1st Epi – Love Ka Hai Intezaar 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with a man going to buy come flowers. He forgets his wallet and asks the shop guy to get his wallet from the car. Kamini smiles. Everyone see Kamini. The crowd gathers. The girl asks Kamini to wear shades, they are coming, I m scared. Kamini says if I wear black glasses, people will definitely doubt there is some celebrity. The people take pics and shout I love you Kamini ji. The man sees the crowd near the car and runs to the car.

The girl Mili asks Kamini to drive car and leave. Kamini says relax, they are my fans, its their love. The man asks the people to move, she is his daughter. The people say maybe that is not a star, what will the star do in market. The man falls down. Kamini sees her dad falling down and gets down the car. The people take photos. Kamini asks

her dad is he fine, shall I call doctor. He says no, I m fine. Kamini asks the men are they not ashamed to push elderly man for a selfie, she is a star, but also a daughter, this is my dad. The people apologize to her. She says its okay. A little boy calls her out. She asks his name. He says Happy Singh, but I m sad now, because of these cars. She makes him wear her shades and dances with him. She asks him to be happy always. She asks the people to move the vehicles. She poses for photos, and thanks them. A man whistles. The lady scolds the man. Kamini smiles and leaves.

Kamini drives. Her dad says you did not do right coming out, I was just shouting to distract crowd, I was doing drama. Kamini stops the car and asks drama. He says whose father am I. They laugh. Kamini’s mum says why did you take her to market today, its her film release. He asks can’t we go out. She asks him to take her to railway station. He asks why. She says now she is famous, its risky to take her out. He says even walking on road is risky, shall we stop that. She says you think she is ordinary girl, she has become big heroine. She goes to Kamini. Kamini asks her mum to comb her hair and tells what happened today. Her mum says I have warned your dad. Kamini says I feel so honored when you guys fight for me, its your 25th anniversary, so dad went to market to get flowers for you. Her mum asks her to get ready and come.

Kamini’s parents pray. Her mum prays that Kamini gets such a husband who keeps her happy forever. Kamini smiles seeing them. She says you guys are my inspiration, marriage means you two, or Radha Krishna, they are union of two souls, Radha was not Krishna’s wife, but her name was joined to his name forever. She congratulates her parents for their wedding anniversary.

Kamini’s dad feeds the fishes. Anu and Mili congratulate their dad, mum and also Kamini. Anu says its such a nice coincidence, its mum and dad’s anniversary and Kamini’s film release. Kamini says I hope they talk about my acting, not box office collection. Kamini takes a samosa. Mili says this is for us, not you, there is an ad shoot and have to go in party too, if she eats this, she will look chubby, they will call her fat. She asks Kamini to have protein shake, fruits. Anu shows Kamini’s picture on front page.

Her dad reads what’s Kamini’s secret. Her mum asks what secret. Kamini signs nothing. Her dad says if she tells you, what will be the secret. Anu says its publicity for film release. Her dad says I think they will find her hidden boyfriend. Kamini says we are getting late for shoot. She greets her family and goes. Anu asks her to come for the party, which is just kept for her. Kamini agrees.

Kamini gets ready for ad shoot. Kamini’s friend and hair stylist meets her. Kamini says I missed you in last shoot. The lady says I never missed your shoots, there was an emergency. Kamini talks to the girls. Kamini’s parents see the movie news and think where to find a guy for her, when her screen image is seen, Kamini wants someone who loves her heart. Her dad says where will we get him. She says there will be someone.

The newspaper owner Suyyash reaches his office and calls Kamini, asking her did she see front page. She says I have seen it. He says we both are the best, you know what happens when two best meet, fireworks, come in party in evening, it will be amazing. She says fine, I m doing makeup now, I will talk later. He ends call and asks the staff to end meeting fast. He tells about the party for top clients and agencies.

The designer guy asks Kamini is this his boyfriend. Kamini says no, they respect me for stardom, I want someone who respects me without stardom.

