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Scene 1
Biswa says for 80 years our family has waited for a daughter. There has been only sons. I hope this curse ends. JT bhabhi says why dont you see your kundli? He says I can’t see mine or my family’s kundli. Otherwise I would have seen big brother’s kundli.

JT asks the servants is everything done. She says to pandit ji why haven’t you made swastik? You don’t understand the importance of today. she hears drum beats and says this is arti time.
Biswa asks JT bhabhi whats wrong? She says we have to stay calm on this day. its a big day.

Madhuri says to servant why didn’t you wash my gown in finyl. Manjali didi says who does that? Madhuri says have to arranged diapers? My child will only wear them. JT bhabhi does her arti. Manjali didi

says please hurry up. We have done this arti before. Excess of everything is bad.
Biswa asks Madhuri to watch out while walking. She says how can I walk when I can’t even see the ground. My tummy is so large. Don’t get mad at me or I will deliver the child next month. JT bhabhi says are you mad?
Manjali didi says please dont be a child. Come.

In the temple Biswa gets a call from Minister. He says he has turned me in to servant instead of an acharya. When you came to my house people used to listen to everything i said. manjali says I couldn’t give you what you want, that is why I got you married to my own sister.I hope she gives birth to a daughter for you.

Biswa comes to temple and says pandit ji pray for me that today all the curses on my family shatter. He says everything is ready. Biswa checks everything i can’t read my family’s kundli.Whole family trusts me and I have to trust you. I thought you would be careful today. I got you that silver cutter so you bring it to the pooja. Go bring it.
Biswa says this day will change the fate of our family.
Madhuri starts feeling the pain. JT bhabhi says we can’t go to hospital without going doing the pooja. You have to bear a little.
They start the arti.

There is a poor family in the temple, they come with their newly born girl. They say we want to go in and atone. Pandit ji temple is booked for the big family today. You have to stay out if you want to pray.
The man says why God? Why you sent 6th daughter to my house?
Biswa says please God give me a daughter.

Manjali says Madhuri is really in pain. Madhuri starts screaming and sits there. Madhuri says i am dying. Manjali says I think she has to deliver the child here. They take madhuri inside a room. Madhuri is screaming. The woman who is delivering says it is really complicated case, the child has tilted inside. The poor couple passes by them with their daughter. Suddenly the delivering woman says the child is straight now. They give her water. Manjali says someone please bring a doctor. Manjali says please do something Acharya ji.
JT bhabhi says she can breathe now, this is the third time this miracle has happened. The delivering woman says the child throat is stuck, its not easy to save the child. Biswa says please help us God.
Doctor comes in. The poor family passes by again, the delivering woman says the child is safe now. Pandit ji notices it, he says there is something this poor girl has to do with cha family.

Precap-Biswa’s baby is not well. Pandit ji says make a new born girl her ‘kala tika’. The poor girl’s father on the other hand i burying her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Jyotika patel

    interesting concept…………

  2. I don’t understand this
    What’s kala tika????? ?

  3. dimple kala tika means black dot which is put on to protect the person from evil.

  4. Nice story… and a unique concept.

  5. I like the both girls……nycoooo….

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