1st Epi – Naagin (Colors) 1st November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with surya namaskar and gayatri mantra. A man travels in car in a secluded road and stops it hearing a lady’s anklet. He starts following lady who invites him to follow her into jungle and then old shiv temple. Lady says she was waiting for him since ages and he is only hers. She continues gesturing him to follow her. Man follows her hiding behind trees and bushes. Mere sang pyar me…music plays in the background. Just when man is about to catch her, he wakes up from sleep and shouts. His fiance Tanvi calls him Rhitik and greets him good morning. She complains that she knows he does not love her, etc. He says he cannot love her, but will be loyal to her. she reminds him about their upcoming engagement and their trip.

Rithik talks about his family,

his dad who is fitness and fashion freak, his mom, etc.. Mom and dad’s nok jhok. Mom informs dad about Rithik’s engagement and to wear white suit for shiv pooja. He wears black instead. she scolds that shivji likes white. Shiv pooja start and each family member is introduced. Rithik’s cousin, alcoholic sister, brother, uncle and aunt, etc.. After pooja, panditji asks parents where is their son, pooja is for his goodness. Rithik enters with Tanvi and says he came in and takes aarti. Lamp blows off. Mom gets tensed. Rithik jokes with dad that he was saving panditji’s beard.

Mom consults guruji who says Rithik needs to be married before he turns 25 year old, else hsi life will be in danger.

Dad gets ready for traveling and tells why should travel Panchner, 300 km away from mumbai. She reminds him about an incident happened 20 years ago. He gets angry and warns her not to remind about that night and keep it secret. Rithik enters and asks what secret. Dad says why did he enter in young couples’ room without knocking and starts joking. Rithik says his parents are the best couple. Their joking continues.

Before traveling, Tanvi’s uncle who is Rithik’s friend asks he heard that a girl comes in his dream. Rithik looks at Tanvi and says dream does not have any meaning at all and not to worry. Family starts traveling in a car. Tanvi’s uncle sees bite mark on Rithik’s neck and asks if it is love bite. Rithik’s cousin searches on net and says it is snake bite. A man comes in front suddenly and before Rithik could apply break, man falls down. Whole family gets out of car and feed water to old man. Old man wakes up and says he is fine. Rithik’s mom Yamini says she knows this place and gets afraid realizing it is old Panchner shiv temple they had visited 20 years ago. Old man says this temple is very auspicious and is seen only to lucky people. Cousin says it is strange and tells about Rithik’s snake bite. Yamini panics hearing about snake bite. Rithik says he got same dream and when woke up found this bite. Yamini asks family to inform her first if they see snake. Once family leaves, old man converts into naagin/woman.

Family reaches their ancestral mansion. People who are eagerly waiting for them discuss that raja saheb/Rithik is a replica of odl raja saheb. All youngsters get very excited seeing such a big mansion. Tanvi asks Rithik if he is really a raja and she will be a real queen. They all get mesmerized seeing old bar and big alcohol bottles, huge space, etc.. Yamini gifts Tanvi precious bangles. Rithik starts taunting Tanvi.

Dad asks mom/yamini why did she brought family here, if they don’t know about their past in this mansion/haveli, what if one of their past haunt their present now. Rithik comes and dad changes discussion. He introduces family to his ancestor’s portraits, great grandfather, grandfather, etc. Youngsters joke that their ancestors were fat, look like dacoits, etc… Rithik sees a torn portrait and asks whose portrait it was. Dad says it was his potrait which villagers tore as they don’t like him.

Rithik walks around mansion and sees an young lady cleaning. Servant asks if he needs anything. Rithik says no. He sees same temple from window and asks about soundss. Servant says it is shiv temple and today is very auspicious day and maha shiv pooja in which many snakes partcipate.

Rithik asks dad why did he select this venue for his engagement. Dad says to show off and to clear Yamini’s debt for giving birth to such a handsome son. Family calls them for dinner. Rithik sees same girl moving around and starts staring at her and thinks why is he staring at her. Family plays antakshari. Rithik continues staring at girl instead of singing. Tanvi sings hum aapke ankhon me…song.. for Rithik. Girl leaves. Younters ask Tanvi how did she fall into Rithik’s love. She says love is weird, if you go to find it, it will go far away, but if you go far away, it will come near you. She saw Rithik’s eyes first and fell in love. Alcholic sister says even she loves alcohol in a same way. Rithik continues looking at girl. Yamini’s turn comes next. Rithik questions what is icchadhari nagin/snake, he saw him in TV serials, etc., and if they are in real. Yamini says theya re for real and after praying Shiv for years they get a power to change into human or any form.

Guruji plays been/snake music. Snake turns into lady and tells she prayed for 100 years and got this human form. She will revoke her incomplete story now.

Family continues joking. Dad says mom is right, he personally experienced ichhadhari nagin, before marriage mom was saint and after marriage became nagin. Everyone laughs and mom relaxes that he did not tell 20-year-old secret.

