1st Epi – Naagin Season 3 2nd June 2018 Written Episode Update: A Powerful Revenge Story Of Naagin Series 3 begins

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A snake is shown in the forest and it crawls to the cave. Shivangi is seen unconscious in the cave. Shiv ji’s idol is placed there. She recalls Rocky stabbing Trishul in her, and when she asked him why did he kill her, Ritik tells her that he killed her for him. A fb is shown. Shivangi says she is not upset with her death, but because she is murdered by her baba and husband. Ritik tells Rocky that it is good that Naagin died. Shivangi says I am going without knowing the reason but will return to get the answers and hopes this thing doesn’t happen with other naagin. She dies. The narrator says she couldn’t know and her story ended there itself, but some other Naagin’s story started in Shiv ji’s temple, which was away 100 kms away from Mumbai, where 4 pandits come from 4 sides to do Rudra Abhishek

of Shiv ji. He says it is said that the temple is 3000 years ago and this story will start from here.

The four pandits do the Rudra Abhishek of Shiv ji. The Song plays kaun hain…shiv ji chale. A man is seen coming there. Sarpanch and others come out and see Sehgal coming with bulldozer. They think if Sehgal want to break our temple and ask him to stop. Pandit ji asks why did you bring it? Sehgal says he will build a big and luxurious hotel here and it is my dream. He says nobody can stop me and asks his men to demolish the temple. Pandit ji tells him about the importance of the 3000 years old temple and tells about someone did this mistake and didn’t get the chance to do penance. Sehgal says I don’t fear anymore. Pandit ji says this is Shiv ji’s temple and snakes protect it. Sehgal asks where is the snake and says he will demolish the temple and also the old haveli. Suddenly a heavy thunderstorm and heavy wind comes. Pandit ji tells that Naag Devta stays in the haveli and warns him. Sehgal pushes Pandit ji and says I will see who will protect this temple. Pandit ji calls Naag Raaj and asks it to save the temple. Sehgal says break everything. Pandit ji says you will be cursed and ruined. Giant snakes comes and kills Sehgal’s men, but someone takes Sehgal along with him.

Sehgal fumes and says his project is shelved. He says what is the use of Politician friends. Arvind tells Sehgal that they are not getting any contractor and it will take 6 months to clean the place. His friend Shekhar asks him to call Shalaka and says she can control snakes. But he refuses and tells that he doesn’t believe it. He tells about Icchadhari naagin who come to the temple on Puranmasi. Sehgal asks him to shut up and says this place is mine. He asks Arvind to get the contractor. He sits in the car and goes. Arvind says why don’t you understand sir that Icchadhari naag exists. He himself turns into Icchadhari Naag and crawls inside the home. Arvind tells Shekhar that his sons must be chilling and be enjoying the night.

Some guys are chilling. Pratham comes and says Adi is coming if anyone see you drink. Other brother tells Yuvi that although he is his stepbrother, but more closer to him than Pratham and asks him to drink, and says nobody can stop us as our father is Andy Sehgal. Yuvi asks Manager Karan to come in this car and asks him to adjust. He asks his friend to bring Pratham else he will go with Daksh. A girl comes and calls him Rehan bhaiyya. They take her with them. They come to the Pub and see two women. They try to flirt with the women. Woman asks them to leave her hand and says she will call Kalu. Kareena Kapoor comes and aims gun at them. She asks them to apologize. Kareena and her friends beat the guys. Sonam Kapoor comes and snatches phone from his hand. She tells Kareena that she was busy in solving case. She calls Sehgal and tells that she will slap 4 cases on them. Just then phone rings. Yuvi asks didn’t you talk to Papa? She says no and tells that she can call him. Kareena threatens to make the video viral. They punish them. They promote their film Veere Di Wedding. Yuvi and Rehan asks them to come to the place which is brought by the Dad. They come near Shiv ji temple. Pratham says we shouldn’t have come here, Shiv ji will get upset with us. Yuvi says he will not, as he has solid connection with us. A naagin (Karishma Tanna) is shown and dances celebrating her love. Yuvi, Rehan, Pratham and others hear the anklet sound. They think who can come here without Dad’s permission. Naag (Rajat Tokas) comes and holds her waist. They dance while song plays….Yuvi, Rehan and others think to check who is there. Pratham and the girl try to stop them, but in vain.

Naagin tells Naag that they will unite today after 100 years wait and Shiv ji have given them boon to unite, now nobody can separate us. Yuvi, Rehan and others look at them and think she is very hot. Naag says today we will unite and get married. He asks her to go and check the gift which he kept the plan. Yuvi tells Rehan that he has a plan.

