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The Episode starts with Sanju’s wife Kashmira doing puja and going to wake him by bangles sounds. He hugs her and greets her good morning. She asks him to get ready and go office. She asks did you change your mobile password. He says be thankful I did not change you, what will you do knowing password, I did not get any girl’s call. She says say password first. He says Chudail is the password, this is smooth run. She asks who is Chandu. He shouts my sister. The conversation continues as he stays in bathroom and argues. He asks her not to doubt on him always. She says I m doubting as you are clever, don’t dare to do any mistake.

Sanju goes to have breakfast and his brother in law Bhupesh taunts him. Sanju’s mother in law taunts Sanju. Sanju asks why is she still here, when she came

for one week. She blushes. Sanju says you are not going anywhere since 8 years. Sanju gets angry and imagines to kill Bhupesh in anger. Kashmira asks Sanju not to tell much about her mother. Sanju says I m running this house by my earnings, look at them Kashmira, I stopped inviting my friends because of them. Kashmira asks him not to spoil her mood, else she will call her Dadi now. Sanju says don’t call Dadi, I have meet my new boss. Kashmira asks new boss? Bhupesh says a new girl is coming, she is boss’s daughter, she is becoming new MD, she is young. Kashmira asks is she beautiful. Bhupesh says I will meet her today for first time, I will keep an eye on Sanju, don’t worry.

Sanju and Bhupesh reach office. Sanju asks Bhupesh to work anywhere else. Bhupesh asks why, are there thorns here. The new boss walks towards the lift. Sanju and Bhupesh get inside the lift. Sanju sees her and runs outside the lift. Bhupesh asks where are you going. Sanju sees her and a heart forms around. He stands around her and looks at her. Music plays……….. They get inside the gift. Sanju imagines romancing with her. The watchman shouts and his imagination ends. Sanju stares at her and asks which company. He lies that he is manager and selects new people. She asks really. He asks her name. She says Papi Sharma. He asks her education She says I m poor and illiterate. He laughs and says good joke, it does not seem you are illiterate by seeing your clothes. She says its my habit to spend my earnings on clothes, did I pass in interview. He says no, my boss will take interview, but I will recommend my friend, so are we friends. She says yes, can I know the name of my angel. He says Sajan Agarwal, illiterate girls call me Sanju with love. She thanks Sanju. He says nice to meet you, all the best, and goes. Gulabo…..plays………… Sanju goes and meets all colleagues. He asks peon to get coffee. Peon says machine is not working. Sanju asks him to repair machine, don’t spoil my mood, go and get it.

Peon wears googles and turns. Everyone greet her as Sir. Sanju says he got late because of family problems and apologizes. Peon says you all know I was peon in this company, but by fate, few years ago, I won 2 crores lottery and bought this company, I m chairman of this company, I m the boss, but I m still sticking to my roots. I was peon, I m peon and I will always be peon. Everyone clap. Peon/boss tells them that he will fill this chair today with my daughter, who is new MD, she is Sanjana, she returned from London, I don’t know what she did there, welcome Sanjana.

Sanju hides his face seeing Sanjana, whom he met in lift. Boss cries and asks Sanjana to sit on the chair. She thanks him. He goes. Sanjana asks everyone to sit, and says I m glad meeting you all, people here are sincere and are on duty always, even in lift, they take interview in lift itself, you can leave, and asks Sanju to stay back. They all leave. Sanjana looks on. Sanju gets tensed.

Sanju comes home late and greets everyone. Kashmira scolds Sanju and asks what am I hearing, your new boss sent everyone out and stopped you. Bhupesh smiles. Kashmira asks what did you do, answer me. Sanju says I don’t have time to answer cheap question, serve food. His mum in law laughs and asks what did he do. Sanju asks her not to ignite fire. His mum in law says I m not talking to you. Bhupesh asks Sanju to answer. Sanju asks him why is he spoiling the house matter. The light goes. Kashmira’s Dadi comes in Kashmira. Sanju hides in bathroom and Bhupesh gets beaten. His mum in law asks Sanju to save Bhupesh. Sanju says I will not save Bhupesh, you go and save your son. His mum in law slaps Sanju.

Next day, Sanju comes to office. It rains outside. He sees Sanjana drying her hair and drenched in rain. Music plays……………… he fantasizes playing holi with her. Sanjana says Mr. Sajan. He says yes. She says no one came seeing me. He says sorry, I did not know. She says you are always busy in work, who am I that you will know me. He says please madam, don’t say this. She says none worries for me. He says I m here, I worry for you. She says if you worry for me, who will do office work. He says I will do. She goes to change clothes in her cabin. Sanju goes after her and knocks, asking May I come in Madam. He goes ahead and says sorry. She says its okay, come inside, stay there and don’t let anyone come, I m changing. He says I m already here. She says you are different. He turns and closes eyes. She asks him why did he turn, its bad manners, open eyes. He asks sure? She says its your eyes. He gets shocked seeing Sanjana….. music plays…………

Sanjana says husband whose wife is always doubting on him, he works in office where boss is very hot. She kisses on his shirt. He worries that Kashmira will shoot me if she sees me with this lipstick mark.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ???? nice comdey …..
    But I think this show’s are related to the writer or directors or producers of Bhabhi ji Ghar par… as I found similar punches and team caste nearly same…
    But show is good… ???

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