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Scene 1:
Location: Pari’s residence
pari’s mother, the main person behind the wedding, is running around with loads of work, as the entire house, is geared up in wedding preparations. merriment and festivities are on in full swing. he talks to a lady, his wife, pari’s maasi, who is a miserly lady, avoiding to spend any extra money, much to his frustration. All are tensed as the lights suddenly go off. he comes and asks whats the matter and why isnt the generator on, and hurries to get it done. in the darkness, a girl drssed up in traditional, and then wearing jeans underneath, is shown to be making her way with the lantern, and proceeding towards the generator area, and the lights come back on. The people wonder who got it done so fast, and pari’s father comes

and tells them that there is noone else, other than his daughter, pari, who is the bright light of the house. Pari is shown for the first time. He goes to pari, and asks whats she doing. she says that she was getting ready, when the lights went off, and she came to fix it. granny comes and joines them too. People announce that the baraat has come. Massi comes and reprimands her for not being dressed when the baraat is at the door. Pari tries to speak, but she doesnt let him, and takes her from there. pari gets sad. granny asks her not to get sad at her talks. She then coaxes pari to smile, and she complies. Granny kisses her, and then through a hole, she makes pari see her mother-in-law, who seems a highly amiable lady. Granny says that she looks wonderful. Pari comments that she seems like her mother, and starts imagining her mother in law, giving her the motherly love that she has wanted all her life. Then she gets to rushing, but granny asks her to wear the lehenga and gives it to her, and take off her jeans. pari smiles and takes it. Pari rushes off from there, donning the lehenga over the jeans. She overhears the groom talking to some girl, in the rickshaw, that this marriage is just a sham and a compromise, and that they then can enjoy their life, while the bride sits rotting in one corner. pari is shocked. Just then, the mother comes and finds them like this, and asks them to hold for some more time, and continue with this charade and pretense. She says that he has to marry this bespectacled girl, to be able to get their father off their shoulders. Pari is aghast, as she sees the true colours of her sasuma. she asks the giirlfriend to get lost and rushes inside with the groom. She tries to search her father, but she is unable to.

Downstairs, all wait for pari to arrive, at the mandap, while her bitter masi proclaims that she has brought her up with much love and care. Meanwhile, pari starts looking for her father. but just then, her masi comes and takes pari away, asking her not to waste time. Pari is brought in the mandap forcibly by her masi, while she is apalled and tensed. her father assures her and asks her to calm down. the marriage rituals begin and pari remembers what she just heard, and is horrified. she takes her hand away, from the groom’s, and stands up, asking them to stop. They are all shocked. the groom’s mother asks whats the matter, as its okay to be nervous, but all would be fine. pari tells her father that she isnt the groom’s choice. He and his mother are apalled, and deny it outright. Pari asks rohit to speak up, as his silence is raising questions. her masi reprimands her for talking nonsense, and apologises for her. Pari tells rohit that it isnt too late and that he should marry who he loves, so that their lives arent spoiled. She tells his mother about what she had heard. The groom’s mother takes it on her insult, and tries to distract them. but pari tells the entire truth, and asks rohit to speak up. he looks at the mother, and then says that she is lying. pari is shocked. She narrates the groom’s mother’s dialogues to her, and she gets tensed. the masistarts reprimanding pari’s father to speak. pari gets emotional as she starts speaking, about how she had merely wanted a mother. pari is tensed as tensions amount up. The groom leaves with his family, while pari stands tensed with the rest of the family. the masi is furious with rage, and reprimands pari whats the problem, and why doesnt she die. Pari rushes in, distraught and apalled. The masi continues to vent out venomous aggression and rants against her, and how she has only been a problem for her, ever since she was born. She eyes her mother’s pic and then puts on the music player, to play a lullaby. She thinks that she thought she would be able to search her mother, but now how would she manage it.

The next morning, pari’s father and granny are tensed, when she doesnt respond at all, while the maasi and her daughter, insinuate that she might have committed suicide. they break the door open but dont find pari, and are boggled as to where she went.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Maasa meanwhile steps down the stairs, while the people treat her with much reverence. she eyes a couple going past, and one of them is her granddaughter. she is enraged and asks for the keys from her aide, and then steps on to a truck, and follows the bike couple. She puts brakes right in front of the bike. The boy is unable to understand and shouts who is it. As she steps out, the girl recognises her, and steps down the bike in scare. maasa comes and slaps the boy and wrenches the girl by her hair and takes her from there.

Scene 3:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Suman, the girl is brought home by maasa, and all the other ladies gather up, as maasa throws her on the floor in rage. babita, one of the bahus, is amused however. Suman rushes to granny and begs to be saved. Just then, maasa comes out, with all of suman’s western clothes, and then burns them alight, much to everyone’s shock and horror. She tells suman’s mother that she did wrong by giving her western clothesd, and mobiles, and hollers at babita for having wrongly influenced her by watching movies. Maasa says that she is known for her fame, and that she wont bear anyone tainting it. She reprimands the mother, saying that she shall kill her, if next time, her daughter is caught like this. Maasa reprimands that she cant keep a daughter okay, and that they shall call the priest, to fix her wedding. the men come in, and talk about this marriage, where the girl refused to marry the boy at the altar. Maasa says that women take respect of the house lightly these days. Suman’s father comes and asks her to calm down, as he shall handle it all. Maasa taunts that he cant handle either his wife or his daughter. Suman’s mother thinks that none of them can put down her anger, except for the one and only, Sattu.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Sattu, the male lead, is shown to be praying in the temple, with much fervour and devotion. the priest blesses him all the good health, while he says to bless his mother, as thats all he wants. he then descends down. As he is walking down the stairs, he collides and grazes past pari, and the diyas alight up her dupatta, and then the whole place. he turns around and is shocked, while pari is scared as she is trapped in the fire. he jumps inside. they both confront each other, behind a giant poster of maasa in the background. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: An astrologer tells pari that her future is very bright, but she has to face many obstacles first. sattu hears intently from a distance. Later, maasa calls up pari, and tells her tauntingly, that she needs to break her watch, as from this day forth, her life wouldnt be as it was, till now. pari reprimands her that she is only full of bitterness in her heart. Maasa gets angry. She says that she now needs her brother at any cost. She spots suman acnnodling with the boyfriend once again, who is pari’s brother. She decides to get them married right then, while both of them are apalled, as she alights a fire for them. Pari is extremely tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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