Girl drops food by mistake. Family scolds her. Her boss takes her out and fires. She pleads not to. Rithik hears that and warns him if girl does not come for his engagment party tomorrow, he will not accept his catering. Boss gets tensed. Rithik goes near girl to console her and keeps his hand on her shoulder. Girl stops crying. O re piya…song plays in the background. Girl smiles. Rithik also smiles looking at her smile and apologizes for his family’s mistake and says he warned manager/boss not to suspend her from work. Girl starts coughing. He says he will send her medicines. She tries to leave, but her dupatta gets stuck in bushes and she gets shy. Rithik returns her dupatta. Boss comes and says he forgave her and is returning her job. Girl smiles, looks at Rikthik once and leaves.

Rithik joins back his family in garden. Tanvi asks where was he, they were talking about love, mom told love happens at first sight. Rithik reminisces falling in love with the girl. Rithik says he does not believe in love, be it first or fifth sight. While family gets busy playing, Rithik silently leaves into jungle searching for network. He hears temple bells and realizes that he sees same temple in his dream. He then hears same girl walking with tere sang pyar me…music and realizes that she is the same girl whom he saw in dream. He starts following her hiding behind trees. Girl thinks she was waiting for him since years, whatever he saw in dream is turning into reality. Rithik continues following her. She gestures to follow her saying he is only hers and from today, their story starts. He gets SMS and checks it. When he raises his head, he does not find girl and starts searching her. A snake is seen climbing tree. Rithik sees girl again and starts following again. Girl says she is naagin and whole world cannot stop her from taking her revenge. He can run away from whole world, but not from a snake/nagin. She smirks looking at sky and then Rithik.

Precap: Yamini tells husband that history is repeating, their son is missing. Guruji says whoever makes sin, Bhairavnath will take care of them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Hayathi

    Guys this is the best serial…. aur plzzz make it daily serial na….. sirf 2days…. this is not fare…..

  2. Aparna

    Plz any1 tell me who is playing d role of naagin. Was she in any other serial n who was d girl whom rithik liked.

  3. Shraddha sharma

    Nice show …. very much interesting and different from other daily soap shows…
    And I think this show is going to be just like FILM Nagin/ nagina (rishi kooper and shridevi) (not know the actual name) …

  4. ahana

    there are 2 female lead…mouni roy and adaa khan
    adaa is doing a negative role whereas mouni is in positive.

  5. Mahesh Panchal

    Loved this serial very much excited to see next week but please make this serial as daily soap as cant wait till saturday. Please stop viewing that boring balika vadhu and other serials and instead please make this NAAGIN as daily soap. Grand sets and amazing special effects too much grand serial as expected and just loved each and every second of the serial and thanks that with only one break they showed. Nice episode lovely mouni roy, ada khan and ritik too much temperature raising – love you all, can’t wait till saturday. it is a humble request to the makers that please make this daily soap.

  6. Nishaanth

    Shikar(Arjun Bijlani) Meri Aashiqui tumse hi fame, after finishing love story nw revenge story ☺☺☺

  7. ayush

    after pyar ki ye ek kahaani … Balaji telefilms back with a most loving supernatural story….. Nice one but i want that again balaji telefikms work in pyar ki ye ek kahaani return….. With same starcast……. What are u saying friend…

  8. prena

    Woww,it was a lovely premiere…
    Every actors, sets ,dialogues, presentation looked fabulous…
    Adaa khan is Naagin, and waiting to know about Mouni and Arjun’s story.
    Kudos to the team..
    Loving it

  9. Dolly

    ashoka also started with gr8 bang on colours. Over a period of time it became boring. Better not to pin too many hopes on nagin

  10. sapna

    Oh..god…nice show and all…but tell me who is paired opposite arjun ..is it mouni…or is it adaa…I thought it must be adaa…Maine Toh ek bhi promo mein nahi dekha mouni ko….and now suddenly..whats happening…for gods sake I hope it isnt a love triangle….ya phir wo ‘shree’ (zee tv show) jaisa story na ho…gaav ki gori gets married to city boy and saves him from.. supernatural evil.. Its old school ..It’ll get boring then…concept is nice…its a request please don’t ruin the story…

  11. Candace

    NOOOO……Plz don’t make it a daily soap otherwise this fantastic n fabulous story will also get BOOOOOORINGGGGGGG……

  12. Bhabya

    I wanna see Adaa and Arjun as the lead couple.Please don’t bring mouni between Arjun m adaa in serial.?No? love triangle please ….

  13. Hi everyone,
    I watched naagin yesterday, it was awesome. I’m really in to supernatural and mysteries. I just hope that this drama doesn’t get dragged alot.

  14. harshvardhan

    nice episode and actor actress. but I think they should show love story of naagin and a human not revenge of naagin.

  15. deepika


    its good serial and very nice that it comes on weekend as this means ekta will not overstretch it to another saas bahu serial
    Just a suggestion to ekta please keep it to the point as ek hasinaa thi and limited episodes so that it has great end and is not overstretched

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.