Naagin comes dressed as a bride. Yuvi tells that the place belongs to his dad and tells that they can’t go without having advantage. Naagin tells that she will show them their end time. She is about to become naagin, but Naag stops her. Yuvi shows that he is having a gun. Naag requests them to leave. Yuvi says ok and says we will leave. Naag tells her that we have given promise to Guruji that we will not reveal us in front of humans and says you have to wait for 6 Pooranmaasi and asks her to promise that she will not reveal her identity in front of humans. She nods. Yuvi, Adi, Rehan and others go back to them and push Naag off the valley. Pratham hears the Naagin’s scream and calls his elder brother Mahi. Mahi picks the call. Pratham asks him to come to the plot and says they are doing wrong in jungle. Yuvi drags Naagin to Jungle. Naag Vikrant tries to climb up the cliff. He comes up and asks them to leave her, else they will repent. Yuvi says we have seen men like you. Naag shouts. They tell that if he is going up to God or calling him. He gets turned into a giants snake. Everyone is shocked, but don’t leave her. Vikrant asks them to leave his Ruhi, but Yuvi refuses to let her go and says if we leave her then her boyfriend will not leave us. Vikrant beats Rehan with his tail. Mahi comes running there. Naagin song plays…..Vikrant asks them to leave the girl else he will kill all of them. Pratham and others as Yuvi to leave the girl. Adi and Yuvi leave Ruhi’s hand. Ruhi runs to Vikrant. Vikrant comes to human form, Adi asks him to teach a lesson to that snake. Yuvi couldn’t shoot him. Adi says if not you then I will do the work. He shoots at Naag Vikrant. Vikrant gets shot and falls in the valley. They wonder if the girl is a naagin then she will not leave them and gets scared. Mahi comes there and asks who has fired the gun. Adi tells that he shot the snake. He asks Yuvi and Pratham to say, but they don’t tell him.

Ruhi goes down and tells Vikrant that she will take him to temple and says Guru ji will treat you. Vikrant asks her to promise that she will live. She says I will not promise, and tells that today was their Milan night. Vikrant asks her to live for him and dies. Ruhi cries. Mahi and others look down the valley. Ruhi sees everyone’s faces in Naag’s eyes. Mahi asks his brothers not to come until his hotel get ready. Vikrant falls down. Ruhi swears to kill all murderers of Vikrant.

Anita Hasnandani as naagin come to Sehgal house as Vish and tells Mahi that she is good with good people and bad with bad people. She attacks Yuvi. Yuvi gets scared and runs in the jungle. Naagin opens mouth and is about to bite him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dishani01

    nice starting if anybody in here

  2. Nice, but want it in detail….
    Plus, it’s a humble request, if you even mention, who are playing the roles of rittik, shivanya, yamini. ??

  3. this is totally wrong….today epi was totally different

    Msg from Team: Sorry. Proper one is updated now.

  4. hii dishani. me here.

    can anyone tell if this shivanya and rhitik are mouni and arjun or anybody else.

    1. TaniaFairy

      First update was wrong.there was no shivanya and rithik.

      1. taniafairy i couldn’t watched the episode due to my assignments so i didn’t knew about it. now i saw it . i understood.

      2. TaniaFairy

        Not to mention Ananya. I used to miss naggin 2 epis bcoz of studies now I have given my final exam and I m totally free.

  5. Sonakshi5

    Awesome start …???????????

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally show start ho gya… But update is too short… Anyway waiting dor detail update…
    Hi naagin fans

    1. TaniaFairy

      Hello,shradda di. How are you? Glad to see you after so many days later.Hope it will be fun this time.

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Hi, i m f9… How are u??

  7. Aafiya

    Superb start…

  8. I loved the way Karishma Tanna showcased her emotions. I hope she is not restricted to just a guest role.

  9. TaniaFairy

    After waiting so much now the show has started.I must say nice start.The way Karishma acted was good hope that will progress a lot in future.After watching Mouni Roy as the Lead naggin and Shesha the villain that will be bit tought to accept those three gorgeous and stunning New naagins.Hope to see better plot in Naggin Season 3 than what was worst in past Naggin 2..

  10. TaniaFairy

    I really felt bad for Mahi. He is not culprit but got framed in the eye of this dreadful naggin Ruhi.Now he must be bear the consequence.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Becoz he hero and his innocence will be shown in future…

      1. TaniaFairy

        Yes.you are right.And I m fine di.