Kamini does the ad. She gets a call and asks girls to give her 5mins. She attends Madhav’s call. The guy guesses its Suyyash’s call, this is to talk private. The hair stylist lady says I don’t want to comment on any stars, Kamini never thinks of her profit and loss, she just listens to her heart. The guy asks Kamini who is he. Kamini does not answer. Anu and Mili think who is he, if not Suyyash.

Suyyash calls Kamini and asks her to come. He asks the lady not to call more crowd, ask our photographer to focus on pics which we say. Kamini walks in.

Suyyash introduces some people to Kamini. Suyyash says we will make Kamini number one in fan poll. Kamini thanks him for the praise. Suyyash says you are worth it. Kamini gets M’s call and answers. She says I will call you back in 5mins. Anu asks Kamini to be with Suyyash, he can help. She says I m not such, he is getting many followers by posting my pics. He asks Anu can he steal Kamini for sometime. Anu goes. Suyyash flirts with Kamini. She asks him not to give her award if he thinks she does not deserve. He says you deserve a lot, just give me a chance. He holds her hand. She asks him to get his hand away, everyone does not get award by paying money. He says three things are needed to become star, money, publicity and collections, I have all these three things. He holds her close and asks her to see where he makes her reach, leave the small city outdated values home. She says my values got me here and will take me ahead, you don’t worry. She asks him to leave her.

He says this is Bollywood, such things happen. She gives him a tight slap and says you post articles on women empowerment, and think such about women, disgusting, you are a liar. The guests look on. Suyyash gets angry. Kamini leaves.

Suyyash says she thinks she is a big star, ruin her. Kamini asks why shall I apologize to him. Kamini talks to Madhav and asks when are we meeting. He says tomorrow. Kamini and Madhav romance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    What a Practical n Beautiful Start??…I wish it to be on Evening time slot…??

    1. true , they could have given it an evening time slot.

  2. awesome start , i am just loving the way kamini mathur is portrayed . eagerly waiting for madhav’s intro

  3. Hm superb serial. I loved it waiting for the next episode.

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Nice start! Enjoyed those sweet family moments though haven’t watched the episode but surely will watch it soon and hopefully the story won’t become bore like other serials. Anyways good start excited for what’s on the way!

  5. The show looks to have a good story.

  6. Devga

    Wow. Amazing . Natural. Smile . Of . Sanjeeda . Love. Her . Acting . And I wished she slap tht idiot and she did …

    This is atrocious happening in Bollywood … So sad tht this is true …. After such Bollywood incidents coming out it seems true incidents ..

    Spotlight also shows this kind of cheap characterless producers …

    Truly speaking sanjeeda is amazing ….
    She simultaneously does two different jonour of stories ….

    Imagine HORROR ( Gehraiyaan )ND HAPPY ROMANTIC ( Love ka hai intezaar ) ….

    Inspired by her so much ….. From Ek hasina thi and her personal life from Power couple…..

    Will not miss any episodes as dint miss any of ek hasina thi

    1. Dia

      Namaste ji….?

      Di gehraiyan kya web series h sanju ki?

      Nd mne bol dia di be active on this page….otherwise i will kill u

      1. Devga

        Aagayi na meri jaan …. Mujhe pata tha meri jaan muj thak sanju ke peeche peeche pahunch hi jaogi … Ok sweety from today my exm pressure is releasing … So tan tana tan …. I will evn b regular on fb … Don’t u worry …

        Gehraiyaan yes it is web series horror web series of sanju …. Download Viu App and watch all episodes … New episode is uploaded evry Saturday ….

        Aur DIA kuch poochna tha thumse …. Will ask in fb …. Bye

  7. Asana321


  8. I wish it was on in the evenings since I’m at school from Monday to Friday at half eight to 3 o’clock.So I have to read the telly updates.

    1. yup , same problem here , it should have been in the evening slot , but we can catch up on hotstar and tellyupdates

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Waiting for your love. A practical start to a stardom series.

  10. Dia

    Amazing show….jst loved it….Sanju ??

  11. Nice start the way kamini behave it’s good

  12. Lizaa

    Nice start…l luv u sanju..????

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