1st Epi – Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Indra learns Kaal Bhairavi’s mystery

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a man announcing to everyone about the temple’s 500 year old tradition. He says none should be inside the temple after sunset, come out. The people leave. A sadhu stays inside the temple and says I will see how Lord comes in the temple in this kalyug. He hears sounds and runs. He gets killed. Reporter Indra Prakash is on the way. His bike breaks down. His friend Manohar jokes. Indra talks of the Kaal Bhairav temple. Manohar says why to break Lord rules, Lord will teach a lesson, something is beyond science and sense. Indra says we are reporters and have to bring truth out. Manohar says we will just cover it and go, its baby’s birthday.

Indra says yes, we will go, everyone will leave from Kaal Bhairav Lord, then… Manohar asks what are you thinking.

Indra shows his plan and asks him to sit. They leave. A girl draws sugarcane juice. Her brother comes to help. She says my Lord is with me. He asks her to atleast wear slippers while going. Indra stops her and asks are you local. She says yes, don’t find way to talk, I m not a cow, I have beauty and brain also. Manohar says she is chilli. Indra says it won’t be easy to make villagers say anything. The girl tells pandit that sugarcane juice is dense. Pandit asks her to call her mum.

Indra asks the man about Kaal Bhairav temple. The man says Lord Kaal Bhairav resides here. Indra asks about the deaths happening after sunset. The men get idol the man goes. Manohar says we will leave, children will be waiting. Indra runs and calls home. He calls his daughter and says I m bit far, I got a gift. She asks what’s it. He says its a surprise, its a bat and ball. She gets glad. He talks to his wife. She asks him to come back soon. He ends call and collides with Namrata. She says you came here to cover news, I m Namrata, I m a school teacher. He says you are landlord’s daughter, I m a reporter, do you believe in the temple stories. She says yes. She says why don’t you tell them its superstition. She says I don’t hurt anyone’s heart by breaking their devotion.

Thakur comes there. Indra introduces himself and asks about the puja. He asks about the murders. Thakur stops. His man scolds Indra. Someone sees Indra. Thakur goes. The girl comes and asks what do you want to know. Indra says truth, none has courage to say. She says everyone has belief in Lord and his anger, we believe in him, if you ask anything, none will tell anyone, ask what do you want, I m Gauri, I m pujari’s daughter. He asks her about the sunset traditions. He says temple is for humans in day, and for Shivgans in evening, Kaal Bhairav makes sure none disturbs them, whoever enters there, Kaal Bhairav punishes them, devotion has belief, not questions. Indra says I will expose this temple truth. Everyone leaves. Indra enters the temple.

He thinks its right chance, everything will get recorded in this. He keeps the camera. Manohar thinks where is Indra. Everyone returns to temple. Indra comes and says I have to make camera right, else there won’t be any use to fix it. Manohar says now it will be risky to get in. Indra says nothing will happen, I will come. Manohar goes. Indra tries to fix the camera. The door gets shut. Indra shouts to them. Indra runs and says open the door, I m inside, its my daughter’s birthday. He gets call and tells Manohar to open the door, I m locked inside. Manohar gets shocked. The call disconnects. Sunset occurs.

Everyone do the aarti at the lake. Indra stands at the door. He hears the aarti sound inside the temple. The man says Shivgan has come, their aarti is starting. Indra sees light in the temple. He doesn’t see anyone. He sees the flying aarti and asks who is doing this. The lights go. Aarti stops. Everyone at the lake turn to see the dark temple. The pandit says some human is left inside. Indra hears a sound. He sees an animal and runs. He sees Kaal Bhairav coming. He gets shocked.

A guy says Lord can’t take any innocent person’s life. Manohar says Indra will die, open the doors, save him. Gauri says we should apologize to Lord and save him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lokesh

    Seems vry interesting. N better than saas bahu.

  2. I am thinking something was weird happening in this temple. God killed Indra or a human. What can u say about it?

  3. V. Venkatraman

    It is a remake of Tamil Serial “Marma Desam”. It is human only, they enter the temple through the temple well and kill the human whoever inside the temple after 6 pm. It will be revealed after 25 episodes

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