  11. The way starting was nice but kill the naag in first episode and revenge start on first day it’s not and mouni dead

  12. Pretty sunflower

    But I think they should show Shivani’s story….why is she killed?? Making it as a suspense really it kills my patience…
    But Rajjat looks awesome… At 1st I can’t recognize him.. But isn’t Karishma Tanna is naagin?? Then y can’t she herself turn into naagin??? But over all good episode

  13. Siyuu

    atlast d most awaited N s3 iz in on air.. a nyz start… nyz casting …

    bt i didnt get d new twist of N s2.. if am right, shivangi z daughter f rithik.. amn’t i ? then why now arjun says shivangi was killed for him…

    Is the crazy ektha hv plan to be shown fathr n daughter reincineration lub stry ? if it will be true, shivangi is luking same as shivanya is nt justified the reason…

    1. i think that rhitik do not know that shivangi is his daughter because of same face of shivnayaand shivangi and he may have thought that she is shivanya and now loves rocky . and u know age difference matters not in ekta’s serial

  14. Naman pandey

    I hope so this time also nagins will show their rocking andaj best of luck

  15. The update got late or updated? Till 12:30 am I didn’t see and wrote it. H Hasan please correct Mahi as Mahir and also in the next episode the protagonist is Bela (Surbhi Jyoti). Ruhi’s intro with a different music bg is totally amazing. Love that one! Please everyone comment and make it reach 300.

  16. Hi tania di do you remember me …shivangi .how r u and where is our naagin family shraddha dhi,nandhini.dhananjaya bro,pranay,jia everyone .starting was awesome but it is tough to accept the new cast.i think if shivangis death secret has revealed it would be better.

    1. TaniaFairy

      Hello shivangi.Of course I remeber you.I m fine.what aaboit you?yeah I also think that shivangi death secret will be reavel in future. May be she will re born or something.

  17. Hello guyzz.finally naagin 3 arrived!!.how are you shradda di,tania-fairy.missed you.plz reply.loved this first episode.waiting for today.

    1. I already informed you that my name is Pranay and TU name is Arjit5 (Arjit). It was me who is now registered as Critic. You may read my first episode analysis and know detailed update. Okay it’ll be difficult to know me as Critic. Then I’ll comment as Arjit5. I don’t know why they’ve given abrupt end to Shivangi without revelation. Bela is paired opposite Yuvi for some initial days and then she’ll marry Mahir. I find Vish’s voice a bit different from that of a revengeful Naagin. I thought Bela is an interesting character as shown in the second promo. But this precap narrates something different. This time I think it’ll be easy for Vish to kill because unlike Sesha, she has entered the house as a celeb. No need to change forms and come always. ?

      1. TaniaFairy

        Hello pranay.How are you? Yeah Bela will be an interesting character we will see in future.in precap they showed a glimpse of her. We will see her in today’s epi.

    2. TaniaFairy

      Hi Jemi.Missed all of you too.I m fine. How are you?

      1. I’m fine tania sis.missed you a lot

  18. Maira where are you?and nandhini di,dhananjay bro,pranay,jia plz comment guyzz.its the first epi.just comment and say how much you like this episode?

    1. Ohh di u remembered me….,..

      1. Yes.how can I forget you all?

      2. Guyz,it’s very painful where shivangi died.whwn she opened her eyes,i was,like omg she’s alive!!!!!but after that she’s dead.gonna miss mouni a lot.karishma was stunning.waiting for 8 pm

    2. Ooshi

      Pranay is here as Critic just read his comments

  19. Riana

    Episode was kinda okay for me…As the season premiere only focussed on yuvi and that boys gang…Although Ruhi & Vikrant scene was touchy i felt karishma’s acting is a bit…Anywayz hope she will do better in future ! But i am having doubt that whether Bela (Surbhi jyoti) is shivangi’s reincarnation or not !…As bcoz in promo is was shown as the mid and prime naagin…Precap is attractive

    1. Pinku

      Hi riana u also here I am also here

      1. Riana

        @Pinks.. woww ??…you too following this season !

  20. Superb start……….Hope naagin 3 gone a rocks….???

    1. Hey appi! (am) here

  21. Vish………… What a name
    What else can a. Naagin think of

    1. TaniaFairy

      Hi Maira.How are you? Nice to see you again.

      1. M fine appi Hw r u ?

    2. TaniaFairy

      I m Good.how’s your Ramadan going?

