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The episode starts with a man pleading Keherban to forgive him. Keherman’s servant says Zafar has sent him. Man continues pleading to spare him. Keherman says he trusted him that he will help him in freeing his boss. Man says Zafar attacked suddenly and they lost their people. Zafar warned to forget about Iblees. Keherman says he did wrong by coming here defeated with Zafar’s message. People say right that if enemy injures, it is pride and if friends betray, it is tumor. He kills man and says his knees will bend in front of his lord Iblees and soon he will have is uncle Zafar’s head in his hand.

Sindbad learns riding boat. Teacher commands him how to control boat. Sindbad asks if Iblees is caged under water. Teacher says to protect oneself from bad, one

should do good always. Sindbad asks why did not someone free Isblees yet. Teacher says Iblees is guarded by 7 angels with a special diamond and many evils tried to attack but were killed. His father killed his own brother who tried to steal diamond. Sindbad asks is it. Teacher says even now Zafar is trying to protect that special diamond from evil spirits.

Keherman calls his evil servant Kaushike and orders him to gather all their evil soldiers to attack Basra. Servant says as he wishes and leaves in bat form. Keherman laughs and says Zafar uncle will feel defeat soon.

At Basra, people chant Zafar zindabad. Sindbad runs and hugs his father. Father happily looks at him and says he grew up well in 3 years. Sindbad says he needs to listen stories from him. Zafar’s younger brother Meer greets him. Zafar hugs him and says he killed Keherman’s people and now Keherman lost most of his army. Meer says he would have sent him instead as this fight was very easy for him. Zafar meets his wife and daughter. Daughter runs and hugs him.

Keherman looks at Iblees under water and says Zafar is celebrating for his small win, but he has developed a terror who will destroy Zafar.

Zafar’s daughter asks what did he bring her. Sindbad says baba loves him a lot and got a special gift. Zafar shows her a doll and daughter says it is very beautiful princess. Zafar says a bit less than his princess. She asks howmuch deenar it is. Mom says dad came from battle just now and should rest. Sindbad takes sister from there. Sister Aameen says she now knows secret behind princess. They both continue to converse. Mom calls them.

Kaushike reaches Keherman’s another servant who scolds for coming late. Kaushike says boss does not know Basra’s soldier strength. Servant strangulates his neck and says Zafar does not know Keherman’s strength, he will feel it now.

Keherman addresses his soldiers and shouts Iblees’ servants wake up. Huge stonemen walk laughing.

Zafar is busy talking to Sindbad. Meer comes and says they have to discuss an important issue and takes him. Teacher enters. Zafar tells Meer that they cannot discuss anything without teacher’s opinion. Meer says Keherman is gathering army again to attack. Zafar says after defeat, nobody will dare to help Keherman. Meer says he got info about attack. Teacher asks him to relax. Meer says he is doubting his experience and says just one mistake will be very huge on them. Zafar asks Meer to head soldiers then. Teacher interrupts. Zafar says he trusts his brother more than himself. Meer says he did not celebrate Sindbad’s birthday since 3 years and should be with Sindbad and family this year. Zafar says okay and leaves with teacher. Meer thinks once he takes majority of army with him, Keherman will defeat Zafar easily.

Zafar gives moral gyaan to sindbad. Sindbad says he understood his point to be on the path of truth and fight for justice. Zafar smiles and says yes and says he has a surprise on his birthday tomorrow.

Zindbad’s birthday celebrations start with people enjoying dancing and feast. Meer calls his son and asks him to get into the boat with his mother and leave. Son thinks he will not leave Sindbad’s birthday celebrations midway. He goes back and flies kite with Sindbad and Aameen.

Keherman attacks Basra with his stonemen army. Stonemen throw huge boulders on city. Zafar asks teacher where is Meer. Teacher says he went to protect island on his order. Zafar gets busy rescuing his people. Meer stands among crowd and laughs. Zafar goes on top of palace and guides his army to fight Keherman’s stonemen unsuccessfully. Stonemen continue pelding stone boulders. Zafar then asks soldiers to throw stones on stonemen. Stonemen fall down with stone boulders. Army rejoices while Keherman shouts in anger. Zafar orders to throw stones more far away. Keherman then sends a big dracula which throws fire.

Sindbad reacts and tries to run with his army to fight with Keherman, but teacher stops him and takes him along.

Meer meets Keherman and congratulates him for the win. Keherman says untilhe gets special diamond from hidden door and frees his boss Iblees, he will not sit quiet.

Sindbad asks Zafar where are they going. Zafar says in a war between truth and evil, there will be lots of innocent people killed. He gives Sindbad a special sword and says he should use it to fight against evil. Zafar’s army protect Sindbad’s mother and sister from Keherman’s army and try to escape. Zafar teaches Sindbad how open secret door where special diamond is kept. Dracula attacks. Sindbad runs with his sword to attack it. Teacher and Zafar protect him and kill dracula. Secret door opens. Zafar with teacher takes him in and then to a magical globe and shows a magical sun which protects truth and they are angel’s guardians and are to protect goodness. He gives him wristband and says only angel’s guardians wear it. Wristband engraves into Sindbad’s body and Zafar tells it can be removed only after his death and he should protect it just like he is protecting it.

