1st Epi – Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaat Ki Jugni 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The serial starts with Bittoo describing beauty of loving and love stories in Haryana unique love stories. He then describes his unique story with Munni/Jugni and how he met Jugni during their childhood. He yawns and Jugni laughs seeing him. They both shake hands and sparks emerge nearby.

Story shifts to Bittoo’s youth. People enjoy watching Heer/Ranjha’s drama. Bittoo enters and kicks villian and flies and falls far away. Drama company owner fumes and asks who is he. Bittoo shows his face and asks if he will not gree him. Owner fumes that he stopped drama this month already 4 times. He spoils every romantic drama, if he has a problem in his brain. Bittoo says he does not like sad ending and it is not his philosophy, why he shows crying and Owner asks what is his philosophy then

and gives mic. A man asks which story he will tell. Bittoo starts says a true simple, unique intense love story and imagines himself and Munni. Another man asks what is a twist in it. Bittoo says when hero is there, there is also a villian. Chuadry Gajendra Singh is shown emerging out of water and then walking with is brothers. Bittoo says there will be a big drama between hero and villain.

Chaudry walks into home. Bittoo is seen running around house and keeping things in ther places. Chaudry prays god in home temple and then goes to kitchen. His wife Savita serves him tea. He praises her that she always hears his footsteps and realizes he is coming. She says just like he identifies cooker’s last whistle. He praises that she keeps family united like a garland. She feeds him sweet and says someone got a baby. He says they are married for 20 yeas and still did not have a baby. She says Munni is their daughter. He says she is Munni’s babhi and takes care of her as own daughter and did not have child for her sake. Chudry’s brothers Pratap and Bheem praises them and then touch Chaudry’s feet. Pratap’s wife enters and starts joking. Bheem says let us go and get Munni ready for colleg. They all walk out. Bheem’s wife Sunaina praises 3 brothers’ bonding and their for Munni. Pratap’s wife comments everything will change once Munni will know the truth.

All 3 brothers knock Munni’s rom door and asks to wake up as she has to get ready for college. Bheem asks to open door soon, else he can break it in one punch. They all 3 plead her to open door soon, get worried not hearing from her. Bheem kicks door and opens it. They don’t find Munni and gets worried. Munni sitting on cupboard says she is here. They all 3 get worried seeing her on cupboard and Bheem gets her down lifting her on his shoulder. Chaudry asks why she hid there. She says because of Bheem bhaiya, he challenged that all 3 brothers are not afraid of anyone, so she proved that she can frighten them. Pratap says she took his breath away. She says what if something happens to her one day. Chaudry keeps his hand on her mouth and warns not to say that. He asks Bheem to get Munni’s shoes and Pratap to keep money in her bag. He braids her hair. She says she is grown up now. He says it is his love and for him she is still a baby. Bheem reveals that they guard him everywhere, even while she goes to college. Chaudry says Bheem is joking and his mind is stiff like his muscles.

Munni leaves home for college and sees whole street secluded. She waits for auto. An auto driver stops and asks if he should drop her to college. She asks why only he comes to pick her everyday. He says it is his helplessness, then says she is lucky for him. She gets into auto and leaves. All auto drivers wait till she leaves and then get back to their work and all shops open. Munni picks her 2 friends on the way and after getting down near college gives 100 rs to driver. She asks him not to pick her in the evening if he gets another passenger.

Chaudry scolds Bheem why did he reveal Munni that they guard him everywhere. Bheem apologizes. Pratap’s wife comments once truth has to be out someday. Argument starts. Chaudry warns he will kill whoever troubles Munni, be it his wife, brothers or any family members.

Munni walks in college campaign. Her friend aarti tells that she has a crush on a boy, but till now they did not propose each other. Bittoo encourages his friend to give rose to Aarti and propose him. Another friend gives yellow rose. He goes to aarti and stammering asks if she will befriend him. Hearing him stammering, aarti insults and yells at him and leaves throwing rose. Munni picks rose and asks boy if he will befriend her as friendship is not made seeing status or person’s nature. Boy happily agrees. Bitto calls him and asks if he befriended Aarti. Boy says he befriended Munni instead, she is so good and awesome. Chaudry’s goons attack boy and after trashing him take him in car.

Precap: Bitto thrashes Chaudry’s goons and sends him a letter that Chaudry hit his friend, so he is kidnapping Chaudry’s sister. Chaudry shouts in anger.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Thanks for the written update. Lovely first epi. Totally loved the epi. Munni and bittu AR gonna rock. Thanks again

  2. craze about skr

    Sema Sema Sema

  3. Antara


  4. Krishnaa

    Vishal is back with a bang!!!!! im so happy!!!! nice start, nice music, nice cast, awesome precap!!!! Vishal’s seems like his baldev character but with brains!!! love you bitu!!! 🙂

  5. Vishal is rocky as Bittu and his entry was super and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ nice starting

  6. bhavaniasapu

    Happy to see you krishna and Bhuvana

    1. Krishnaa

      thanks bhavani! glad to see u too 🙂

  7. wow…
    sagar is back …
    nice one…
    i stopped to watch gangaa after your exit…
    i’ll start this for you only sagar..
    any ways nice start…

  8. Jay

    nice start

  9. love d serial &sagar

  10. Nice

  11. Fuggysona

    nice start
    it is really nice and it is a story of a tamil movie
    but it is nice..
    i have got impressed and done an ff too
    please all read and comment it

    1. Which Tamil movie

  12. Angelk1

    I didnt even know he left gangaa, but loving the baldev attitude on here

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