1st Epi – Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal describes her city as the most wonderful city , the city called Jamshedpur, koyal on cycle riding all over her city saying she loves the little happenings of her city, she goes to a factory n says the factory siren is like an clock to this city, she describes the factory as a family where every religion people work, leela madam goes for a round in the factory, gosh babu is tired working, leela mam says now its over time n will continue whole year so good luck n leaves,koyal leaves the factory n goes to meet her sister tani di, tani di says good u came i was waiting for wishing star to wish for an handsome guy, koyal says i don’t want one, i already have one in my dreams who loves me a lot, however he may be in real life but loves me a lot, can

do anything for me and for whom i can do anything, tani di says stars would never be able to fulfil ur wish, koyal says di i believe in love so i know my dreams will come true, both see wishing star n get very happy, their mother comes n says enough of ur dreams n if u are wishing wish for a rich guy,koyal says ma money cant buy love,koyal rushes.
Koyal says ma n me have different thoughts over love, but i have one who think as i do, the one who understands me the most my best friend madhvan, the topper, madhvan says oh koyal come see i finished all ur work, koyal says oh i could have copied urs,maddy says n if teacher would know abt it u would be finished, koyal says maddy u always spoil me, come lets go through ur social site, oh my see u have 14 girls asking to be ur friend, maddy says i don’t know any of them, koyal says i have spoken to each of them as maddy bcoz u have no time for such things so i have to find a girl for u, maddy gives koyal chocolate, koyal narrates see he takes care of me so much i respect him a lot, he is so nice, that i feel bad for him, n says maddy ur hand must be paining doing boths homework, plz take care of urself what will i do without u, maddy says koyal go throught these questions they will be there in exams, koyal says studies, maddy says koyal today girls top every field, koyal says maddy no lecture, maddy says ok go study n sleep early bye.
Koyal says on one side i have maddy who does my homework on other side this other friend whose homework i do, who wakes me late night to cook for me, who is never available for me, my ma hates him n he calls my ma paru n god i have to always keep looking for him.
raj dancing with ladies on lungi dance, koyal says this is the filmy twist of my story, a girl scolds raj saying u are such a dog u are dating so many girls, and pushes him in water, he says don’t i cant swim, koyal sees raj drowning n says oh even i cant swim too but will not let him drown n jumps in water, raj says koyal even u cant swim what are u doing here, koyal narrates everyone hates raj except me, i love his all bad things, his naughtiness everything, i love to see him smile but cant see him upset n my whole life is for him, he has nothing good but still i love him, raj n koyal get out of water, raj hugs koyal shivering in cold, and both start laughing.
Raj says koyal meri jaan thanku, koyal says what were u doing with those girls, raj pulls her close n says forget them n look in my eyes love, hear the heart beats that beat for u, i love u so much, u are mine n always be mine, i really love u, n says so how was it, koyal says good very good, but who those girls where, raj says forget them tell me how was my dialogue delivery n why do u always follow me, koyal says i got notes for u wrote them whole night, raj says why did u do that i could have copied, koyal says i did that bcoz if teacher would have caught u, raj says oh koyal i dream of becoming biggest star n u are worried abt notes, koyal feels bad n says i will get notes, raj says koyal wait, koyal stops n thinks i know one day he will change n learn my value n love me back,raj says koyal the notes convert them into cheats i have to go auditions, koyal says u will cheat, raj says ofcourse i have no time to study, koyal narrates, on one side i have maddy who lives for me n on other hand raj for whom i live but still i love raj bcoz love is blind.

Precap: koyal says to raj, look in my eyes, see love for u, my heart, beats for, my love is bigger than everything in this love, i love u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Superb serial

  2. Nice srl….I Luv maddy….

  3. The drama sounds great but still missing Phir bhi na maane Badtameez dil.
    I know what happen’s in such drama’s Koyal will forcefully marry Maddy and when she has married him Raj will know his hidden love for Koyal.
    He will ask Koyal ”Will you marry me?”
    Koyal will refuse and I think this drama is going to have nice not saas bahu like badtameez dil had tracks.
    Badtameez dil had nice tracks I am feeling upset that I have no source to see or read what is going to happen next in it.

    1. Hyy rumaisa thr z a written update of BD…chck out thr dear….

      1. Thank you for informing.

  4. As soon as star plus will shut this serial also without giving them to describe their concept.they give imp for trp only

  5. U r ryt harsha…

  6. I live Jamshedpur n happy to c such an intro of my city
    Maddy was the best

  7. My vote to maddy aka madhavan(gautam)

  8. Wow such a very romantic ep and romantic pricap. Love the background music. Starting was very beautiful lets see where the track going in future….Dil ke paas dimag nahi hota aur jo dimag se hota hai vo pyaar nahi hota….such a very romantic line.

    1. I think the background music look like chand chupa badal main tune


      1. Nooo,it’s from ektha’s ended show there liye

      2. Hi…..
        I guess u r mnmrzn….
        Still missing it tooooo much……

      3. Madhuparna Chakraborty

        can u plz tell me the background music??

  9. Good dialogues currently

  10. Nice serials but we know ekta mam she will spoil again this serials like yhm.

  11. All d best fr this show shree!! Love shritama!! Rock the show shri…wid u alwaysss…love u…im happy that ur back agn…i love her smile a lot…that’s so bubbly…just spreading happiness…

  12. nyc starting……by d way it’s GHOSH not GOSH

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