

  12. How long is this program expected to last for?

  13. Priya15

    But In public iv the heroine of show said that it’s the continuation of zakhm movie.. Is it so???

  14. Richu

    This serial is suprbb specially the Lori sung by palak mucchal…

    1. Awesome pic Richu!! Hare Krishna!!

    2. Priya15

      Happy to see u here richu di….

  15. the lori song just made me very emotional . a wonderful song by palak munchal

    1. Devga

      True yar it all the songs made me emotional and best part is it made me think again and again abt the lyrics and the emotions…. I get tears evrytym i hear it wen i am alone…

  16. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    the lullaby is so damn emotional.
    I love this freakin’ show.

  17. Raksha.manan

    New concept looking interesting

  18. Devga

    Awesome and emotional start…. Hey cute arsheen wat expressions baby …..
    U really are a wonderful inspiration to many… Love this concept the actors the crew the songs the the evrything….
    Aftr eht mmz in starplus my fav…. And new fresh concept…. Lovly grt going team….

    1. u r right the girl avni’s expressions r just awesome .

      1. Devga

        Yup varshini

    2. Priya15

      Hi di.. Happy to see u here

      1. Devga

        Happy to c U too dear….

  19. nice start… well, this is my first comment on telly updates after so many months of being a silent reader, nice start for me too!!! 😉

  20. Nice show……nice concept…

  21. It’s bakvas serial. Boring. Remake of old movie. Yuk yuk yuk .

  22. Priya15

    Wr s 13th sep epi wu??

    1. Ya a damn gud start ……. Its going to be just awesome……. Waiting for the next update of 13th September’s epi…… Lullaby was just excellent…..

      1. Priya15

        Hii vaidehi… Happy to see u here sis..

  23. this serial is copy of Jakham film,instead of boy played by Ajay Devgan & Kunal Khemu ,this girl is playing the role

    1. Priya15

      No Dear… It’s a zakhm movie story continuation.. Mahesh Bhatt sir himself confirmed it. He said that “yeh zakhm movie ki aage ki kahani hai..”

  24. RiyaDcruz

    The song is very emotional at first I was nt interested aftr hearing the sng in 1 of the promo I just luved it to the core……… Surely dis serial will be successful luv u ashween u r damn cute……….

  25. FRNDS WHO EVR THINK THIS IS COPY OF THE FILM ZAKHM…. ye its continuation….


    Asha – role of first wife of mahesh SIR kiran (in real)
    Ashish mehta – role of mahesh bhatt SIR himself
    Avni – role of his daughter pooja… But these questions by Avni may b sir’s extra additions….

    1. Tara

      thats really something out of the box…
      are u sure di??

      1. Devga

        Yes dear 100 % sure…. But feeling bad for ashu….

      2. Tara

        yup thats true

  26. Hey guyzzz nyc story yaar…

  27. princess heba

    Awsm story..love it

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