1st Epi – Mahakaali 22nd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahakaali 22nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

I didn’t find any update since yesterday, so I did. Though Jitna yaad raha kar diya.
Sorry viewers for this short and incomplete update.

Episode start with parvati seeing dream of mahakali roop.parvati decide to meet mahadev and search for mahadev for talking about the dream which is seen by parvati.Mahadev is dancing tandav .after dancing parvati is talking about the dream.Mahadev is back to kailash . parvati asking about the dream. Indradev came and talk about the war of sumbha and nisumbha.

Chanda and munda is fighting near kailash and parvati heard the sound parvati ask indradev what type of sound is this. indradev is saying about the war and that sound is chanda and munda fighiting on kailash. Mahadev ask parvati to control the situation afterall parvati is kailash Swamini. chanda and munda is fighting .Nandi came and ask chanda and munda not to fight here. Parvati enter and tell about not to fight here. Parvati goes to meet bishnu.

Parvati call vishnu. Vishnu enter and ask about the dream. He pacify Parvati and other goddess.
Mata Parvati goes and ask Indra and other gods to fight. Fight start but Devils were more powerful.

Next Rakhthbeez prays and achieve more powers.
Fight start and devils win again. Parvati ask help from Mahadev. Mahadev denies saying that he can’t do anything due to bharma ji Vardan, when parvati say that its about dignity of all ladies. He gets angery and say Why always women need help of men, rather she is more powerful. And give him belparta, and say to open it when required and do sadhana.

All lady goddess talk and just narsimha goddesss arrive. Parvati think that she is the one whom she saw in dream and ask her to help. On the other side devils win and kill gods.

Parvati get tense and cry about what she did without thinking. And goes and cry.
Devils decide to take laxmi along first as winner trophy. All goddess try to escape but vain.
Maa parvati open belparta and smell. She get all flashbacks and see all happening and run in anger

On other side devil is about to capture Laxmi but parvati come shouting, her body color changes. With background voice Anth hi Aarambh hai.

Precap- Kali maa fight and kill devil. All god get terrorified seeing her roop. Shiv lay done and kali maa keep leg on his chest.

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  1. thanks a lot for the written update . gauri’s portrayal is very beautiful in this story , she is very innocent and a perfect wife who follows her husband’s words , but kali is totally different and powerful . i am just loving saurabh raj jain as mahadev , i was wondering how this role would suit him , as we have always seen him as vishnu or krishna .

    1. NABANITA626

      Your dp is just fabbbbbbb varshu….
      Our cute babli???????

  2. Fenil

    Jay MahaKali !!
    Thank u Sharddha !!
    I was waiting for update from yesterday night.

    Awesome Start.

    Pooja Sharma and Saurabh Jain Gave Aflatoon Performance Again.

    So innocent Devi Parvati.

    Sumbh-Nisumbh,Chand-Mund good performance.

    Scared Indra Dev.

    Ek hi Hunkar ne 60,000 asuro ka naash kiya.

    Devi Lakshmi and Devi Saraswati great.

    Can’t wait for today episode !!

  3. Hey thanks for update .I really like dis show .

  4. Thanks, you did a great job


    You all are welcome..
    But I didn’t like the show at all, as Its too bad in graphics.. can’t say about future but show’s first impression was bad..
    And more over goddess were not this much helpless as they have shown.

    1. Kamalanayani

      Hi Shraddha…
      Nice update…
      But, the fact is you need to be left helpless to make you understand your actual powers…

      One upon a time, a king was gifted with 2 parrots. The king let them fly in his garden. One flew happily but another was always sitting on a branch. The king announced that if anybody makes the parrot fly then, he would gift 1000 gold coins. Many tried but in vain. A farmer accepted this offer and after an hour the king was astonished to see both the parrots flying. He inquired the farmer. The farmer said he simply cut down that branch alone.

      Like wise, we get to know your ability when we are left helpless… So, I agree with that, but Mata Parvati left helpless is a question…

  6. Wellwisher_aka_krishnai

    Thank u so much shraddha for your update. You have done a gud job indeed.

    Hope tellyupdates will appoint someone for the regular updates of Mahakali.

    Hmm…. coming to the episode….. Wow…. Pooja rocked…. of course saurabh wasn’t less…. the way he smiled when Parvathi left disappointed…. Wow…. that smile…. i missed it so much….

    Can’t for the next epi…………. loving the show….

  7. Garima

    Love it so inspiring.

  8. Nice work shraddha

  9. Nandhana

    Mahakaali…Pooja Sharma rocking as always..parvathi has kindness in eyes whereas mahakaali has anger.. what a powerful eyes…each and every character just mind blowing..
    Jai ma kaali..
    Just an epic to show women ???????

    1. Nandhana

      Epic to show women power

  10. Thanks you did great job


    Thank you for appreciation

  12. NABANITA626

    Thanks shraddha di for update…..and yes the graphics is realy bad…

  13. nice but dont you fell that music and theme of the show similar to skr

  14. Alister La Frenais


    Firstly allow me to thank you for taking the time to give a written update in English. You will no doubt learn from my name that I am not of Indian origin and unfortunately do not speak or understand Hindi. When I decided to watch this new program, I thought that there would be English subtitles, but regrettably, the show producers decided not to offer this facility. I sincerely hope that they will change their mind with regard to the subtitles. In the meantime I will just have to watch each episode and then read the updates to understand the plot.
    Many thanks again for the English update.


      U are most welcome Alister

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