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The serial starts with Nagarjun’s introduction. Voiceover says Nagarjun knew till now that he is he is born to Amraoli’s Shastri family and did not know he is Nagarjun and his birth secret was hidden in Mahabharath. It is time to reveal his birth secret and it will change his life. To know his the secret, they have to go back 20 years when he was born. A hut is seen in jungle and a lonely woman writhes in labor pain. Snake sunrround hut. One side it is Arjun’s birth and other side a fierce war in nagmani in naglok. Arjun’s mother holding him says she is world’s first mom who is not happy with his birth. She knows he has to fight with his father Mahabali Astika. A tall macho man Astika is seen fighting with army and killing them ruthlessly. Mother continues

that his father will come not to show his love, but to show his killing enemies. Mom says her mamta/motherly love will protect him.

Astika goes and stands in front of Nagdev. Nagdev says great warrior Astika is killing nags ruthlessly for nagmani to fill Dakshak’s desire. Astika says he will get mani for maharaj Dakshak at any cost. Their fight starts. Nagdev pins him and says Dakshak will destroy world if he gets nagmani. Astika says he will get nagmani at any cost and beats nagdev ruthlessly. Their fight continues and Nagdev falls down. He gets up and attacks Astika, but Astika pierces spearhead into his chest and takes nagmani from his forehead.

Astika then goes to his mother and reqeusts her to bless him. Mother says she is blessing him as a mother, but is crying. He says he is doing his duty. She asks if his duty will finish after giving nagmani to Dakshak. He says he wants nagmani to be in naglok for naglok’s safety. She says his battle will start after he gives nagmani to Dakshak. Astika then goes to Dakshak and gives him nagmani. Dakshak orders him to attack prithvi lok/world and destroy it so that naglok will be more powerful. He then praises Astika’s bravery and powers. Dakshak says he did his duty. Dakshak orders him to bring his human son from Vasuki who will be naglok’s biggest weapon.

Vasuki rishi is seen in tapasya/meditation. Astika’s mother devi Mansatiti comes and asksto open his eyes. He opens eyes and greets her. She says Dakshak will take revenge from Devraj Indra and will destroy earth. Astika took mani from nagdev and gave it to Dakshak. Vasuki says it is impossible to take nagmani from Astika. She says according to age-old bhavishyavani, a human child is born already who can carry this nagmani. Vasuki says then they have to find that boy. Mansatiti says he has reach boy before Dakshak reaches him and he has only 12 hours. Only Mohni yagna can stop Dakshak and it has powrs of stopping any creatures.

Vasuki starts Mohni yagna with his guru and other sadhus. Guu sends smoke from yagna and forms a hawk. Guru says this smoke will take him to naglok and with this smoke, Dakshak and his whole naglok will fall unconscious and once he takes nagmani, whole naglok will wake up and he has to run from there. Vasuki follows smoke.

Astika reaches hut and asks his wife Pranali to give his son. She says he wants to make him beast and does not love him at all. He says he is doing his duty. Astika says his son is not a common man, gods will praise him and he will be very powerful and special. Pranali says he tricked her before lying that he is a human, but he is nag and she got fooled a woman but wil not as a mother.

Vasuki reaches naglok and takes nagmani from Dakshak. He tells Dakshak that since he is having bad intensions, he is taking nagmani from him. Dakshak calls Astika and shouts Vasuki is taking nagmani by trick. Astika hears that and calls his guard and orders him to guard Pranali and son and warns Pranali that she can shows her mata until he is back, he will take his son to naglok for sure. She gives him curse that his fatherly love will lose over his son and he will never withstand against his son. He leaves. Vasuki continues running and nags follow him. He stops them and says he does not want to kill nags and warns them to go back.
Vasuki tries to escape with her son, but sees nag/snake outside. Manastiti comes and via telepathy suggests her to rn towards east, towards ganga river. She runs. Nag sees her running and informs Astika. Astika comes and stands in front of Pranali. Vasuki creates sand storm around Astika and traps him. Pranali runs on ganga bank and nag follows her. She sees water fall and jumps in. She then holds her son’s basket but sees nag behind her. She cries seeing her son and prays ganga that whole world calls her mom, even she is a mom and is submitting her son under her protection, she should protect him against any danger. She sends her son’s basket via water fall and cries loudly. Baby falls from water fall. Nag attacks and kills her. Vasuki catches baby in snake form and then hugs it as human and turns back to snake engraving nagmani into it.

In Amraoli, a couple comes to temple and meets pandit. Pandit says today is nag panchami and god will fulfill their wish. They pray Shivji, and lady prays to make her a mother. She hears child crying and runs towards river bank to see a child in basket. She picks child and tells her husband does not know whose child it is. Vasuki comes and says this boy is a mrircale and is a god’s boon for them, he is kanhaiya and she is yashoda maiya. Lady requests to name the child. Vasuki says he won over death and is a warrior like Arjun, his name should be Arjun. Lady holds child and says he is her son Arjun.

Precap: Dakshak orders Astika to bring his human son. Young Arjun is introduced showing stunts on his bike, he meets a girl and she rides behind him as pillion rider.

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  2. I think this show is quite similar to mahakumbh which started Gautam rode well I don’t really like this kind of fantasy shows much but m gonna watch it for Keerti big fan of Keerti The one acting as Pranali

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