Zafar then runs out of palace protecting Sindbad from evil soldiers. Keherman enters palace and angrily shouts seeing Zafar already escaped. Meer says he will catch Zafar. Zafar tells Sindbad that wether he is alive or not, he should remember his taught poem always. He asks teacher to protect Sindbad and sends them. Teacher takes sindbad to his mom and Aameen and asks soldiers to take them on a boat and asks Sindbad to take care of his mother and Aameen. They get on boat. Sindbad says his mom that he will bring baba/dad and jumps into water. He reaches shore and sees boat bursting into pieces.

Sindbad sees Meer attacking Zafar with special powers and runs towards him. Zafar falls down but gets up and kills Meer. He then fights with soldier. Keherman enters and attacks Zafar with special powers. He says he came to take revenge of his father’s death and now he should give back speical diamond. Zafar sees Sindbad coming towards him and turns. Keherman attacks him and Zafar dies. Sindbad runs towards Zafar, but teacher stops him, throws into water and throws protective barrier. A man saves sindbad and takes him in a small boat.

Keherman captures teacher in a globe and asks him to tell where did he send Sindbad and says he has to live and teach his other students. Teacher says he taught even him and if he had walked on a path of truth, he would have real army than crow army. Keherman kills teacher and asks his servant where are Sindbad’s mother and sister. Servant says Basra’s walls also melt and nobody is alive.

Meer’s son protects Sindbad’s mother and sister and take them on small boat.

Man who saved Sindbad says he is Arsalan, Zafar’s friend, and he is safe with him. Sindbad says he does not trust anyone and tries to jump into water but stops hearing him reciting Zafar’s poem. Sindbad gets down. Arsalan says he is Zafar’s childhood friend and teacher taught them together, Sindbad is a protector of wristband now and his duty is to protect him from Keherman. Sindbad says Keherman killed his dad from back, else nobody can dare to touch his father. Arsalan encourages him to fight. Sindbad says if he has been taught be dad’s teacher, he will also be powerful like dad, if he will teach him. Arsalan shows him a room and says his daughter Kaya also stays here, she is of his age and they both will get along well.

Sindbad picks his dad’s gifted sword and says he will take revenge of parents and sister’s death.

Sindbad’s mother walks with children. A man attacks her. She kicks him and hides. He calls his men and catches her. An old woman comes with sword and asks if he wants his hands safe to drink liquor, he should leave them, else she will kill him. Man runs and lady takes Sindbad’s mother and siblings.

Arsalan orders his soldiers to divert boat in opposite direction against Keherman. He sees Kaya trying to escape with boat and stops her. Kaya says she catches more fishes than his soldiers and he should let her go. He asks her to go back to her room.

Kaya comes back to her room and sees Sindbad practicing sword. She snatches sword and asks who is he, what is he doing in her room. He asks to return his sword as he does not fight with girls. Arsalan comes and says Sindbad is their guest and she should befriend with him. She throws sword and leaves.

Lady serves hard rotis to Sindbad’s mother and siblings. Mother asks lady to take her to king as he may help her unite with her son. Lady asks her not to worry, she will find a awy to meet king. She silently walks out and tells his son that lady is from royal family and will fetch huge money. Son says innocent people don’t know where they are stuck.

Keherman tortures people and asks where is Sindbad. He catches a child and his father pleads to spare his son. Keherman says child he must have seen corn burning on coal, he will see human burnign today and calls dracula. Man pleads to spare them and says he just knows that Arsalan who is angel’s guardian is protecting Sindbad. Keherman says Kaushike it is time for his feast and says whole village is his now. He shouts till when Arsalan will protect Sindbad.

Arsalan tells Sindbad this is his teachings’s first day and he should remember it well. He gives him glove and says he will teach him how to use this special magical sword and extends his hand. Glove throws fire bomb into water. Sindbad tries but fails. Kaya plays cards with soldiers and wins. Arsalan calls her and asks her to concentrate on his teachings. This is aru barzam technique and is learnt by synchronizing body and soul together.

Old lady’s son auctions Sindbad’s mother and siblings in market. A man buys mother and daughter for 50 dinars and says he does not evil looking child. Mother pleads to leave her and child.

Keherman finds Arsalan’s boat. Arsalan sees him on time and with his magical glove throws power and escapes.

Sindbad’s mother is made slave and forced to serve liquor in arrack shop. Owner scolds her.

Kaya attacks Sindbad during practice and he falls down. Soldier sees him writhing in pain and calls doctor. Arsalan continues teaching Sindbad. He standss on the edge of boat on one feet and smiles. Arsalan smiles. He then tries using magical glove, but fails and requests Arsalan to teach him how to use it, he will kill Keherman and send him to his boss Iblees. Arsalan says there are many good and bad boats in the world and one bad boad is run by Iblees. Just like, he controls boat with a small wheel, he should control his movement. Kaya taunts that he is asking rat to dig mountain. Sindbad then starts trainin with great effort and jumps. The moment he gets down, he is a grown up muscular man controlling boat wheel with ease. He then learns to run on boat eadge and control himself.

Precap: Arsalan tells Sindbad that war’s first rule is to control emotions and pain and fight with enemy. Keherman angrily says Sindbad himself will come to him. Doctor tells Arsalan that Sindbad went to fight with Keherman. Sindbad attacks Keherman, but he holds him, says whomever he was searching has come here himself, and attacks Sindbad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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