1st Epi – Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The show opens up with a news channel getting ready to take interviews of two music legends and sisters, Kalyani and Ketki. They were both called with the gap of half an hour as they don’t get along each other, but they both reach about the same time.

Before them, it’s their mother, Devika, who is interviewed. First question asked to her is about the distance between her two daughters. Devika says it was not always like this and the story goes in flashback.

Kalyani and Ketki who were children then were both exceptional singers. They are shown rehearing music and Kalyani points out a small mistake which no one else catches. Their parents were very proud of both children. Their father, Raja Ram, was indebted and he’s advised by his close friend to sell his

music institution as nowadays no one is into classical music. However, Raja Ram is determined to pay his debt by earning money from his institution.

Raja Ram, Kalyani, Ketki, and their younger brother reach home where Devika has prepared food for them. They all sit together to eat. Kalyani and Ketki praise each other. Devika reminds Raja Ram about his mother coming today. Ketki is not happy as she will have to share two sisters room with her. But Kalyani says she’s their grandma. They should be happy that she is visiting after so many days.

Raja Ram comes to pick him mum. His mum was praising him to everyone in bus. While they are heading back home, Raja Ram shares his pride for his children to his mum.

They arrive home. Grandma has brought gifts for children. She says one piece of cloth is for Kalyani and other for Ketki. She tells them to make whichever kind of dress they like. They must know about sewing right. Devika says they don’t get time from study and music, so she didn’t teach them. Grandma taunts Devika that first she needs to know how to put thread in needle. Grandma tells the girls that she will teach them. They are growing up and every girl needs to know basic housework. Ketki says she’s waiting to get the cloth and she started about teaching them stuff. She takes the cloth and runs away. On the other hand, Kalyani welcomes grandma and expresses happiness. She also says she will learn all that she wants to teach. She leaves. Grandma praises Kalyani. She then gives gift to the boy. Later, she asks Raja Ram to meet her outside.

Outside, she tries to convince him to use his knowledge for music and do something for his life. But he’s not ready to listen. Grandma then tells Devika to tell him something as he’ll listen to her. Devika slowly and hesitantly walks towards him.

Precap: Some guy is beating up Raja Ram warning him to pay his money back on time. Grandma, Devika, and Kalyani watch this from their home.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Today’s epi pls

  2. Lata and asha…even if hey deny, it’s 1000% based on them! beautiful 🙂

  3. Superb ep and amrita looks cute in village costume ..

  4. The name of the show Meri awaaz hi pehchaan hai is one of the hit song of lata mangeskar but I don’t think they real life enemy though it’s true that both of them were competitors but it’s natural in any field.

  5. Like Serena Williams & Venus Williams.

  6. No, they r d best of friends and a huge support system for each other now like they were in childhood. But yes, there was a huge rivalry b/w them for a decade once upon a time. U can read abt it on d wiki page of Asha Bhosle

    Heard a lot about these 2 legends since childhood. Glad to know more from the show. Even d characters exactly dress like lata mangeshkar and asha bhosle do! 🙂

  7. Nice episode n I want see amrita …………I m so excited as I m big fan of her

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