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It is Delhi 1995
A dignitary is worried that 500 people have died and he was helpless. The young man tells him that there is a man who knows about all the sweeper cells of India, he has appointed two of his men to go behind him to Turkey. The name of the boy is Kabir and he is an India Raw Agent.
Another girl who gets into a western dress and goes in a car, named Anushka is also an India Raw Agent.
Kabir and Anushka reach the party, Anushka says they have to get this Pakistani contract information in hand. They arrive and spot Shahnawaz as the friend of Pakistan and their enemy. Kabir says to Anushka they couldn’t spot Zubari here. A waitress gets drink for them. Anushka and Kabir kiss each other. They get a capsule, Kabir opens and reads Hospitality room. A man arrives as Kabir

and Anushka have been dancing. Kabir tells Anushka that their target is the briefcase that contains the laptop with the information. Kabir gets into the room, but there he passes by a man. The young man follows Kabir, and comes to inquire about it. Anushka comes behind him, hits a vase over the man’s head that kills him. They heads outside. Kabir asks Anushka to keep an eye on Zubair, he will get the data. He comes upstairs, fights the security in the way and invades the ISI security. Anushka spots Zubair moving upstairs with his friends. Anushka is worried that Kabir is also in the same room Zubair is going. She connects to Kabir on the intercom and informs that they are approaching. Zubair finds the security personnel dead, Anushka diverts the attention by shooting bullets in the air. The files had been copying. Zubair opens the fire at the door, but bu then Kabir and Anushka had flewn with the hard disk of laptop. There is exchange of bullets, but the two successfully drive the bike. A bullet hits Anushka on her arm. Kabir drives to cut the neck of the shooter, and drives Anushka on the bike. She had hugged him tight. The floppy disk was left there.
Kabir makes a bonfires, and drapes Anushka with his shirt in the cold night. The headlights hit their eyes, their officer was there who scolds Kabir that he shouldn’t have let them know about it. Anushka asks Kabir to hand him the data. Their officer say that now they may get their plan changed completely. Anushka says they have enough information of the masterminds behind them now. She says she is there with Kabir and nothing will happen to him.
Zubair was angry, he says how they dare interfered and took their information from them. He says he will get the agents in their own country, won’t back off his mission and will kill the agent ruthlessly.
In India, an old lady welcomes Anushka and Kabir. The mother says they are both documentary makers only and she is an army officer’s wife. She touches Anushka’s injured hand, but she makes up that she fell off from elephant while shooting.
Zubair inquires his man about the killed personel. The man was Imran who had only left a 22 year old sister behind. Zubari tells his mate that no one will stop a 22 year old girl enter the Indian borders, she will revenge his brother’s death.
Anuskha’s mother asks if she told Kabir what she wants to tell him for last three years. She says to Anushka that she knows Kabir well, and will be really happy. She must tell Kabir soon, before someone enters his love bus. Anushka stops her mother and goes to Kabir. Kabir was playing guitar. She tries to sing, Kabir says they are only incompatible in case of music. Anuskha says she has nothing to do with music, and Kabir says given a chance, he will leave anything for music. Maa calls Anushka and says she must not lose her bus, as she is going to market. Anushka asks Kabir if he ever loved someone? Kabir looks at her, then says yes, right now. Anushka asks with whom? Kabir intently says, with his piano. He laughs. Anushka says she means the other love. Kabir says no, never. He says there is a dreamgirl in his mind, a girl whom he would love. The kind of girl he want to fall in love with. Anushka asks him to tell about that dream girl. Kabir says she must be simple and innocent, the one who values relations. She must know how to get along in relations.
It was Imran’s sister there in Lahore. She was exactly the same girl. Zubair told her that she will have to take revenge of her brother’s death from that Indian Raw Agent.
The officer tells Kabir and Anushka that a few files are corrupt, they have to recover the files in a while. Kabir asks about the ISI agent. They had a blurred photo of that girl who was this agent. The officer sent them to Pune right away. Kabir had to enter as the bell boy and Anushka as the receptionist. The ISI agents had to stay there, and they needed to extract every detail from them.
Zubair says now they will make bomb blasts everywhere in India. They thought they would stop it by stealing their hard drive.
Anushka gets the signatures from a lady and tells Kabir to take her luggage to the room. Kabir peeked through the lock of lady’s door. The lady checked the room for any mike or camera. She made a call at the reception and asks about bar. Anushka brings the lady to the bar and asks the waiter to take care of her. The lady recognizes the man as the same boy. Anushka was speechless, she explains that the bell boys here work as waiters in shifts as well. Anushka hands Kabir with microphone. Mr. Qureshi arrive the meet the girl Sofia. Sofia tells Qureshi that as per plan operation is ready. Kabir goes to plant the microphone. Kabir throws some spoons on the table down on floor, and was about to plant the microphone. A girl begins the singing, Kabir looks at her and forgets about the microphone. Anushka watches Kabir and tries to get his attention. Anushka scolds Kabir later on where attention had gone, they needed to know about the conversation about Sophia and Qureshi.
The next morning, Anushka asks Kabir to check the car. He says he isn’t a mechanic. Anushka goes to see by herself, she comes to ask for the tool kit but Kabir takes a box from dashboard. Anushka tells him to keep it back. Kabir asks if this is about love. She says he will be the first one to know about it. Kabir tells Anuskha that after he will get married, he wants to go away from this life, somewhere where he and his wife will teach music to children. In the back view mirror, Kabir watches the same girl passing by and follows her. Anushka looks for him. Kabir follows the girl down the lane. He keeps on following her, making way for her without coming to confront her. Then at one time, he saves her from a car. She fells over him. There, Anushka drove thinking she will tell Kabir about her feelings before it is too late. The girl turns to leave, Kabir wonders why she doesn’t say something but she turns and says thanks to him. he smiles. She leaves. Anushka comes there and finds Kabir lost.

PRECAP: Kabir and Anushka reports that Sofia has come to meet Qureshi. They were ready for the blast preparations. Kabir switch the gas cylinder in the house on and runs out, waiting for the house to explode. He then watches the same girl coming to the house and thinks he must save her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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