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The backdrop of the Lahore, and undivided india, before the rift between muslims and hindus, while in the era of independance and the freedom struggles, is where the love story of Laajwanti began. A maid wiping the streets, conceived is happy to hear the morning prabhat pheri, bearing the Indian Flag, with their devotional songs. From the opposite ends, a crowd of Pakistan Zindabad slogan shouters throng the streets. they finally confront each other. The indian toli ey each other tensedly, while the Pakistani toli is filled with rage and aggression. amidst angry glares, they pass by.

Scene 1:
Location: British’ residene
Two british officials enjoy snooker anticipating that soon a fight shall ensue between the two groups on the streets. In naokhli,

they hope for a fallout. but to dampen their hopes, when they silently pass by. They discuss that they have to harbour and take advantage of this very difference to divide and rule over the indians. They are worried that a particular person called, Kishori Lal Bharadwaj, known as the Lion of Lahore stands in their way but amusingly comment that he doesnt stand a chance in front of them british Sly foxes.

Scene 2:
Location: Grounds
meanwhile, the british official is delivering a lecture at a serrmon to people, while a young guy, Sunderlal is busy fixing his bicycle. A british official coems and says that he neednt prepare as he wont win. Sunder reminds that they are guests and shall soon leave, while indians shall stay and rule here forever. He asks him not to search for ways to get them to fight, as either they are fighting amongst themselves or with the britishers. He says that they are Indians who may fight with themselves but wage a war only against the britishers. The prabhatpheri girl gives prashad to sunderlal. he takes it resignedly. the competition begins, as the competitors line up. The muslim guy says that every street of Lahore is theirs, then how can they let someone else win. Sunderlal meanwhile finds a hockey stick stuck with evil intentions, in the british guy’s cycle. he eyes it tensedly. Finally, the cycling competition begins amidst much cheers. Sunder drives ahead. The british guy finds his chance and takes out the stick, and uses it to jam the muslim’s cycle and he falls down the landslide. Sundergets down his cycle and helps the muslim guy get up, much to his surprise. Sunder says that he can bear his loss but not the britishers’ win. they both get up, and sunder picks up the stick which the britisher had used. They drive back yet again, this time behind the british guy. Sunder then dxoes the same, that the british had done to him, and he lands in a puddle of mud. he extends his hand for sunder to help him out, who asks him to smell this soil nicely, as this is what the indians are made of, which makes them stick to each other. the guy says that he shall pay for this, as he didnt do right. sunder leaves from there. Sunder gets back on his cycle. then he asks the muslim to let be, as he shall win this at any cost. He too swears that he shall never let him win. they both fight together for the finish line. Finally sunder inches ahead by a fraction of a second, and wins. All cheer him on, as he receives the prize, by the british officials. When sarfaraz gets the second prize, he says that he is more happy that the british didnt win. sunder’s friends cheer him too. sunder says that he should rush to his house, as there shall be a new drama ensuing there too.

Scene 3:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Sunder’s mother wakes up amrish, scared of his father, a yung guy, with revolutionary ideas, and yet brash and reckless as his age would have it. he rushes out to freshen up lest his mother smells alcohol on his breath. The younger brother’s wife instigateas him to demand for his share of the property, and not settle down for his elder brother’s money. granny hears this and is irritated but doesnt say anything. Sunder’s mother is qworried that anwar hasnt come yet with the paan, as her husband wouldnt be pleased if its not there. anwar comes and she asks hm where’s the paan. he says that the shops are closed, scared of his malik’s reaction. finally, sunder’s father comes out, and asks for the paan. anwar is at a loss to answer when sunder comes in saying that he got the paan. His father takes it. he presents his award to his father for the cycling competition. His father takes the money that he won, while amrish eyes it leeringly. he asks him to put the money in the safe deposit, and then before going on his friend’s wedding function, he should finish up all the pending work of the account. Sunder silently complies. His father then asks amrish to buckle up and study hard instead of ogling at the money as thats how he shall earn it, not by looking. Amrish rushes away from there. Then, he takes granny’s blessings. Shakuntata, kishan’s wife nudges him to speak up to his brother. kishan lal, his youngerbrother hesitatingly tries to bring up the topic, but he wards him off asking him and his wife not to overthink and concentrate on the work. he resignedly agrees. granny then starts narrating her plight, as to how stands neglected in her old age. she cribs about the two bahus, and he immediately hollers at them, revathi and shakunata, and reprimands them for not taking proper care of old age granny. He asks if they treat their mother too like this, and warns them that there shouldnt be anymore complaints. They leave. his father leaves too.

In the kitchen, shakunata starts cribbing about hos revathi’s husband is always reprimanding her in the garb of disguising both the ladies, and how she is frustrated and shall go back to amritsar. she asks revathi to finish the work in the kitchen and storms out, fuming. revathi is tensed and angry too. She comes babling and mumbling about the same incident, where everyone thinks that they can just say anything to her, and she would take it lying down, and how fed up she is, and expects sunder, her son to take notice. Sunder however is busy in his accounts. she asks him to listen up to her atleast. he teasingly asks why is she venting out on him, as he doesnt understand relations, just understands money and accounts. she teases him and then adds that he is of marriageable age now and he should start thinking about relations too other than money. He smiles. she leaves. His friend springs on the roadside of the window, and asks him to come along, so that they can togtether enjoy the bachelorette party with available women. Sunder asks him to hush. sunder is scared that if his father hears he shall never hear the end of it. They leave finally.

Scene 4:
Location: Fields
Sunder’s friends checks out girls, given his leering attitude. sunder smiles and asks him to leave all this as he is getting married now. while riding away in the tonga, Sunder finds a young girl jumping into the well, and stops the tonga and rushes to the well. his friend is surprised and wonders whats he doing. To his horror, sunder jumps in too. His friend rushes in and pulls on the ropes. And taking it, sunder comes out with a bful girl, laajwanti, both dripping wet and eyeing each other. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Amidst festivities and merriment of the wedding, danbce and entertainment ensues, where sunder heads the guys’ team while the girl, Laajwanti is the lader of the girls’ team. While dancing, sunder is oblivious that someone has tied his shows lacves together. unknowingly he trips and falls right on laajwanti, as they both collapse on the floor, he atop her. They eye each other awkwardly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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