      1. Alhamdollilah appi ?

  22. Hii mairuuu….!!!how are you?

    1. Hiii jemi di
      Finally after almost a year

      1. Yes dear.almost an year

  23. ShraddhaSharma392

    In start team written about shivangi, ritik and rockey, so i doubt that may be mahi, bela, vish will have connection from this… As i was not able to watch episode…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I think anita vish is another face of karishma ruhi???
      I hope ritik, shivangi and rockey ka aisa end kyu hua and where is rockey now, all questions are needed to be answered.. As I am very curious to know that answers…
      Missing mouni, adda, arjun, karan…

      1. I think someone was playing prank with the update. When I saw this update at 12:30 am I was wondering why it was published wholly wrong. That was like a fiction and doesn’t relate to episode since I watched the episode fully. There’s no connection as the voiceover said it’s a different story of another Naagin.

      2. TaniaFairy

        When shivangi died saying “Muje nahi pata mere papa or pati ne muje kyu mara? mein iye jane bhina ja to rahihu par wafas awngi.”I think she will reborn and somehow may be will be related to those naggins.I m also curious about her story.Let’s see what happens.

      3. Pinku

        Hi shraddha even I am here hi five

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I didn’t read that time, so i don’t know…
      And yes narrator said so, but i hope they connect that story later, otherwise it will be big mystry and if they have shown this that mean they shall be connecting it in future…

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      And i am 99% sure that naagin season 1 jitna hit tha seaaon 2 thoda week tha until rockey turned in naag and shivangi got killed and many of us will be waiting for ans only, rather than excitment for season 3, we have excitment to know why rockey killed shivangi on ritik saying..

  24. Fenil

    Hello Naagin Family !!
    Fantabulous start of new fresh naagin’s story. Superb performance by Karishma and Rajat. After a long time Naagin ki shakti se naagin ki bhakti se….bg score gave peace to ears.

    1. Pinku

      Fenil bhai tum bhi wooooow ye tho dusra Milan Han yaaron IPKKND family ka

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes.. Actually u forgot to write somethings in song.
      song is: naagin ki shakti shiv, naagin ki bhakti shiv, naagin ka parlya shiv, naageshvarya shiv.. Har har shiv

    3. Riana

      @Fenu bhaiyoo… Hey I am new here in this forum…I am Riana ???…Lol

      1. Hi Fenil, Riana! I think you didn’t comment in the last two seasons updates. Happy to add more members to this Naagin fan group.

  25. Hello Naagin family,
    I’m new here.How are you all?
    Anyways the epi was nice.But still confused why they ended shivangi’s story like this.

    1. Hello Sree! Welcome and you may join this Naagin family by commenting every weekend.

  26. Sahina

    Hello guys….I m a new member here

    1. Yes welcome for you too Sahina. Keep reading as well as commenting in Naagin 3 updates.

    2. TaniaFairy

      Hello. welcome here.

    3. Hello welcome

  27. Awesome and amazing starting

  28. Pearl is very handsome.i hope he can be the best male lead like rithik in season 1.but rocky was too boring.rudra was better than him.

  29. Sahina

    Ya right Jemi..Rudra and Rithik were better than him

  30. Sahina

    Hello Arjit ,Jemi ,Tania

    1. Hello sahina

  31. Hii…I’m new here
    I’m a die hard fan of this naagin series as most of u said naagin 2 disappointed in the first …but wanna know y rocky killed shivangi and was ritik alive?many questions are there yet to be answered… Anyways this episode was awesome
    Waiting for surbhi and pearl chemistry

  32. The cast if Veere Di Wedding almost ruined the show, but Karishma Tanna single handedly saved the show. Hope she is not limited to guest appearance.

  33. Hey guys,
    Im priya nd love to watch naagin
    Naagin1 was best show. Mouni, ada nd arjun nailed that show
    And the story was osm too
    Now lets come to naagin 3
    Because here is my fav too anita
    She is amazing, and perl v puri is osm too.
    Surbhi she is very nyc nd krishma is doing a good job too
    If she is gonna rock like this thn im pretty sure i’ll be her great fan.
    In this episode she give life to this.
    Because we didn’t like #vdw cast here.
    The starting was osm
    The song s ?????
    Nd choreography is mind blowing
    In starting when andy wants to destroy the holy temple, the that bavender was mind blowing.
    Ruhi’s dance ?????????
    And voice of her anklet I loved that
    But sad those monester kill her naag ?? vikarnt .
    The episode were osm nd mindblowing.
    But guys didn’t you notice one mistake.
    That’s not a lil one they repeat it 2-3 times.
    And that mistake was Ruhi’s front duptta.
    When that yuvi nd aadi threw away her duptta
    Thn how she was wearing it again when she was having vikarnt in her lap.
    Thats tricky
    That duptta was coming nd going

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